Spirit Realm

Chapter 1837: A New Help!


Within the Sea of Annihilation, Thamur who was chasing the Spirits of Void and Chaos suddenly screamed.


The light containing the law of destruction seemed to burn Thamur's body and damaged his body structures!

Unknown mysterious lights seemed to be intelligent and filled with hatred toward Thamur.

"The power of destruction, the Light of Destruction!"

In this moment, Qin Lie suddenly realized that the lights within those flames were a unique kind of life.

Beings of pure light without any bodies or form!

The Light of Destruction, like the Sea of Annihilation, came from one of the races that Thamur had destroyed.

They, for a very long time, had been souls controlled by Thamur.

But because they were too special, even Thamur who was skilled in soul power was unable to refine them!

Thamur led the shadow beings through the endless void to invade different universes and destroying their local races to gain power.

Thamur had merged most of the universes’ powers, laws, and truths into himself. They became part of Thamur’s intelligence, enabling him to constantly perfect his body and soul.

However, there were some powerful and special races that hadn't been completely refined by Thamur!

The Sea of Annihilation of the Spirits of Void and Chaos and the Light of Destruction that contained the laws of destruction were two things that Thamur had been unable to completely refine!

Thamur could only turn the Sea of Annihilation and the Light of Destruction into tools like spirit artifacts. However, he hadn’t been able to merge them into his body!

These strange beings that Thamur had killed would turn on him the second Thamur presented them with opportunity.

At this moment, Qin Lie recalled that in their previous battle, Thamur had lost control of the Sea of Annihilation and the Light of Destruction due to the wounds both sides had suffered.

Due to this, some of the soul imprint from the Spirits of Void and Chaos in the Sea of Annihilation had secretly entered him.

The Light of Destruction that controlled the power of destruction had moved to merge with his father Qin Hao of its own accord when Thamur had been busy refining the Sea of Annihilation to recover.

This was the retaliation by the Spirits of Void and Chaos and the Light of Destruction!

He was able to birth new Spirits of Void and Chaos back in Spirit Realm because of their own initiative.

Qin Hao was able to obtain the Light of Destruction not because of how powerful he was but because the Light of Destruction had a part of itself take root in Qin Hao’s nine-level Soul Altar so that it could fight Thamur one day.

He speculated because his reborn body possessed Qin Hao's bloodline, the Light of Destruction in his soul had sensed the true him—the Imperial Soul Monarch.

The Light of Destruction knew that the weak Perfect Blood human was actually reincarnation of the Imperial Soul Monarch and knew he was the key against Thamur.

Thus, most of the Light of Destruction chose him and resided in his bloodline and soul.

The Light of Destruction had planned this long ago!

The souls inside were waiting for him to fight with Thamur, just to suddenly launch an attack on Thamur and defeat him together.

"So I am not fighting alone!"

Qin Lie suddenly understood that his second battle with Thamur also carried the hopes of the Spirits of Void and Chaos and the Destruction Race!


His body that had activated the bloodline secret arts of the Spirits of Void and Chaos and become intangible flew into the Sea of Annihilation.

He suddenly felt the Sea of Annihilation contained endless power. This power... could be used by this body that had the bloodline of Spirits of Void and Chaos!

After he stepped into the Sea of Annihilation, the hundreds of unique bloodline secret arts in his body seemed to level up!

Many bloodline laws he had not completely comprehended suddenly grew clear.


In a flash, countless criss-crossing curtains of light imprinted with hundreds of different bloodlines and laws turned into a net that aimed to trap the other Thamur.

That Thamur had been formed from laws comprehended by the thirty five experts and some natural energies of the universe.

The shining Thamur tried to use spatial power to block the incoming net of light.

"Spatial Annihilation!"

The Galaxy Mirror shone with bright light that forcibly disrupted the gathered spatial power. The nearby border of the chaotic streams of space constantly exploded.

The new layers of space Thamur attempted to form immediately collapsed and disappeared.

Like shooting stars, the huge next fell on Thamur, enveloping him within.

Endless power sprouted out of the Sea of Annihilation. Under the control of his bloodline, it streamed into the lights imprinted with hundreds of different laws .

Thamur’s shining body seemed to have been drowned by the bright energies and cut into pieces by countless different laws of power.

"Pop pop!"

Qin Lie could hear the diagram lines making up Thamur’s body get cut.

Thamur let out one final shout.


Soon, that Thamur's body shattered, blood sprinkling all around.

His body released rays of light, each containing a different kind of natural energy. Using the Galaxy Mirror, he directed it back into his universe.

With the death of that Thamur, all the natural energies their universe had lost returned!

Each expert fighting the shadow beings suddenly felt their power being quickly replenished.

"Fate Spatial Chop!"

Tian Qi shouted excitedly and exerted his bloodline powers to their limits.

He summoned blades of light containing strings of fate, formed with many interwoven spatial laws. Their might was enough to shatter realms.

The Saint he was fighting was hit directly by the blades of light and shattered inside the Dark Shadow World.

"Nine Hells Soul Refining Art!"

In another Dark Shadow World, Auston's eyes flashed with purple energy.

A dark and deep soul whirlpool suddenly moved towards another Saint.

That Saint was trapped by a terrifying soul whirlpool. His soul seemed to be knotted by threads of soul energy, tightening around him with every passing second.


Not able to hang on under Auston's unique power, the Saint's soul exploded.


Qin Hao's nine-level Soul Altar, filled with destructive presence, hit another Saint.

"The law unique to the Destruction Race!"

The Saint howled. He attempted to flee into the Dark Shadow World Qin Hao’s Soul Altar easily caught up.


The nine-level Soul Altar imprinted with the terrifying destructive law smashed into the body of the Saint and turned him into ash.

The other experts in the Dark Shadow Worlds that had the upper hand all achieved victory.

The powerful shadow beings were being massacred inside their Dark Shadow Worlds.

After they died, threads of Light of Annihilation flew out of the Dark Shadow Worlds.

Having felt the presence of Spirits of Void and Chaos, it departed and flew back into the Sea of Annihilation.

Qin Lie, who possessed the bloodline of the Spirits of Void and Chaos and the six spirits felt more threads of Light of Annihilation flying toward them and felt even more enthusiastic!

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