Spirit Vessel

Chapter 2: Holy Saint Treasure

There was a crowd surrounding the small house inside the courtyard. They were whispering about an event that had just transpired.

“A murder is going to happen, the two people from the Feng Clan will beat Old Man Luo to death.”

“Why are you so loud? Don’t you know the culprit is the young master from the Feng Clan? If you make this into a big deal, the Feng Clan will find you.”

“Where is his granddaughter?”

In the dark, people used torches to light up Old Man Luo’s courtyard.

The Feng servants dragged Old Man Luo into the central area, looked at all the poor peasants, and said:

“Old Man Luo didn’t know right from wrong, and he dared to cross our young master. Should we let him live in this world?”

All of the neighbors looked the other way, each of them remained silent.

Although everyone knew Young Master Feng was the monster here, no one had the courage to stand up against the Feng Clan.

One servant started laughing maniacally:

“Heh! In this Spirit State City, Young Master Feng is like the heavens. Crossing Young Master Feng is like trying to cross heaven, it is natural that you will be punished with death.”

Finished speaking, he picked up a large wooden stick from the ground, and pointed it at Old Man Luo’s head.

Old Man Luo’s body was skinny like a skeleton from his harsh life; his body curled up in the fetal position on the ground. He kept mouthing his pleas:

“Please let Yuer go, please let Yuer go, she is still so young…”

The spectators were unwilling to witness the final moment, knowing that he would die and be left for the dogs to eat.

Sigh! Why would the heavens allow for this bastard Feng to exist!?

Everyone was cursing Feng in their hearts.

Suddenly, a man approached the central courtyard from the crowd. Feng Feiyun walked over and took the wooden stick from his servant; he leered at them and said:

“Move over to the side.”

The arrogant servants, of course, could not disobey their master; they docilely moved to the side. They were thinking: what the heck is going on? Did the young master want to be a good guy for once?

No, that can’t be right; that wasn’t his style. Maybe he wanted to personally kill Old Man Luo. No, that was false as well. Although, he acts like a gangster, he actually lacked courage and had never killed anyone before personally.

Everyone was surprised, Feng Feiyun threw the stick in his hand away. He slowly lifted Old Man Luo to an arching position and checked his pulse. After determining the old man’s status, he nodded his head and commanded:

“Feng Ping, go get Doctor Wang.”


One of the servants acted as if he didn’t hear what Feng Feiyun said clearly.

“I said to go get Doctor Wang! You can’t hear me!?”

Feng Feiyun yelled at him.

“I heard clearly, I heard clearly.”

The servant named Feng Ping kept on obediently repeating those words, and then he ran out of the courtyard to get the doctor.

At this moment, everyone was shocked once again. Strange event! Strange event! The servants harmed Old Man Luo, yet Young Master Feng came to help him!

Everyone who had witnessed this event was startled on their feet. Maybe this was a good thing, but it was just strange. It was as if a war general started to knit a flowery handkerchief, a monk brushing his hair, or a eunuch calling a prostitute.

Doctor Wang of the Gu Shan clinic was a renowned physician. He was in bed with his wife when he heard that Young Master Feng had called for him. He immediately wore his working uniform and rode his horse to the location.

Having helped Old Man Luo sanitize and bandage his wounds; Doctor Wang also prescribed the best medicine available. Only afterwards, could he breathe easily again.

“Young Master Feng, Old Man Luo’s age is high. It will take time for him to recuperate; I will need to check on him once each day for seven days. He should be stabilized afterwards.”

Doctor Wang closed his medicine chest and wiped off the sweat on his brow, then he politely told Feng Feiyun. This was the most dangerous man in Spirit State City; Doctor Wang minded his words in front of Feng.

Feng Feiyun nodded and inquired:

“How much money?”

“I don’t dare; how could I accept money from Young Master Feng?”

Doctor Wang was scared mindlessly and his legs started shaking. He was this close to performing kowtow nonstop.

Feng Feiyun had an unhappy expression and demanded:

“Feng Ping, give Doctor Wang one hundred silver coins.”


Doctor Feng directly kneeled on the ground, and started kowtowing toward Feng Feiyun, his mouth started begging:

“Young Master Feng, please don’t kill me. I would rather cut off my hands and never be a doctor again than to take your money.”

Doctor Wang was terrorized, his heart warned him to never take money from Feng Feiyun. There used to be an ignorant man who accepted a meal payment from Young Master Feng; afterward, his house was in disarray. His wife and three daughters were all taken to Young Master Feng, then sold off to Xing Hua brothel.

To offend Young Master Feng was to bid farewell to your wife and forfeit your children. This was a forbidden action that he would never do.

Feng Feiyun lamented in his mind. It seemed like this body in the past had committed so many grave sins; in the eyes of these people, he was no different from a demon. However, he then recalled certain memories in his mind and saw the evil actions performed by Feng Feiyun without human remorse. He couldn’t help but exclaim: “What a scum.”

“You can leave now!”

Feng Feiyun said.

The boulder was lifted from Doctor Wang shoulders; he kept thanking the young master, and then he quickly ran away.

Yuer, in her tattered clothing, secretly saw everything. Her dark eyes blinked repeatedly, and she wondered what the evil younger master was planning. Why did he save grandpa?

Tilting her head and contemplating the events, Feng Feiyun was already in front of her. She lost her wit and quickly jumped back while screaming:

“You, what do you want?”

Xiao Yuer weakly took another two steps back, and her back was to the wall.

Feng Feiyun took a careful look at her, and then he slowly walked towards her. He noticed her tattered clothing; one could catch a glimpse of the soft and slender body underneath.

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