Spirit Vessel

Chapter 26: Reversed Chase

The Grand Wisdom Master was surprised from observing Feng Feiyun. He only saw a lonely vagrant who was covered in mud and had messy hair. The depressing part was that his naked feet were as white as snow; how could this man have anything to do with appearing beautiful and heroic?

It would be strange if the noble Dongfang Jingyue had eyes for this person!

Regarding the words of Feng Feiyun, Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng naturally didn’t believe half a word. However, since he wanted to rely on Feng Feiyun, at this moment, his only option was to first send Dongfang Jingyue away.

After half a day of plotting, Feng Feiyun and Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng looked at each other, smiling. The one old fox and one little fox seemed to have reached an agreement.

“Stay your hands!”

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng stood on the high platform with his black robe fluttering in the wind. One large shout suppressed the unresting waves in the curtain of the night.

The angry Ancient Jiang soldiers, at this moment, stopped their attack, and they withdrew back to the red ivory warship. Of course, there were some stubborn soldiers who didn’t listen, and they still enclosed Dongfang Jingyue; their red eyes still showed their will to fight.

When Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng shouted once more, the arrogant ones — that did not listen the first time — finally and reluctantly retreated.

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng was skinny like a bamboo stick; he stood straight as he said:

“Little Miss Dongfang, even if you are the noble descendant of the Yin Gou family, once you have murdered a person from my Ancient Jiang tribe, you shouldn’t even dream about this matter being settled easily.”

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng naturally knew that Dongfang Jingyue didn’t kill anyone; however, since he had a secret pact with Feng Feiyun, he formulated a plan to take care of her.

Dongfang Jingyue elegantly and gracefully stood under the moonlight. Her toes stepped on the clear water, that was gleaming with the reflection of the moon, like a slender and elegant lotus tree. Her spirited eyes, like the stars under the veil, were faintly discernible like the mist, and she indifferently smiled:

“This Dongfang Jingyue, from the past till now, has only killed evil people that has commited heinous crimes; I have never indiscriminately killed an innocent person, there must be a misunderstanding.”

Even though she was just in a big battle, she showed no sign of fatigue or weakness. It was easy to see that she did not use her full power as there was not even a drop of sweat present on her forehead.

The corner of Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng’s mouth slightly angled. He glanced at the hiding spot of Feng Feiyun, and he let out a dry chuckle:

“So anyone that Little Miss Dongfang chases is an evil villain that has committed heinous crimes?”

Feng Feiyun’s heart was laden with sorrow, this old man was truly contemptible. He dared to call me an evil villain. I do want to see what Dongfang Jingyue will say to sully my good reputation though.

Dongfang Jingyue hated me to the bones and marrows. Naturally, there would not be clean words out of her mouth. It would be strange if this damned old grandma didn’t slander me, ah. In his mind, Feng Feiyun had already began to curse Dongfang Jingyue.

Dongfang Jingyue contemplated for a moment; she remembered the scene where Feng Feiyun used one fist to knock her down to the ground. Suddenly, an anger surged within her heart, but, to say that this Feng Feiyun was an evil heinous villain, was out of the question. In the end, this little boy led people to kill San Ye. Regarding courage, intelligence, and character, he was the best of talents. Of course, this was because Dongfang Jingyue didn’t know about the past of Young Master Feng; she only evaluated the current Feng Feiyun.

If she knew that the previous Young Master Feng had committed a myriad of evil deeds in Spirit State City, maybe the killing intent in her heart would be even stronger; she would want to cleanly kill this son of a bitch to her heart’s content.

Dongfang Jingyue’s expression became a bit unnatural, and she said:

“On the contrary, he is not a heinous villain who is wicked beyond redemption. Regarding his character and aptitude, he would be considered to have apex talent. It is just that he and I have a personal vendetta; I cannot let him go.”


‘Apex talent… personal vendetta… Empress? Male slave? Fuck, could it be that the words of the little boy was true? That this little miss actually favors him? This was a quarrel within their emotional entanglement! Too much trouble, too much trouble!’

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng had observed the subtle changes in Dongfang Jingyue’s eyes; plus, her words, after careful analysis, confirmed that the little boy Feng Feiyun did not lie. It was really because he was too handsome; thus, she couldn’t forget about him. This was why she chased him until he had no road to the heaven nor door to the earth.

Feng Feiyun, at this moment, was very touched; standing in his dark corner, as he stared at Dongfang Jingyue on top of the far water, his eyes had a surprised expression:

‘This… Dongfang Jingyue, even though she is a bit hot headed, she still could be considered rational regarding her gratitudes and grudges. On the contrary, I am the despicable man with the heart of a nasty person. Even though she and Shui Yueting resemble each other immensely, her moral character is not just one hundred times greater than Shui Yueting’s.’

“Ah! A woman’s heart is like a salty egg; on the exterior, it is naked and clean, but god knows how many flavorful flowers are inside.”

Having had an emotional experience with Shui Yueting, Feng Feiyun had been deeply wounded. His heart had completely lost its trust regarding women; no matter how much he favored Dongfang Jingyue, there would always be a gap in his heart.

“Sigh! Little Miss Dongfang, these types of things cannot be forced, ah!”

Grand Wisdom Master sighed. His heart was lamenting, these youngsters are too vigorous. For someone they like, they could chase them for three days and three nights. This spirit was worthy of admiration.

Dongfang Jingyue coldly scowled:

“If he dared to do it, he must take responsibility. This isn’t a matter of force or not; today, I must capture him and make him give me a reasonable answer!”

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng’s eyebrows twitched; this little boy Feng Feiyun had an illicit sexual relation at first, and he then discarded her away. This had became even more complicated! Oh heaven, why did I have to meet such a complicated matter?

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng considered himself to be highly intelligent, but regarding the matter of romance between men and women, it gave him a feeling of confusion.

“This little boy Feng Feiyun is such a bastard. If I knew this was a lover’s quarrel, then I wouldn’t have accepted; however, since I have already agreed, then there is no road to turn back.”

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng gently fixed his beard for a little bit, then he said:

“Ahem, I’ll clarify once again: the person you are chasing is not on the red ivory warship. If you want to intentionally cause trouble again, then I won’t be so reserved with you. Murder must be paid with one’s life, a blood debt must be repaid by blood.”

The Ancient Jiang soldiers were also shouting together:

“Murder must be paid with one’s life, a blood debt must be repaid by blood!”

“Murder must be paid with one’s life, a blood debt must be repaid by blood!”


Feng Feiyun was laughing in his mind, but he also waited in eager anticipation. He wanted to see how Dongfang Jingyue would deal with this matter. This girl’s intelligence or cultivation were extremely capable. Her temperament was not comparable to an ordinary person; if she made a move, then the earth would shatter and the sky would be frightened.

The clear jade fingers of Dongfang Jingyue began to move on her red lute. Her heart was wavering; Feng Feiyun was most likely hiding on the red ivory warship. If she wanted to catch this bastard, she could only go through the gate of Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng, as well as the few thousands of powerful Ancient Jiang soldiers.

“Hmph! If Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng wants to shield him, then this little girl can only offend.”

Dongfang Jingyue’s beautiful eyes shot out two rays of indigo spirit flowers that headed straight ahead. The temperature between the sky and the earth immediately dropped; the waves on the large river surfaces that were rampaging were suddenly turned into a thick layer of ice.

“A song that wrenches the heart, oh where do I find a knowing ear?”

Dongfang Jingyue used three of her fingers to play continuously, each finger was as fast as lightning treading the water, the lute strings fluctuated; her silhouette was like a white butterfly flying in the sky.

“Bang bang!”

This one tune’s momentum was terrifying; the frozen water below was shattered into thousands of ice edges, like a mountain of sabers or a rain of swords, which hissed and flew towards the front.

“Two songs that wrench the heart, don’t reminisce the gentle feather that flew away!”

A pair of white heavenly wings were born from the sound of the lute. They appeared behind her back, and were around three zhang in length. Holy and beautifully pure, they dispatched many divine white lights that covered the long river.

With one flap of her wings, she was already on top of the red ivory warship.

“Three songs that wrench the heart; flowers fall from the rain as I become sorrowful!”

“Whoosh whoosh!”

Black clouds gathered, along with thunder, above in the heaven curtain; the sky was frozen by the power of the lute and naturally became many black flower petals which rained down like the rain in a dark night.

Feng Feiyun stared at the beautiful black petals in the sky and the ice mountain of swords and sabers; his heart became alarmed. The cultivation of this Little Miss Dongfang was much stronger than he imagined, maybe she had reached the grand completion stage of the Immortal Foundation.


Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng remained motionless, and he only opened his mouth to gently say this one word. From his mouth, came five mysterious dark streams of air, like a turbulent flood; the bright brilliance filled up the vast sky.


The rain of flowers became dust in the sky that fell down into the river. Even the frozen swords and sabers were instantly shattered into drops of water.

The night became bright again, and the clouds that covered the sky were dissipated, revealing a bright full moon.

“Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng is just like the legends; today, this little girl finally has learned.”

The voice of Dongfang Jingyue slightly filled the air, moving farther and farther away. When it couldn’t be heard any longer, she had already traveled dozens of miles away.

Just by listening to her voice, it was clear that she was seriously wounded. Her breath was lacking vitality, and most of the spirit energy in her body had disappeared.

This was the best moment to thoroughly beat a drowning dog; Feng Feiyun couldn’t let go of such an opportunity.

Heh Heh! Dongfang Jingyue, this day finally had happened to you! If this young master doesn’t pursue you for three days and three nights, then it would be strange!

Feng Feiyun took advantage of Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng’s inattentiveness and jumped down from the red ivory warship. He quickly took cover and then stepped onto the water bank to chase towards Dongfang Jingyue’s direction of escape.

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