Spirit Vessel

Chapter 23: Dragon Horse River Diagram

The heaven and earth was enveloped by the dark night, and the cold waves of the Tong Liang river continued to slap the hulls of the red ivory warship, creating a rhythmic sound.

In Feiyun’s dantian, there was an azure light with the shape of an ancient azure ship as big as a fist, floating in his navel.

Inside the ancient azure ship, was a strand of spirit energy, invoking a holy saint aura!

The Crimson Dragon saber that was on Feiyun’s right hand suddenly quivered; the originally slumbering spirit energy in the blade became active, and a red spirit energy flew out from the blade’s body.


The Crimson Dragon saber, weighing at two hundred and forty pounds, was broken, once again, into two halves. A crimson dragon, of a hand’s length, rushed out.

This crimson dragon was formed by spirit energy and spirit awareness merging and mixing together; it was ethereal like smoke, its head was only as big as a finger, and its eyes were glaring angrily.


The crimson dragon roared softly; its muffled voice was like a mosquito’s, so it didn’t alarm the Ancient Jiang soldiers outside at the front of the ship.

It flew around Feng Feiyun’s body three times, then suddenly, it entered the Infinite Spirit Ring in the palm of Feng Feiyun.


The roar of the dragon eventually dissipated, and it disappeared in the Infinite Spirit Ring.


After the spirit energy and spirit awareness had entered the Infinite Spirit Ring, a red brilliance from the inside bloomed outward. Next, the seven ancient runic words engraved on the ring’s body, once again, started to move; it burst out large lights, and the seven ancient paintings appeared again: “Dragon Horse River Diagram”, “Eight Trigrams Mysterious Language”, “Four Yang Ancient Cauldron”, “Netherworld Spirit Pagoda”, “Heavenly Flying King”, “Hundred Ghosts Banquet”, and “Ten Thousand Lights”.

“What the hell is this? Why are there only seven paintings in the Infinite Spirit Ring.”

In his past life, Feng Feiyun was the patriarch of the Demon Phoenix Race, and his knowledge was broad; however, he couldn’t see through the seven paintings. This could only mean that the seven paintings did not originate from the hands of an ordinary person, and they could be the Holy Saint High Records in the ancient legends.

Holy Saint High Records — even a corner of these records was enough for a cultivator to ponder for millennia. Not to mention, there were seven complete ones, here; each painting represented a different charm.

If one could not see through them, then it was better to temporarily pause here.

Feng Feiyun decided to turn the Infinite Spirit Ring into a spirit treasure first.

In his palm, a red spirit energy appeared; it moved sharply, creating a crackling sound.


The spirit energy turned into infernal flames, and the flames began to refine the Infinite Spirit Ring!

This fire was the “First Dark Origin Flame”, and it was the most common flame used by cultivators from burning the spirit energy. The temperature, compared to a regular fire from burning wood, was dozens of times higher; it could easily melt steel into molten iron.

Pill masters and blacksmith masters, within the five grand mysterious masters, were experts at playing with fire, and the more skillful ones were able to create the “Second Dark Hell Flame” or even, the “Third Dark True Flame” that could burn the heaven and boil the sea in the legends.

The Infinite Spirit Ring was refined by the First Dark Origin Flame; the seven ancient paintings were also distorted by each of the little embers within the flame, and they jumped around playfully.

The shadow of the crimson dragon, loitering on the Infinite Spirit Ring, eventually turned into a crimson dragon engraving that surrounded the ring, coiling one full rotation.

“Ha ha! Finally, both spirit energy and spirit awareness are merged into the Infinite Spirit Ring. Now, it only needs a little more to complete the fusion. Even though it is still a bit weaker than a regular spirit treasure, but right now, it still can be considered a spirit treasure. I really want to try to see the power of the Infinite Spirit Ring right now!”

Feng Feiyun was ecstatic; after all, he now grasped a spirit treasure. Even if Dongfang Jingyue arrived, at least he could have the strength to strike back.

Suddenly, something unexpected happened!

The seven ancient paintings on the Infinite Spirit Ring started to turn, and the Azure Bronze Spirit Vessel in Feiyun’s dantian also started moving, by itself, along with one of the paintings; they started to resonate with each other.

“Dragon Horse River Diagram!”

The “Dragon Horse River Diagram”, in the seven paintings, was able to create intricate movements with the Azure Bronze Spirit Vessel, and these motions were like the calling of the origin; it became more and more intense.

The Azure Bronze Spirit Vessel turned even faster in the dantian, and, eventually, it exerted a powerful force that pulled the “Dragon Horse River Diagram”, that was originally engraved in the Infinite Spirit Ring, over to itself.


The Dragon Horse Diagram flew into the dantian, and it floated around the Azure Bronze Spirit Vessel, slowly rotating.

To be able to merge with the body, it was really a painting made by a Holy Saint of the past.

This was a winding river, the water raged turbulently; it was filled with immortal fogs. A dragon horse lifted its head, turned and looked up at the moon, and, in its mouth, was an eight-legged immortal tortoise; it seemed solemn and majestic, indescribable by words.

On the dragon horse’s back were eight times eight, sixty-four vortexes; they were positioned by a mysterious formation that made others feel like they resonated with one another — like the rhythm of the heavens — along with the arrangement of nature.

Even though it was just a painting, it gave the sense of being profound and vast; it contained millions and millions of pieces of ancient knowledge and hidden potential.

The painting was now suspended in the dantian of Feng Feiyun.

The Azure Bronze Spirit Vessel was floating beneath the Dragon Horse River Diagram, and, between these two things, there was a mysterious connection that attracted and refined each other.

This was a fantastic scenery: the River Diagram and the Spirit Vessel existing at the same time — in the dantian.

As Feiyun was about to curse, another mutation suddenly happened!


Afterward, the speed of the spirit pathway in the dantian and the heart were stimulated by the Dragon Horse River Diagram and the Spirit Vessel; it began to shrink, change, and radiate lights.

This was the sign of the Spirit Realm breaking through to the Immortal Foundation.

The Dragon Horse River Diagram also brought a large amount of ancient spirit energy to him when it merged with Feiyun’s dantian; this caused a chain reaction.

Judging by a normal cultivation speed, Feng Feiyun needed at least three more months before he could reach the Immortal Foundation rank; however, right now, this process had advanced greatly before the due time.

Tonight was when Feiyun broke through to the Immortal Foundation rank!

Immortal Foundation was a gate that, if cultivators did not reach, they would only be considered a half-baked cultivator. At best, they could rule the mortal world. However, without the immortal foundation, they couldn’t even be considered a true cultivator.

This Immortal Foundation hurdle had blocked many cultivators outside of its gate; ten cultivators at the peak Spirit Realm stage wouldn’t necessarily have one that could successfully form an immortal foundation.

Once successful, one’s strength would be comparable to a governor of an ancient city, and they could be considered an expert in the cultivator world, like the governor of Spirit State City. Feng Wanpeng, who took thirty years to cultivate, was only at the intermediate stage of the Immortal Foundation.

Feng Feiyun was only fourteen years old, and at this age, a person that entered the Immortal Foundation would definitely be considered a genius; one in tens of thousands. With this aptitude, if the older generations of the Feng Clan were to find out, they would be grinning from ear to ear.

Feng Feiyun fully activated the spirit energy in his body, and the crazy spirit energy was coming non-stop; his blood boiled even more.

So fierce! Many powerful explosions, within him, happened one by one.

“Bang, Bang!”

A cry of a phoenix rang in the head of Feng Feiyun. The second step of Blood Purification had reached grand completion, and the rank of his blood had, once again, increased; it became as black as ink.

Feng Feiyun’s constitution, once again, ranked up, and the endurance of the body greatly increased. His bones were hard, just like steel; his muscles and meridians all contained black blood energy.

Now, even if Feng Feiyun was cut anywhere on his body, as long as it was not a dangerous place, then the wound would be healed within an hour; no scar would remain.

Even before, when his physique was not completed, he could still have defeated a cultivator one small level above him; if he could reach the early stage of Immortal Foundation tonight, then, his true power would be comparable to an Immortal Foundation expert in the intermediate stage.

This was the result of completing the second stage of Blood Purification. Such a strong body could only be attributed to the Immortal Phoenix Physique’s heaven-defying effect. This was a heavenly method only available to the patriarch of the demon phoenix race.

If Feng Feiyun could successfully complete the third level of Blood Purification, his blood would become sentient and a silver aura will radiate in the four directions. His constitution would be even more formidable, and he would be able to defeat opponents two levels higher than him; however, Feng Feiyun still had a long road ahead of him.

The cultivation of the “Immortal Phoenix Physique”, in the later stages, would become increasingly challenging.

“Condense the Spirit Realm, break it, and form the Immortal Foundation!”

Feng Feiyun clapped his hands together in front of his chest, and a spirit aura exploded out of his skin; his body became an ancient immortal statue.

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