Spending the Villain’s Money to Extend My Life

Chapter 17: Received: Summer Time Cool Skin Pill (4)

Chapter 17: Received: Summer Time Cool Skin Pill (4)

“What?” A low, coarse voice rang coldly.

Huo Sishen looked down at the pair of legs that had stopped in front of the couch.

A sarcastic smile on his lips.

She didn’t step any closer…

Just like his mother, who said she loved him, but would always keep a distance between them.

“Are you afraid of me now?” ask Huo Sishen as he looked directly at her.

Gu Shishi gulped. She wondered if he’d kill her if she told him the truth.

His look was unbelievably intimidating.

Huo Sishen let out a slight chuckle.

Ah, she was just another one of them. Even down to the way she looked when she was afraid to tell the truth.

He had seen that one way too many times.

His mother, grandmother, brother, the servants at home … friends….

Yes, he was the one that cursed his father, his grandfather, and his wives….. he was the one that everybody wanted to avoid at all costs.

“Ugh, Mr. Huo, I am here to return your suit and to thank you for buying me new clothes.” Gu Shishi took a glance at his deep and coldly prideful look, but she told him her purpose anyway.

The smile on the corner of his mouth immediate turned into a cruel look.

“Just throw it out.”

She was just like the woman who referred to him as her son.

That woman couldn’t wait to move everything that belonged to him out of the main house. She said it was so he could continue using them, but in reality, she was scared that anything that belonged to him would bring her bad luck.

And this woman standing in front of him right now was also scared.

Everything that she had said this morning. That she wanted to “stay by his side”… They were all lies!

“Get out!” He couldn’t contain his anger and his pain.

“Oh?” Gu Shishi was baffled. What did she say to anger him?

Eh? Was it the way that she started the conversation?

“Then, should I give your suit to Si Yi for him to take care of?”

Huo Sishen’s splitting headache was a 100-times worse than it was before.

Looking up, he seemed to be able to catch a glance of her jade-like elegant and petite face. It seemed to be even more tender and lovely than it was earlier. And, her pink lips opened and closed, chattering non-stop…. Like those annoying birds outside of the window.

He lifted his hand. He wanted to tell her to get out again, but he couldn’t get the words out of him.

“Eh? Do you want your suit?”

Seeing his stretched-out arm, Gu Shishi naturally handed over the suit.

As soon as she got close to him, Huo Sishen immediately smelled that barely noticeably rose fragrance again…. It was from her.

He smelled it earlier today too.

Soft, sweet, and fragrant. Not too tart, not too overwhelming.

It reminded him of when he used to follow the old butler around when he was watering the blooming roses in the summer days.

The sun had been blinding, and the cicada made nonstop noises. He stayed there soaked in sweat until the old butler smiled and took him home by his hand….

Gu Shishi was trying to hand his suit over to him and accidentally touched his large, feverish hand.

She let out a small cry but when she wanted to withdraw her hand, it was already grabbed tightly by him!

His strength was strong like that of a clamp, and she couldn’t struggle free.

“Boss…. Boss Huo?” Gu Shishi couldn’t comprehend what was going on.

In just a few seconds, however, the large hand that was grabbing her let go of her slowly.

Gu Shishi looked up with her limpid eyes and was surprised.

The vicious person that was on the couch just a few moments ago now had his eyes closed, even his cold and stiff features seemed to have relaxed some.

His breathing was peaceful and relaxing.

His long and thick eyelashes cast shadows on his handsome face. He looked quite like a pretty boy falling asleep.

Eh… he fell asleep?

Gu Shishi was astonished.

[Beep! Passive skill – Sleeping Aid, triggered!]

What the hell?

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