Spirit Realm

Chapter 1720: Supremacy

The experts of Spirit Realm were reassured upon hearing from Qin Lie that the Winged Race would work together.

With the help of the God Race, and the unity of the Spirit Realm, everyone suddenly felt the shadow beings were not so scary.

At the entrance of the spatial cracks, Qin Lie and the others waited for the movement of the shadow beings and the arrival of more God Race experts.

Sky Bearing City.

The realm entrance that had just been constructed suddenly shone with light. The figures of God Race warriors slowly appeared.

Dan Yuanqing, Qin Ye, and the others were slightly excited as they looked at the unfolding scene.

Their attitudes towards the God Race had changed.

After forming the alliance a few days earlier, when the shadow beings were about to arrive, the God Race decisively sent out reinforcements.

This caused them to think the God Race was trustworthy.

They thought when the God Race armies arrived at the spatial cracks, Spirit Realm would not have to fear the invasion of the shadow beings.

They waited patiently for the first God Race warrior to step out of the realm entrances.


Suddenly, blinding rays of spatial light suddenly appeared in the realm entrances.

The enormous platform that the realm entrance was set on suddenly showed visible cracks!

At the same time, Qin Ye saw the God Race warriors inside the realm entrances show obvious expressions of terror.

"What is going on?"

Qin Ye was puzzled. He noticed that something unexpected had happened but he was unable to stop it.

Because Chen Lin and Miao Yizi, who were skilled in spatial power, were not in Sky Bearing City at the moment, there was no martial practitioner in the city that was skilled in spatial power.


The realm entrance that had formed recently turned into a burning ball of light and suddenly shattered.

 A terrifying impact shattered the platform that provided power and support for the realm entrance.

A moment later, the platform and the realm entrance disappeared completely.

Including the God Race warriors that had appeared previously.

"Whoosh whoosh!"

The exploding spatial power were blades that cut through the nearby Sky Bearing City experts.

Dozens of Void Realm and Imperishable Realm experts disappeared forever.

Qin Ye's expression was grave. "Why is it like this? Why is it like this?"

"Maybe the God Race did it on purpose because they never wanted to help us?!" Hunchback Ba gave a heart-wrenching roar.

Many of the dead were his subordinates. He could not accept the reality before his eyes.

"No, it has nothing to do with the God Race." Dan Yuanqing took a deep breath but he was also immersed in shock. "The God Race warriors that attempted to came through were in the exploding realm entrances. They... are victims just like us."

"Some other power must have interfered!" Qin Ye said.

"What to do? What to do?" Hunchback Ba said aimlessly.

"Immediately report to the old master!" Dan Yuanqing said urgently.

At the same time.

On Prism Continent in the Land of Chaos, odd lights appeared in the spatially chaotic area.

Those odd lights seemed to be repairing the unstable spatial laws and slowly smoothing out the chaotic land.

A while later, the chaotic turbulence that had existed on Prism Continent for many years disappeared.

In a corner of the Giant Spirit Realm.

The spatial crack that the experts of Night Ghosts had use to enter was filled with wisps of flame.

Those flames contained unusual spatial power like a hand was repairing something.

Soon, the spatial crack the Night Ghosts had used to get to Spirit Realm disappeared forever.

Not just so.

There had been several spatial cracks connecting Spirit Realm to the outer space created by chaotic spatial power.

Those cracks could allow the beings of Spirit Realm to walk out of Spirit Realm into the wider universe.

The Flame Emperor, the Ice Emperor, and the Thunder Emperor had used cracks like these to go into the distant stars.

However, when the space changed in Sky Bearing City and Prism Continent, those dozen spatial cracks that headed to different stars all disappeared.

The result of this was that the beings of Spirit Realm would have to travel the long way through space if they wanted to go anywhere else.

Space was endless. Even transcendent bloodline races like the God Race and Spirit Race would usually use the spatial cracks to explore the vast galaxies.

Otherwise, even the starships would need decades to pass through an area.

From one galaxy to another, the distance was sometimes so great it was hopeless.

When those spatial cracks that people could jump through disappeared, it would take at least a century to go from Spirit Realm to the Winged Race's space.

It might need thousands of years to go from Spirit Realm to God Realm!

The disappearance of the spatial cracks inside Spirit Realm meant that the beings of Spirit Realm would need to travel through space if they wanted to go elsewhere.

Heaven Wood Realm.

The Winged Race patriarch Kermit, after forming an understanding with Qin Lie, was preparing to send Winged Race elders skilled in building realm entrances to go to Spirit Realm to build a realm entrance that reached into the Winged Race space.

They wanted to detour through God Realm like Lina had.

As the patriarch, Kermit wanted to notify the God Race in a secret method.


Kermit's bloodline power suddenly grew disodered. His soul presence returned into his body.

Inside the wood room, Bredo's expression changed sightly. He said, "What happened?"

Lina was also shocked. "I previously saw An Hao and Lieyan Zhao. The God Race was very concerned with Spirit Realm and should not be stopping us from using God Realm's realm entrances."

"I communicated using a secret art with the God Race. A thread of my soul only existed in God Realm for five seconds..." Kermit paused, his expression terrible. "Five seconds later, I was attacked by a force. Fortunately, I reacted in time. Otherwise, my soul would be wounded."

"How is this possible?" Lina was shocked. "I just returned not long ago. The people guarding God Realm realm entrances were very polite to me."

"God Realm is in turmoil." Kermit inhaled and steadied his emotions. "While my soul only existed there for five seconds, I saw that the lands of God Realm are burning with the flames of battle."

At these words, everyone in the room was shocked.

Qin Lie paled. "Who dares to invade God Realm?"

"Is it possible?" Bredo was also stunned. He immediately gripped a corpse bell and communicated with the Bone Race patriarch.

The God Race was one of the four transcendent bloodline races. For thousands of years, it had been a hegemon of the universe.

In their history, they only conquered other places. No foreign race dared to invade God Realm.

Bredo did not believe what Kermit had seen.

But after he communicated with the Bone Race patriarch, he frowned dramatically. He said to Qin Lie, "Lieyan Yuan has led his subordinates into God Realm and is forcing the elders of the God Race to admit his status as the king of the God Race. He wants to sit on the God King throne, to be above the five family patriarchs, and reign supreme over the God Race!"

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