Spirit Vessel

Chapter 12: Break Through Again

The blood in his body, ignited by the Blood Spirit Seed, had become a runaway horse; it escaped Feiyun’s control and headed towards his right palm in a maddened fashion.

The spirit boat, that had fused with his flesh, made an even more violent beating noise.


Feiyun’s eardrums vibrated as if there were bells repeatedly crashing within his head.

A strange picture appeared in his mind. It was an ancient bronze boat, a spirit boat!

Above the bronze boat were eighteen pillars, towering like magnificent peaks. The eighteen bronze pillars had already rusted through the ages. Hung on top of them were black, tattered sails. It looked like a painting of the dark heavens and earths.

The large and vast ancient boat seemed capable of holding an entire world.


Feng Feiyun shuddered. The ancient boat image in his mind was broken into many smoke clouds. His blood’s traveling speed became even more terrorizing; all of it was aiming for his right palm and entering the spirit boat.

“Oh, the force of the Blood Spirit Seed is beyond my imagination, and the slumbering spirit boat had awakened as well. Would my body be unable to handle the breakthrough damage, and will the ship escape again, resulting in my death?”

Feng Feiyun was unwilling to perish. He bit his teeth and activated his Immortal Phoenix Physique once again.

“Splash splash!”

The blood in his body was like the Yellow River, rushing with unstoppable currents.

His palm was like an ocean, his blood was the seawater, and the spirit boat was floating on top. The three formed an odd picture: the “Ocean with a Wave of Blood,” an “Ancient Boat Taking Sail,” and the “Red River of God.” [1. The Chinese Raw used poetic language to describe the three quotes, as if they were names of paintings.]

Suddenly, the ancient spirit within the boat broke out into the sky with awe-inspiring strength, caused the blood to boil, and then went back into the blood vessels, into the body.

His blood was boiling!



Feng Feiyun’s whole body trembled. His hair in the water also stood up vertically and his skin radiated a shade of red, as if it was on fire.

He lifted his head and let out a long roar!


An explosion of force escaped from his body!

Under the night, the cold lake had an absence of ripples in the dead water. Suddenly, the entire water surface spun like crazy, creating a huge whirlpool. Bang! A loud noise filled the air as if a huge cauldron had just exploded completely.

The water in the lake splashed upward for more than ten meters.

The entire mansion had been alerted, and a brigade of armored guards rushed towards the pond’s direction.

A powerful figure flew out from the pool before the security forces have arrived, and disappeared into the night.

“Such a loud commotion, what happened here?”

“Did someone dare to invade the governor’s mansion?”

“Surely courting death!”

“We have to search, find and capture this evil intruder!”

The guard captain, holding his long spear, stood by the bank of the pond, and noticed the broken debris left over from the fake decoration mountain that had been completely destroyed. His heart was shaken with fear; this force was too strong. This power was capable of fully shattering a tall compound.

Fifty armored guards searched around the pool with a white dog, but to no avail. The only result was that they alarmed the maids and servants within the mansion.

The instigator of this commotion, Feiyun, had already changed his tattered clothing and replaced it with a fur coat made from fox skin for sleep. He wore a big pair of wooden shoes and yawned as if he was still in deep sleep.

It was like he had just woken up.

“Why is it so noisy, you dog servants, what are you trying to find so late at night? Do you know that you have disturbed this young master’s sleep?”

Feiyun lazily stretched his waist and said.

The fifty armored guards stepped forward with one knee on the ground and said:

“We subordinates greet Young Master Feng.”

The captain of the guards was also on his knees, one hand holding his long spear, and said in a reasonable manner:

“Just now, an extremely strong expert had broken into the mansion. Young Master, please have no fear, we will certainly be able to protect you under any circumstances.”

The armored guards knew that the young master was rather timid, and they were afraid that he would be startled.

Feng Feiyun pretended to be scared, and lamented:

“Extreme expert, you guys shouldn’t scare me…”

“The intruder’s strength is extraordinary. One palm was able to destroy the whole fake decoration mountain; it was an unbelievable force. This servant believed that even within the entirety of the Spirit State City, only a few are capable of such a feat.”

The guard captain’s face was a bit embarrassed. After all, such a strong expert had broken into the mansion, and they were completely oblivious to the fact. This was a dereliction of their duty.

Feiyun looked at his hand and he was ecstatic; he, himself, was considered an extreme expert within the whole of Spirit State City that could only be counted on one’s hand.

“What happened just now? Bodyguard Lin, in the end, what had happened here?”

Feng Suiyu, with his heroic manner and two servants, came over. Their paces were calm but heavy, their poses were elegant and composed, yet valiant.

His silky clothing was organized, his hair was finely done. His handsome eyes were like a pair of cold knives in the dark.

Once he had arrived, the whole scene became silent!

The guards saw Feng Suiyu and all of them became more respectful. Each devoutly got on their knees; their attitudes became much more humbling.

It was like the servants had finally met their master!

Although Feng Suiyu was only the governor’s adopted son, because he was strong and talented, he was considered the heir to the position; everyone was respectful towards him.

This was in stark contrast with their attitudes toward Feng Feiyun!

One was the future master of Spirit State City, the other was a timid playboy young master; how could they be compared?

The captain guard respectfully clapped his hands and lowered his head, then said:

“I deserve death for letting an extremely strong master break into the mansion. Please punish me, Young Master.”

Feng Suiyu calmly walked towards the pond with both hands behind his back. Seeing the fragments of the pool of rocks, his eyes were shocked and he shivered:

“So powerful, this is not someone that you guys could have dealt with, everyone stand up! The opponent is a cultivator, you guys don’t have to be ashamed; I will report this to adopted father, and let him be the judge.”

The captain guard, along with the fifty armored troops, were relieved. In their hearts, they complimented him for being so wise. He was really worthy of being the best within the generation.

They secretly compared Feng Suiyu and Feng Feiyun in their minds, but they could only breath heavily in the end from confusion. One was a peerless hero while the other was an idiot who could only eat and await his own death.

It was impossible to compare!

All fifty armored guards backed down from the scene.

Feng Feiyun sighed at the excellence of Feng Suiyu. This person was very meticulous and talented with his actions and thoughts; he was able to win the people’s hearts with two simple sentences. Frightening, simply frightening!

“Feng Feiyun, I heard you were studying military strategies with Strategist Ge, have you learned anything?”

Feng Feiyun originally wanted to turn back to the house, but was stopped by Feng Suiyu.

He stopped in his track, turned around, and smiled:

“The messy strategies of Strategist Ge; sometimes it is about sieging a castle, sometimes it is about organizing formations, they were all child’s play. I was not interested, boring, boring! Brother, if you are interested, why don’t you come together to hear that old man’s nagging?”

Feng Suiyu already heard the news; he knew that Feng Feiyun’s strength was formidable and took off Boss Wu’s arm. His real self was not how it seems on the surface.

Could he have been fooling me all these years?

This kid was keeping a low profile!

There were thousands of thoughts in Feng Suiyu’s heart, but his face did not show it; he laughed: [1. This is for the line below. Ancient China believed people think with their hearts, not brains.]

“Eighteen kinds of war, thirty six different ways to siege, seventy two ways to defend; I had understood them all since seven years ago and could familiarly recite them. Simple reasonings on paper to me is no longer important. Feiyun, you are now in the primary stage of learning the art of war. After eight or ten years, you could reach my height; you need to keep trying your best!”

This guy was so arrogant!

“Big Brother is really talented, I can’t help but to admire!”

Feng Feiyun let out a yawn, and smiled:

“I can’t, I can’t anymore, have to go back to sleep!”

With that, Feiyun turned around and left.

The smile on Feng Suiyu’s face slowly disappeared. He watched Feng Feiyun’s back as he was leaving and his expression became cold and distant.

“Young Master, is this kid, Feng Feiyun, really a waste of a human being or is he pretending to be waste?”

A servant behind him asked.

Feng Suiyu said:

“In front of me, it is all the same. On the art of war, he couldn’t catch up to me even after ten years of learning. He is only at the early stage of the Spirit Realm, while I am at the peak of the Spirit Realm. Even if I let him make ten moves first, he still wouldn’t be my opponent.”

The difference between early and peak Spirit Realm was ten times in power. They were not on the same level of existence, so even though Feng Suiyu knew that Feng Feiyun was cultivating, he did not care.

To go from the early to peak stage of the Spirit Realm was not something that could be done overnight. Even with his amazing talent, it still took him three years. It wasn’t a certain thing for ordinary people either, even with ten years.

He did not believe that Feng Feiyun’s talents were higher than his!

“An idiot wants to rise again. I will certainly, once again, suppress you; never allowing you to lift your head again.”

The faint smile on Feng Suiyu’s face was natural as if he was strategizing about something.

He wasn’t only a cultivation genius, but also a wise man.

“Young Master, the governor called for you. There is an event he wishes to discuss.”

A maid bowed her head.

Feng Suiyu furrowed his brows, wondering why his foster father was calling for him so late. Maybe something big had happened?



Feng Feiyun closed the door and spread out his right palm. The faint picture of the ancient boat had became more pale as if it was completely integrating into the flesh.

“This spirit boat suppressed the Spirit Blood Seed’s medicinal power at a critical moment. If not for it, I’m afraid I would have exploded to death. But now, I have successfully broken through to the intermediate stage of the Spirit Realm. The potency of the Spirit Blood Seed, by itself, would not have been directly responsible for my breakthrough, so it had to be the spirit vessel’s effect. The powers of a Holy Saint Treasure cannot be speculated using common sense.”

With the Spirit Blood Seed’s potency by itself, Feng Feiyun would have needed at least one month to break through to the intermediate stage; but because the spirit vessel increased the effect of the Spirit Blood Seed, it made it possible for him to break through in just one night.

If Feng Suiyu was to know about this, he probably would be frightened to unconsciousness.

The intermediate stage could not be compared to the early stage. The difference between the two was like the heavens and earth.

The difference in thickness of the spirit energy was many folds greater.

The spirit energy in Feng Feiyun’s meridians was mighty; his Dantian rotation speed throughout his body was great as if it was a spirit river flowing without breaks.

Now, if Feiyun and Boss Wu were to fight again, he would not need to use his sabre. A slap would be sufficient to break every bone in Boss Wu’s body.

“Even though I broke through to the intermediate stage, my second level of the Blood Purification process did not reach grand completion.”

The second level of Blood Purification required the blood in the entire body to turn into a dark color — boling inside his vessels, but the blood in Feiyun’s body was only a crimson red. He still had a long way to go to reach a complete black-like-ink color.

“Even if I break through to the peak of the Spirit Realm, I’m afraid my blood would still not be black-like-ink. The Immortal Phoenix Physique is not of an ordinary difficulty.”

Feng Feiyun pointed his finger and a light came out from the tip, causing a candle to go out from five steps away.

The whole room became dark.

After a busy day, Feiyun was exhausted mentally and physically. He wanted a good rest in bed for one night because tomorrow, he had to learn military strategies with Strategist Ge.

“Knock, knock, knock!”

The door was knocked on.

A maid outside yelled loudly:

“Young Master Feng, the governor called for you to deliberate an important event.”

His bed was not yet warm, yet he had to struggle to get up. A trace of doubt surfaced in his heart; it was so late at night, what else had happened?

Plus, even if something big had happened, Feng Wanpeng would discuss it with Feng Suiyu. This was the first time he called for Feng Feiyun.

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