Spending the Villain’s Money to Extend My Life

Chapter 39: The Boss Has a Kind and Soft Heart (2)

Chapter 39: The Boss Has a Kind and Soft Heart (2)

Out of the blue, a low voice rang inside the car, “Was it embarrassing to be a chauffeur?”

Huo Sishen looked at Siyi in an inquisitive way.

Siyi felt numbness on the back of his neck and said, “No, of course not, boss. It’s the same as any other professions.”

No different from any profession where one traded physical labor for salary.

Huo Sishen nodded but frowned after a little bit.

“They were making fun of her?”

“Ugh…” Siyi felt a tingling sensation on his scalp.

The chattering women mistakenly took him as Miss Gu’s fiancé earlier… he wanted to correct them, but had felt a killer intent coming from behind him that made him shut up.

Come to think about it, was the boss jealous?

Siyi felt a chill down his spine all of a sudden and said, “Boss, they were just speculating! That couldn’t be further from the truth! Miss Gu is your fiancée!”

Huo Sishen’s slender fingers drummed on the file folder on his knee.

The furrowing of his brows seemed to have lessened up some.

“I am sorry you had that unpleasant experience. I will double your bonus this month.”

Siyi: “…..!?”

Unpleasant experience?

The boss gave him money as soon as he clarified that he has nothing to do with Miss Gu… the boss was jealous!

He quickly held on tight to the steering wheel as cold sweat broke out of him.

Furthermore, whatever happened to the boss’s violent tendency that accompanied his germophobic tendencies?

He was okay with Miss Gu holding his hand? That was it?

He had a lot of questions, but he wouldn’t dare ask any of them.


At the same time, at the front of the Gu’s mansion.

Gu Wushuang was standing by the door and almost in tears. She was wearing a lavender scarf and holding onto a middle-aged woman.

“Zhang-ma, I am so sorry. I tried the best I can to put in good words for you, but Shishi was so mad. It was all my fault. I should have stopped you then… it was my fault that you are being fired…”

Zhang-ma, standing across from her, quickly shook her hands, “Miss Wushuang, it wasn’t your fault. It was all my idea! She was so mean to you then and wanted you to give up the room that you have been living in for the past 20 years. I couldn’t just sit by and watch!

“She had to fight for what’s yours, then we should let her wear your old clothes during her stay at the Gu’s as well. That was my idea. It wasn’t your fault. Stop crying already. I should have been staying with my son and enjoy my golden years a long time ago. This is just me retiring.”

Gu Wushuang’s eyelashes flickered, “Zhang-ma, you are still defending me to this day. That makes me feel….”

“What are you talking about? You are the kindest, Miss. Not some John Doe or Jane Doe can compare to just because they are from the proper bloodline. Miss, now that Zhang-ma won’t be here anymore, you must take good care of yourself!”

Having said that, Zhang-ma stepped into the taxi cab with a longing look and waved her goodbye.

After the car was out of sight, Gu Wushuang’s pink lips finally curved upward, and she slowly walked back into the Gu’s house.

Picking up the cellphone, she took a look at her WeChat.

[Huanhuan, you said that Gu Shishi forced Zhang-ma to leave? OMG, how did that happen?]

Gu Wushuang squinted her eyes and responded immediately, [Pingping, I think there was some misunderstandings. I asked Zhang-ma, but she wouldn’t tell me anything.]

[That’s awful! She must have threatened Zhang-ma. What a vicious peasant girl! I couldn’t even imagine how she had bullied you before!]

Gu Wushuang’s typing hands paused for a second. She waited for a few seconds before she replied with her slips curled.

[Pingping, it’s not what you think~Please don’t do any silly for my sake. (pity) (pity) (pity)]

(T/N: Following the denotation of the original author — parenthesis within texts denote emoji.)

Quickly, another message arrived.

[Even if I don’t, there will be others who would! Wait for my good news!]

Gu Wushuang put away her cellphone, and her slanted eyes smiled slightly.

“Gu Shishi, I never meant to pick on you.”

“It was all the others…. Whom I couldn’t stop….”

She had always been telling others to be nice to her….


Words from the author:

Gu Shishi: I never planned to lay a finger on the boss. All I want is to stay alive.

Boss Huo: First day that I saw her, she was hiding in my closet. Second day that I saw her, she said she wouldn’t leave till death do us apart. Third day I saw her, she grabbed onto my hand. For the sake of her sincerity….

Siyi: You rolled over after all but one second of turmoil.

Boss Huo: !

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