Spending the Villain’s Money to Extend My Life

Chapter 15: Received: Summer Time Cool Skin Pill (2)

Chapter 15: Received: Summer Time Cool Skin Pill (2)

[Mom Jiang: Shishi, mom wants to join force with a friend and open up a wonton shop! Can you lend me $100,000? I will pay you back after I make the money back. I was going to ask Xiao Shuang, but… it seems her health has been back and forth and she doesn’t check her phone often. This is urgent; if I miss this opportunity, my friend will not wait for me!]

Gu Shishi raised her brows.

Mom Jiang tried to contact Gu Wushuang but couldn’t get hold of her?

Was she ignoring her real mother on purpose?

[Mom Jiang: Shishi, help your mom just this one more time, eh?]

Gu Shishi sighed.

Normally, showing filial piety to one’s parents was the right thing to do.


She looked through her bank card, WeChat, Alipay and smiled bitterly.

“Just a bit over $800…”

The original owner’s monthly salary was $4,000, and of those she gave $3,500 to her adoptive mother every month for her mortgage, leaving only $500 for herself.

And now she was asking for $100,000?

“Where did she think all the money is coming from?”

Did she think that the original owner was rich because she had gone home?

But toward the end of the novel, the author mentioned that the adoptive mother completely ignored the original owner once she found out she wasn’t her biological daughter and shifted all her love and attention to Gu Wushuang.

Except, after the death of the original owner, the adoptive mother went over to the Gu’s and demanded payment for her pain and suffering.

The way she used her adopted daughter and squeezed every penny out of her was despicable!

One would have feeling even for a dog after being around it for 20 years.

Let alone a kid that she had raised for 20 years.

Was money all she cared about?

Gu Shishi shook her head and feel deeply sympathetic for the original owner.

She thought about it for a little bit andsent over screen captures of the details of her monthly payments to Jiang Meifang along with the current remaining balance in her account.

She did not receive any other messages after that.


At the same time…

“Si Yi, he hasn’t slept for three days ago? Is he a superhuman now?”

A man in a white lab coat walked inside the mansion.

“Why did you wait so long before telling me?”

Si Yi, walking in front of him, smiled bitterly.

“It’s no use to have you over if Young Master didn’t want to see you.”

“Sleeping pills every 3 days? What was he trying to do? Am I his personal pharmacy?”

Qin Ruhai was furious.

He grew up with Huo Chengming.

He had been his primary care physician managing his long-term mental and physical health ever since he had returned after earning his doctoral degree.

And yet, he was the type of patient that doctors hated the most – quick to temper, stubborn, overly opinionated, and refused to listen to his doctor.

He had chronic insomnia, which led to his bad temperament, taciturn, and the progressively more severe germophobic behaviors.

He was almost 30 years old, but more difficult to deal with than a kid throwing a temper tantrum.

Qin Ruhai took a few deep breaths outside of the door to calm himself down.

“It doesn’t matter how strong he is, this could still become fatal.”

“Si Yi, if you don’t want your master to die prematurely, you need to work with me. Chronic deprivation of sleep could permanently damage the brain and heart that would be difficult to recover from.”

Si Yi paused a little and finally nodded stiffly.

As they were talking, he knocked lightly on the door.

“Young Master…..”

Qin Ruhai pushed over the door and walked inside before Si Yi was done talking.

One must be forceful with uncooperative patients.

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