Spending the Villain’s Money to Extend My Life

Chapter 47: Doting of the Male Lead Reached LV2 (1)

Chapter 47: Doting of the Male Lead Reached LV2 (1)

Early in the morning, a cacophony of birds’ chirping bustled outside of the mansion.

Gu Shishi’s cellphone alarm went off at 7:30 AM.

First thing in the morning, she saw the news from BB Platform.

[New viewers: 3]

[Maximum number of viewers: 10]

According to the system, there was no increase in progress of “Acknowledgement of Others”.

Last night was the first time she streamed, plus she was just focused on painting the entire time. It was only normal that she didn’t have any viewers.

Gu Shishi didn’t concern herself too much with the empirical data from her stream. She was just happy about the outcome of her painting. Plus, she has more that she needed to worry about anyway.

She struggled to get up onto her feet and the bags beneath her eyes were worse than they were before. She took a few weak steps forward and felt a splitting headache.

Last night, her stomachache almost killed her.

She was just about to go look for some pills when the butler miraculously showed up with them at her door.

The butler was also going to call the family doctor, but she declined.

She thought all she needed was the pills but now, after one-night’s rest, she still felt weak and cold sweat was pouring out of her.


[The host has entered into a weakened state. Life declines at 300% rate!]

Gu Shishi was dumbfounded.

What the hell?!

She quickly checked her life bar.

[Remaining Life Balance: 3 days and 13 minutes.]

She felt that everything just went dark in front of her!

Before she went to bed last night, she had almost 5 full days!

She had lost 1.5 days after one night’s sleep?

She felt that her heart was bleeding from this horrible news.

She still wanted to use the “As Though Assisted By God” a few more times!

As upset as she was, she took a stumble forward and missed a step on the stairs!

She reached for the banister but didn’t have the strength to hold on!

Losing her balance, she started to plunge downward!

Right when she had given up all hope….

With a loud “BANG”, she bumped into a warm, hard chest with a hint of agarwood smell!

Gu Shishi hadn’t fully recovered from the shock yet. Trembling, she looked up with her limpid eyes.

“Are you so stupid that…. You can’t even walk anymore?!” A cold and piercing voice came from above her head the very next minute.

Each word sounded like the noise from a whetstone that grinded on her nerves.

Gu Shishi shuddered and finally realized that her face was leaning up against something!

The boss’s… chest!

She wanted to struggle to get off his chest but she quickly remembered his germaphobe personality, so she froze and dared not make any move.

And using just the strength from her neck…. She already felt….

“Ugh, I am sorry… but I… am afraid I couldn’t get up!”

Huo Sishen, “….?!!”

The worst thing that could happen was the sudden quietness in the air.

Especially during such an embarrassing moment.

The boss didn’t say anything, nor did he help her get up. He just stopped there and maintained the position of her leaning up against his chest!

Gu Shishi blinked awkwardly.

She didn’t want to touch the boss willy nilly.

But, perhaps the boss didn’t want to touch her either, not even to help her out?

Welp, that would be a bit tricky!

Did that mean they will have to wait for a third person to come over to help them out?

Gu Shishi debated for a bit. Finally, she tried very hard to push her neck against Boss Huo’s chest to see if she could straighten herself out…

“What. Are. You. Doing?” Fire was about to erupt out of Huo Sishen’s black eyes.

This daredevil of a woman!

She slammed into him early in the morning, and now she was rubbing up against his chest left and right with her cheeks.

He looked down and immediately saw her white and soft neck and also the slightly sweet scent coming from her…

“I… I am trying very hard, to get up….”


A second later, Huo Sishen frowned. With the look that could slice a person up into thousands of pieces, he looked deeply at her neck that was so fragile that he could snap it with one hand.

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