Spirit Vessel

Chapter 1019: Saint Bone

Chapter 1019: Saint Bone

Elder Lin walked over with a friendly smile and then asked: “Feng Feiyun, you must be the young friend from Crimson. Tong’er said that you are also a treasure master. May I ask what level you are currently at?”

Ning Jialin also looked over for the second time. He understood Elder Lin, not just anyone would be treated so amicably by him. This showed that the guy was special in some way. Moreover, he didn’t need a stone talisman either.

Feiyun pretended to be overwhelmed from being shown love by a superior. He cupped his fist in obeisance: “Due to my ineptitude, I hope to receive a few pointers from you, it’ll benefit me for a lifetime.”

“Don’t be so harsh on yourself, the fact that you came without a stone talisman is a testament to your ability. Your treasure-seeking skill is above many paragons.” The old man smiled and said: “Coincidentally, an immemorial stone ran away and is causing me a headache. You and the second prince are both capable treasure masters, let’s have a contest to find the stone then. I will gift the winner a treasure.”

“Well…” Feiyun put on an awkward expression.

Ning Jialin’s eyes lit up and laughed excitedly: “Brother Feng, no need to put on an act. I’m sure Elder Lin is right about your ability.”

“I can’t keep refusing when you and the elder put it like that.” Feiyun smiled.

A thirty-year-old man walked closer and cupped his fist toward the elder: “Dao San would like to enter the maze as well.” [1]

“Dao Si would also like to offer my assistance, Ancestor.” [/ref] Si = fourth[/ref]

“Tian Mo wishes to compete against the second prince and Young Noble Feng. “

More than ten members in the palace stepped forward, both young and old. They didn’t have a stone talisman yet could still move normally in this palace. This showed that they were treasure masters from the Lin.

Elder Lin seemed amused to see this: “It’s rare for everyone to be so enthusiastic. Very well, whoever wants to join can, and the winner will get a spot for the Heaven Restoration Chamber.”

Everyone became emotional and highly motivated after hearing this. Feiyun didn’t know the significance behind this but could tell that it was special judging by everyone’s response.

Eventually, there were thirteen more members from the Lin in addition to Feng Feiyun and the second prince.

“Are you confident?” You Ziling whispered.

He shook his head in response: “An immemorial forbidden stone is no joke. If Elder Lin and the others couldn’t find it in a short time, do you still think it’s easy?”

The fifteen then entered the stone maze in a line.

“Elder, this is a letter from our First Princess. She hopes to have the privilege of paying you a visit.” You Ziling raised a jade box with both hands.

This was something Feiyun told her to do before leaving.

Elder Lin’s eyes slightly narrowed. He didn’t accept the box and pondered for a bit before smiling: “The first princess of Crimson stands out among her peers.”

“You have heard of her before?” Ziling was surprised.

“There is no other princess in the world who is engaged to a half-demon.” Elder Lin stroked his beard.

“Elder, you are a grand wisdom master indeed, as omniscient as can be.”

“Your princess is a good girl who doesn’t care for public opinion. This requires courage and is rather admirable.”

“Then this letter…”

Elder Lin waved his hand and said: “I’m just a servant, how can I let the princess visit me? If anything, I should be visiting her palace.”

Ziling lamented, realizing that this was a polite refusal. It looked like Feiyun couldn’t predict everything. This Elder Lin truly wanted to be neutral.


The mountain range was filled with mysteries and priceless stones. This was a highly-guarded location. Normally, others wouldn’t allow entry.

“That rock has a large spatial spirit stone inside.”

“That one has a dragon stone…”

“This came from outer space. There might be a meteoric stone inside…”

Feiyun was frightened because the rocks here were incredible. He would need to open them up for verification.

“Damn, the old geezer is really rich, just these rocks alone are worth the treasury of a city.” The turtle salivated, wanting to rob the entire mountain range.

“I don’t think this is all.” Feiyun came to a tablet with the characters, “Seventh Forbidden Zone.”

He could sense a chill coming from there with the yin affinity. It felt like the winds of hell.

He used his phoenix domain to stop this yin energy.

“We can’t go in this place, I feel like there are stones from hell in there.” The turtle became frozen.

“Raa!” Ghastly wails came from within. They then saw a mountain of skeletons with a blood moat at the base.

“It might really be a stone from hell.” Feiyun’s expression became serious.

This place must have been marked forbidden for a reason.

Suddenly, Ning Jialin appeared nearby and smiled: “Brother Feng, your knowledge is impeccable. Elder Lin talked about it before, this should be it.”

The turtle immediately hid after hearing the youth.

The second prince’s cultivation was exceptional, able to approach Feiyun so closely.

‘I wonder if which territory he’s from.’ Feiyun thought.

“Elder Lin said that our missing stone is stained with the blood of a saint so it should feel familiar with the yin affinity. Maybe this is its destination.” Feiyun suggested.

“I have the same thought.” Ning Jialin said with a smile: “How about we go in for a look?”

Feiyun shook his head: “It’s forbidden for a reason, it’ll be problematic if something ominous attaches to us.”

Feiyun left while Ning Jialin used a special technique to enter. He showed no sign of fear.

“Why didn’t we go in? It might actually be in there.” The turtle asked.

“It’s not in there.” Feiyun responded.

“If we can come up with that idea, so did the elder. He naturally came and searched the place already, there’s no point wasting time there.”

He suddenly stopped and crouched down to pick up a fist-sized rock from a puddle of water.

It looked very ordinary outside of little spots, not as impressive as the other rocks.

He created a strand of saint energy on his fingertip before flicking the rock twice. Suddenly, two layers of light surrounded the rock.

“Oh? It has this too?” The turtle became surprised.

“It might have a saint bone inside. Of course, this bone might have turned into a fossil at this point.” Feiyun became excited?

“?!” The turtle leaped out of Feiyun’s robe, swallowed the rock, and then started running.

“Boom!” Feiyun threw another rock at the turtle, causing it to fall down. He then stomped on its shell and took out the rock: “The rocks here are certainly part of a list. Taking one out will be problematic.”

“But we can learn a saint dao from it.” The turtle’s neck stretched upward, wanting to swallow the rock.

As for Feiyun, he had a total of 108,000 saint dao already. Others might view this rock as a priceless treasure but it was just useless to him.

“Learning someone else’s dao is meaningless. One has to create their own before becoming a saint.” Feiyun said before adding: “Shh, it’s here.”


“That immemorial stone.” Feiyun quietly activated his Grand Change Art and hid the duo. They became as indiscernible as air.

The fist-sized rock still had the same layers of light around it, looking like an immaculate divine lamp.

Suddenly, something sounding like footsteps or a rock rolling could be heard.

1. San = third ☜

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