Spending the Villain’s Money to Extend My Life

Chapter 50: Sent Him Red Packets On WeChat! (1)

Chapter 50: Sent Him Red Packets On WeChat! (1)

Wechat’s friends’ circle:

[Gu Shishi: I felt like my entire body had been hollowed out. Felt so sick…. Sadly, my original teddy was no longer here with me….]

Along with that was a picture of her old teddy bear.

A little girl standing by the dimmed window on a rainy day, looking into the world outside all alone and confused.

In the corner of the room was a giant and tall brown teddy bear. It almost looked like it was reaching out it’s hairy paw towards the little girl.

Looking at his cellphone screen, Huo Sishen pursed his lips.

The one who never chat with others and never read anything in his friend’s circle, for whatever reasons, had agreed to add her as a friend.

Lying on the bed, her tiny and pale face was almost translucent, buried in the white sheets.

She looked at him eagerly. Her eyes filled with pitifulness, fragileness, and helplessness. The sparks inside them visibly dimmer than they used to be… as though it would have gone out with the next breeze.

Huo Sishen squeezed his fist together.

That year, when his father died in a car accident, or when the old butler died from his illness. That spark in their eyes during their terminal lucidity looked just like that, like it’d go out any minute!

He wanted to hang onto it. He wanted them to live on, with him, but he couldn’t hold onto them.

Add her on Wechat?

The pool of dead water in Huo Sishen’s eyes started to ripple.

If only he could have them back. Never mind it was just one request, even if it was 10,000 of them, he would agree to them. He would even trade them with his own life!

But, he never had the chance to.

Huo Sishen’s look darkened all of a sudden.

He looked down, stood up, and started walking out without looking at the girl again, “Let’s go”

Siyi nodded and followed, “The car is already waiting outside.”

They were already late for their 8 AM meeting.

But he wouldn’t dare to rush his boss.


Inside the room in the mansion, Gu Shishi was resting on the bed. The doctor had come and given her some medicine and was now administering some IV fluid.

She had been spacing out for about half an hour since she had woken up.

Staring at her own Wechat contact list, her mouth dropped open and stayed that way for the longest time.

She had really added the boss on her Wechat!

She really thought she was just dreaming when she asked. She didn’t think he’d agree to that!

And his fondness toward her had increased as well…?!

She couldn’t figure out what was going on in his mind!

She thought he didn’t want anyone bothering him.

Maybe the truth was… he needed love?

“I ate too much, but I’m still sick. What was the point of it then?”

She had been eating till she was 120% full every time in order to extend her life.

And that iced milk last night was the final straw that broke the camel’s back.

If only she knew it’d be so easy to add the boss onto her Wechat, she never would have ate till she was ill.

Now that he’s on her Wechat, she could ask for red packets over new year and holidays going forward?

Perhaps, the boss was the type who’d just throw away money to his friend’s list whenever he was in a good mood on a regular basis?

As she was fantasizing about it all, she couldn’t even feel the IV anymore.

She clicked opened the boss’s profile and sent over a message after giving it a little thought.

[Thank you so much, Mr. Huo, for having the doctor came for me. QAQ. I am feeling much better now~]

She also sent him a red packet for $6.66!

[Have a nice day! You go, boy!]

After she had finished doing all that, she chuckled foolishly at the chat window.

Normally during the holiday seasons, she would always return a bigger red packet whenever her friends sent her one.

Now that she had sent the boss a mini red packet, he must feel compelled to send her a bigger one in return!

“Even the usual bread that he has everyday was over $100, and a jacket that he just tossed over was over tens of thousands…”

Now that she had given him a red packet for $6.66, naturally he wouldn’t return one for merely $66.66.

Gu Shishi thought she was practically a genius!

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