Spending the Villain’s Money to Extend My Life

Chapter 1: Your Life Is Running Out (1)

Chapter 1: Your Life Is Running Out (1)

BUZZ— BUZZ! BUZZ! She opened up her eyes groggily. The room was pitch black except for a sliver of light shining in through a crack in front of her. Did she dozed off while she was reading again? After the strong light from the screen hit her eyes, her face darkened. She distinctly remembered dying in a multiple-car accident. While she frowned and sorted out her memories, her cell phone buzzed a couple more times. Gu Shishi paused for a second. And what were they talking about? She was stunned. A slight movement of her arm, and she hit the wooden board in front of her! “What… is this? A closet?” She was sitting inside a small and narrow wooden chest and on both sides of her were rows and rows of man’s suits. Gu Shishi froze in mid-action. “Mmm, Shuangshuang, I need to talk to my brother about something and I will be downstairs shortly,” came a male voice that was gentle like jade. Young Master Cheng…. Brother…. Shuangshuang….. closet….. That was the cliché novel that she was reading in the taxi. The Gu’s and the Huo’s were to form an alliance through marriage and the Gu’s didn’t want the fake young mistress with heart disease to live a hard life. So, after a few days of Gu Shishi returning to the Gu’s, it was decided that she was to marry the boss villain Huo Sishen, the very unfortunate, lonely, wife-cursing First Young Master of the Gu’s. The one she was fond of, however, was the Huo’s second young master Huo Wencheng. No way! Did she really transmigrated to become the female supporting character who has the same name as her? (T/N: Ge – how one addresses one’s older brother.) As the story would go, the female support character really wanted to become a couple with Huo Wencheng, which was why she bribed the servant to help trick Huo Wencheng into the room when he came to visit while she hid in the closet and jump into his arms when the time was right. What could she do? Gu Shishi touched her spaghetti strap on herself and was a bit lost. Should she get out after Huo Wencheng was gone? She then heard the rustling sound of the shower curtain being pulled open.

The sound of Huo Wencheng’s footsteps continued throughout the room; obviously, he was still looking for the missing person.

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