Spirit Realm

Chapter 1840: The Last Counterattack!

Qin Lie could sense that his memories and soul had been scattered by Thamur.

In a daze, he felt as though he had become a child Thamur sobbing in the dark and cold Dark Shadow World, wailing helplessly after the death of his father.

At that time, all the shadow beings had circled around him, attempting to consume his soul.

He constantly hid from the shadow beings all over the Dark Shadow World, gathering soul energy through killing weak shadow beings and slowly growing strong.

His hatred for all living beings ran deep. 

This hatred became his resolve to become stronger.

He slowly lost himself. The soul memories, knowledge, and understanding of life belonging to him slowly blurred.

The experiences and emotions from Thamur grew clearer.

This let him know that Thamur's influence on him grew deeper.

"No! This cannot continue, or I will completely lose myself!"

He gathered his remaining consciousness, and gave a soul howl. He wanted to capture all the hope that still existed!

Soul Realm.

The Infinite Soul Sea that had lost the Soul Pavilion was calm and waveless as though no ripples would ever form.

Yet when he gathered the remaining of his soul consciousness and gave his last shout, the Infinite Soul Sea suddenly changed.


An enormous spatial split opened in the Infinite Soul Sea. The water of the Infinite Soul Sea flowed through that opening!

Suddenly, the Soul Altar in his mind experienced another change.

The dark black water appeared inside the Soul Altar. It turned into thin streams that filled the Soul Altar.

Inside the Soul Altar, at the moment, were his and Thamur's memories, comprehensions, knowledge and life experiences, all mixed together.

Thamur's lifetime, experiences, and knowledge of different powers was originally above his.

This let Thamur take over his consciousness

Thamur had taken control.

Yet when the water from the Infinite Soul Sea in the Soul Realm flowed into the Soul Altar, he immediately recovered a thread of clarity.

He perceived that each stream from the Infinite Soul Sea was imprinted with the memories, life experiences, and knowledge from many Soul Race clansmen.

Mixed within were the memories and bloodline imprints from the strongest of the Soul Race's soul servants.

The water from the Infinite Soul Sea that suddenly appeared filled his Soul Altar quickly.

The memories of the Soul Race clansmen, including the bloodline marks of the soul servants, seemed to be marked with his soul.

He had controlled the Soul Race for millions of years. As the master of the Soul Realm, his connection with the Infinite Soul Sea was much closer.

Therefore, the strange power, memories, and life experiences recorded in Infinite Soul Sea resonated with him and attempted to wake him up.

All of the Soul Race was trying to help him at this time.

The water from the Infinite Soul Sea diluted Thamur's life experiences and knowledge in an unstoppable manner. Thamur’s consciousness has been split and it could no longer gather together.

He could feel Thamur's terror.

"Infinite Soul Sea! So you merged with the Infinite Soul Sea already!"

He seemed to hear Thamur's bellow coming from the countless lines of light and sensed Thamur’s anger.

"Then I do not want to merge with all your knowledge and experience. I will first destroy you and then become you!" Thamur shouted at the top of his lungs.

His original plan had been to refine Qin Lie’s laws of powers,, life experience, and memories when possessing Qin Lie.

He wanted to take his body over and rob Qin Lie of everything he had ever gotten.

But when the Infinite Soul Sea flew out of the Soul Realm and drowned his Soul Altar, he suddenly understood it would not be so easy for him to refine Qin Lie's belongings

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

The soul lights belonging to Thamur's soul underwent strange changes. All kinds of law powers from different universe exploded.

"Crack crack crack!"

Qin Lie's Soul Altar gave an ear-piercing sound.

He could sense his memories, knowledge, and comprehension of power that had gathered over millions of years seemed to have been broken apart.

This kind of feeling caused him to realize that he would gradually lose himself.

"Flaming Sun Purgatory! Origin Sea!"

Having gained a thread of cognition, he once again gave a bloodline call with the Perfect Blood in his body.

The arrival of the Infinite Soul Sea caused him to understand the Origin Sea that resonated with his bloodline could be used!

Flaming Sun Purgatory.

The Origin Sea under the crimson red sky suddenly gave off deep purple light. Gigantic waves rose on its surface.

An enormous spatial crack appeared at its bottom!

The purple water containing rich abyss devil energy furiously flowed into the spatial crack and left the Flaming Sun Purgatory.

"Zzt zzt!"

Dense purple lightning suddenly shot out around his Soul Altar.

Pieces of crystals looking like amethysts or purple stars started to form inside. 

Those purple crystals, billions of them, seemed to contain the laws of soul power that belonged to the Abyss Devil Race. 

Each Abyss level had an Origin Sea. All the newborn Abyss Devils were produced from Abyss Devil marks that sprayed out of the abyss passageway and the strange power of the Origin Sea.

The Origin Sea was the seed of the soul and also the rich soil necessary to birth Abyss Devils. It contained the most fundamental of soul laws of the Abyss Devil Race!

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

Inside the Soul Altar, the eight Nether Rivers that came from Castor danced like purple lightning dragons!

The eight rivers and the purple crystals resonated and seemed to pull in more even more energy!

At this moment, the seven Devil Monarchs led by Auston felt the Origin Seas in their levels had begun to boil.

They sensed the origin power of the other seven purgatories being pulled into Qin Lie's Soul Altar!

Qin Lie had already become the Abyss Master. All the fundamental laws of the Abyss recognized him!

When he used his full power, he could use almost any art of the Abyss for himself. The seven Devil Monarchs could do nothing to stop him.

At this time, they all knew what Qin Lie was facing and who he was fighting.

Therefore, they didn’t try to stop him. They abandoned their pride and allowed Qin Lie to take their power.

In Qin Lie's Soul Altar.

The power of the Infinite Soul Sea and the Origin Sea furiously consumed the specks of soul light belonging to Thamur.

This was his last counterattack against Thamur!

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