Spirit Vessel

Chapter 1157: Remnant Soul

Chapter 1157: Remnant Soul

“Oh? Priestesses from Aquamoon? Die then!” A bloody banner flew out of the demonic clouds and summoned several hundred beast souls.

The sky turned dark and violent gales took over.

“Demons!” The four priestesses quickly destroyed the banner and killed the demon.

They brought the corpse on top of the dragon - a scaled tiger with one horn and an exceedingly thick tail.

“A soul tiger, you should have captured it alive.” Feiyun frowned.

This tribe was not an immemorial tribe so how did they have the courage to enter human territories?

Along the way, they met other demons at the paragon level. Feiyun captured one but didn’t garner any information. He used a forbidden art to infiltrate its mind and found out something shocking.

“I see. Dragon, full speed ahead!” Feiyun pulled back his fingers, still bloody with pieces of the demon’s brains.

Shangguan Mingqian and the others realized the gravity of the situation and asked.

“Since Heaven Jewel was stolen, the demons believed that your deity is occupied with her mind tribulation so this is the best time to deal with her and Aquamoon.” Feiyun said.

“Due to conference, the strongest demons can travel to the human world. Some of them are scheming against her right now. They want to eliminate the spiritual totem of the humans while she’s weak.”

“Without her, humans will be Feiyun didn’t finish the sentence.

The five women’s expression darkened - this was a perilous situation.

As for Feiyun, he thought about what the Phoenix Attendant had said about malicious remnants since Time Immemorial.

They hid among the various races, attempting to cause chaos and conflict in order to weaken West Bull’s strength. Could this be part of their plan?

“Brother Feng, what should we do then? Are the demons surrounding Aquamoon?” Chi Quan’er turned pale.

The calculating Shangguan Mingqian was startled by the sudden disaster and awaited Feiyun’s response.

“Don’t worry, Aquamoon probably won’t go down that quickly, right? This is still human territory and the demons won’t have the number advantage. Listen to my plan.”

“Tian Bixin, go to Spirit World and seek help from the seniors of the primogenitor grottos.”

“Luo Chan, you go to Buddha World and ask for the wise monks, tell them about the current situation.”

“Huangying, travel to Chaos City since all the strongest humans from the various dynasties are there right now. If they come, that will be more than enough.”

“Chi Quan’er, go to the palace of Radiance Lord, the other three places are too far and it might be too late. If Radiance Lord can gather his army fast enough, Aquamoon might be able to make it.”

Feiyun had more experience with these situations than the priestesses and gave them directions.

“The demons must have performed formations to seal anyone from divining the situation, you must report in person. Aquamoon’s survival depends on you four, go!”

They immediately took out wormhole stones and entered the channels regardless of stability.

Although Feiyun hated Shui Yueting, he didn’t want her to be killed by the demons. After all, he needed to know the truth regarding his previous life.

He clenched his fists and stomped on the dragon. It felt the pain and flew even faster.

“What should we do now, Brother Feng?” Ximen Chuixiao asked. However, he didn’t look to be panicking at all.

“To Aquamoon.” Feiyun responded.

As the dragon soared through the sky, they could sense formations everywhere.

Five demonic clouds appeared from the horizon and immediately attacked the group.

“Weaklings, you are tired of living.” Feiyun stood at the front of the dragon and waved his hand. His weapon essence turned into a rain of swords and pierced the demons. Corpses fell from the bloody clouds.

He summoned both Qilin Monarch and Hell Yama, telling them to devour these demons.

According to Shangguan Mingqian, Aquamoon Paradise’s entry portal was located on top of Mount Deity.

Once the group made it to the base of the mountain, they saw the defensive formations broken. Corpses from both sides could be seen but the majority were cultivators from Aquamoon. Blood streamed down and gathered into a river.

“The defensive formations were broken two hours ago or so. Look at that claw print, incredible power.” Ximen Chuixiao commented.

When standing at the base, they couldn’t see the pinnacle of the mountain. Nonetheless, there was a massive claw print with incredible demonic energy.

“It’s a pseudo-saint.” Feiyun said.

“One pseudo-saint can’t break this formation since the deity herself prepared it. There must be more than just one, they might have a saint artifact too.” Shangguan Mingqian gritted her teeth.

The four guardians were in space to protect the deity. Just one pseudo-saint could cause devastating damage to Aquamoon right now.

As they climbed the peak, they saw more corpses and blood.

“Sixth Ancestor Mingqian saw an old woman whose corpse was split into two halves. Soul tiger demons were eating her corpse.

She raised her finger and killed the demons with a sword technique.

“Eighth Ancestor Farther up the peak, she saw another notable corpse in a pile of remains.

She dug it out and wiped the mud off of the corpse’s face. This woman was dead but some of her soul still remained, attached to a jade talisman.

An ethereal figure flew out of it and shouted: “Let the immemorial temples and grottos know, that’s our only chance!”

The soul dispersed after saying these last words.

“The portal is exposed and heavily guarded, is there another way to Aquamoon?” Ximen Chuixiao looked up and saw mighty demonic auras along with defensive formations.

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