Spending the Villain’s Money to Extend My Life

Chapter 21: Received: Custom-Made Cotton Maid Outfit (4)

Chapter 21: Received: Custom-Made Cotton Maid Outfit (4)

With a little sadness and a sense of accomplishment, she quickly checked the system’s interface.

She had a large piece of steak for lunch, a large serving of seafood spaghetti, and two servings of mushroom soup. She even shamelessly asked for extra spaghetti.

The meal came out to be almost $500, and filled up her entire blood bar for three days!

But quickly, she frowned as she held her hand over the stomach. A little stuffed. She needed to use up some of these calories after that meal. She was so full right now she couldn’t even lie down.

“Hmm, expert sweeper Gu Shishi, initiated!”

This way, she wouldn’t have to worry about eating more over dinner!

“Calories, calories, calories…. Calories is my nemesis, burn off all my calories!” Humming, Gu Shishi quickly collected all her dishes and finished cleaning them in no time flat. Then, she ran into the cleaning supply storage room enthusiastically.

She was never born into wealth and definitely wasn’t a lady who had never done any work before. In fact, she was quite familiar with doing chores.

The storage room that the butler had mentioned was located on the first floor of the mansion. It was at the end of the hallway right next to the small dining room.

“Wow….” Gu Shishi was shocked as soon as she opened the door.

The size of the cleaning supply storage room was bigger than her previous house located in the center of the city.

On the rows and rows of cabinet doors were the names of each and every single employee. Gu Shishi found her own name on the one at the very end. It looked to be newly added.

She opened up the cabinet door and saw an entire set of cleaning supplies and a uniform.

A black dress down to her ankle, awhite apron, and a white lacy hat. It looked like a maid uniform straight out of a British show.

“Big families are so particular.” This was an eye-opening experience for Gu Shishi.

She turned and looked through the other items in the cabinet: water-proof gloves, thick masks, rags, mop….





Gu Shishi’s out-reached hand paused in mid-air! The nonstop alerts from the system was happening all over again!

[Received custom-made cotton maid uniform x 1.]

[Received extra-strength cleaning rag x 5.]

[Received dual-purpose bucket x 1.]


Her blood bar that was two hours down from the time passed was filled up all over again!

Gu Shishi was speechless. That counted?



“Young Master, I have related the message to Miss Gu.”

“Mmm, did she cry?”

“Eh? No, she didn’t.”

Huo Sishen was a little surprised.

Then, he remembered her clothes that didn’t fit her. Was she forced to do with work of a maid previously also?

He pictured her wearing old grey clothes with buckets and buckets of water around her as she wiped the floor using a rag while sweat dripped down from her. Was she not crying because she was already used to it all?

Or, she had already cried too much and had no more tears left…

Huo Sishen frowned as he was thinking about it.

Not too much time had passed before he heard a strange noise. It was both familiar and strange.

He frowned, “Who is that making all that noise?”

“Ugh… Miss Gu is singing.”

Not only did she not cry, she seemed to be quite happy. Siyi looked down and didn’t dare to say the second part of what was on his mind.

Huo Sishen, “!”

“Young Master, Miss Gu had also asked….” Siyi paused for a second before he continued, “If she would be paid for her work.”

The corner of Huo Sishen’s mouth twitched instantly.

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