Spending the Villain’s Money to Extend My Life

Chapter 37: She Placed Her Hand Into His… (3)

Chapter 37: She Placed Her Hand Into His… (3)

But quickly, Zhao Xian covered her mouth while smiling and said, “Oh, did I make an unreasonable request? You need to go back to work, right? We don’t want your boss to get upset if he needs to go somewhere and can’t find you.”

Every line sounded normal, yet each word was filled with a sense of superiority, along with the joy of unveiling someone’s lie of someone being engaged to a rich man!

What rich fiancé? She was talking about the chauffeur of a rich man!

Zhao Xian’s eyes were filled with prideful exaltation.

“The clothing that you bought for Shishi was so fancy and we were all envious of her!”

As she spoke, Zhao Xian smiled and looked at the designer clothes that Gu Shishi had on.

“You must get great benefits from your boss!”

He was nothing but a chauffeur who drove around!

How much could a chauffeur make?

She gave it $10,000 – 20,000 max!

As much as his boss might value him, at most, he might get a little bit more benefits.

As luxurious as the car was, it wasn’t his!

Zhao Xian immediately regained her self-confident and turned in looked at Gu Shishi in an prideful manner.

Gu Shishi could never be better than her!

And, all the women, who were gossiping with them from the art class earlier, all have the “I see” look.

The envy from earlier was all gone!

Siyi always had dark complexion and it was difficult to tell if there were any color changes on him.

But, he was sweating, and a little panicked. He almost had a hard time holding onto the steering wheel.

“I… am not…”

He wasn’t an articulate man, and while these women cutting him off left and right, he couldn’t even form a complete sentence.

But quickly, a loud “BANG” came from the backseat of the car!

As though something had been thrown onto the ground.

All the women surrounding the car paused and looked over.

Quickly, the one-sided, backseat window of the Maserati lowered slowly.

Zhao Xian’s prideful look froze a little.

There was another man in the car.

And… he was young and incredibly handsome!

As the window continued to lower, his distinguished, exalted, handsome, and masculine face was there for all to see.

He had sword-like brows, dark and profound eyes, and tightly-shut thinned lips. He had on a dark-colored suit jacket, the top button of his white shirt was unbuttoned…. One could almost catch a glimpse his wheat color collarbone…

Zhao Xian could hear a BOOM in her head!

This was the fiancé that Gu Shishi had mentioned? Him?!

The cold look, the eminent sense of presence, the elegance in every movement of his… he was even more eye-catching than a male star coming straight out of a TV show!

Zhao Xian’s heart was pounding with jealousy!

She could tell right away that this man was of a much higher caliber than the second-generation rich boyfriend that she was finally able to get herself last month!

How’s Gu Shishi so lucky?

No way! He must be the boss of the fiancé!

But her hope was completely crushed the very next moment.

She saw the exceptionally handsome man reached his strong and slender arm out of the car.

He opened his thin lips slightly and said, “Come over here.”

Zhao Xian paused for a second.

His voice was so low and magnetic!

“Zhao Xian, make way for Shishi!” She was suddenly tugged by Ling Xiaomei.

Zhao Xian’s body froze all of a sudden!

Looking up again, her eyes were filled with shock!

She saw Gu Shishi walking up and placed her hand into the palm of the handsome man!

And, the handsome man did not fling Gu Shishi’s hand away, but his deep, black eyes gave Zhao Xian a cold look.

Just one look was enough to make Zhao Xian shudder from the chilliness!

This handsome man quickly turned to look at Gu Shishi.

He looked straight at Gu Shishi, who was standing in front of him. His handsome thin lips moved.

“Contact Siyi before you get out of work.”

“Have him… take you home.”

A cold voice, and he placed particular stress on the very last word.

In just one second, Zhao Xian’s chest with filled with burning jealousy!

Words from the author:

Boss Huo: It wasn’t me. The car drove here by itself.

Siyi: …

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