Spending the Villain’s Money to Extend My Life

Chapter 31: Someone Bought Them For Me (4)

Chapter 31: Someone Bought Them For Me (4)

As soon as she circled the palette with the tip of the paint brush a couple of times to blend the paint, she lifted her right arm into the air. Going from the bottom up, with a quick pull and tug, she added an entire outline with just one stroke!

In just under 2 seconds, a pink budding flower bud that looked like it was waving in the wind appeared on the drawing paper!

The color of the flower petal was rich, the fuchsia color was vibrant, and the area in the middle of the flower bud was created from the spreading of just water, making the belly of the flower a slightly white and plump.

Gu Shishi’s strokes was very casual, but each stroke created yet another flower. All the lotuses were created from one stroke each!

Zhao Xian’s mouth dropped open and in barely a few seconds, her cheeks turned beet red!

Her drawing was on the upper right hand corner of the drawing paper, and Gu Shishi’s was on the lower left.

And right now, the difference between the two was stark clear.

The lotus that she drew looked alright by itself, but when contrasted, it looked like the product of a 5-cent copy of an image!

The lotuses drawn by Gu Shishi were lifelike and vivid. Had she not been watching this the entire time, she would be convinced that the store manager was the one who drew this.

How was that possible?

Zhao Xian was stunned.

She had only taken a few days off. Had she taken some miracle pills in the last few days that her skills had such dramatic improvement?!

How was that possible?!

At the same time, Gu Shishi had also started her narration, “Depending on the angle and strength that you apply, the effect on your drawing will also be different, for example….”

As she talked, her hand never stopped, and she drew another lotus leaf. It looked like it was blowing in the wind and ready to leap out of the paper any minute!

“In watercolor, we stress using different thickness of the paint to emphasize lights and shadows. Through the strength that you apply when painting, you can create the difference between the buds and the stems of the flowers…”

The entire classroom was quiet.

Liu Li, the store manager, was also surprised by how Gu Shishi had created this painting.

After she was done talking, the way that everyone looked at her had changed notably!

Everyone there was an expert in this field. Naturally, they were able to tell the difference between the quality of drawings.

Ling Xiaomei, who was waiting to go up next, was almost in tears, “Dang it, Shishi! I should have gone before you!”

Now the pressure was just tremendous!

“Don’t worry, just relax.” Smiled Gu Shishi as she patted her on her shoulder.

Zhao Xian’s face was completely darkened. Now even the softie Ling Xiaomei had no more respect for her!

Gu Shishi, who had just take a seat and was just about to cheer Ling Xiaomei on, suddenly received a notification on her cellphone.

It was a notification that someone had added her on WeChat…

Her limpid eyes widened immediately!

The icon of the user was the character “Si” in Chinese!

Huo Sishen!

The boss!

Did he add her proactively?!

Gu Shishi almost cried out loud as she clutched her phone emotionally.

She opened it up and read the note.

She paused.

[Note: Miss Gu. I am Siyi.]


She felt devastated!

Gu Shishi bit her lips and approved his request to add her.

Of course, the boss would never add her proactively….

Just when she was moping about it, another message popped up.

[Siyi: Miss Gu, I am going to bring you lunch. What is a good time for you?]


Gu Shishi’s little heart hopped right back onto a rollercoaster and shot right up into the sky!


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