Chapter 45 - First And Foremost

Gavriel finally lifted his head from the thoughts of his maddening wife that were plaguing his mind and realized that no one else were in the room but the ladies who were with him. This made him narrow his eyes dangerously.

The bolder one of the two women was already undressing in front of him. "Your Highness, we could tell you're in a very foul mood. Did your wife kick you out of your bed again? Do not worry, we are here to serve and please you, Your Highness." The other woman whispered to him as she caressed his chest seductively. "Let us help you relax." She added as the other woman approached him, naked.

Gavriel felt the rage he was trying so hard to suppress rapidly explode out of him. "Who gave you both the permission to do this!?" he snarled in a wintry, hostile voice.

"Y-Your Highness, pl-please don't think about anything else and –"

His eyes immediately burned red, and aura flamed outwards, causing the women to be knocked back a few steps and they even started to tremble just by the sight of his fiery red eyes and the dark and suffocating power emanating within him. The malevolent aura that was swelling around him felt as though it was choking them. Why was the prince so furious at them?

"Answer me." He did not need to raise his voice. But with it sounding so livid and menacing, it instantly made the vampiresses cower in fear.

"The… the duke… he told us to come here to serve you once your wife kicks you out…"

The women's confession startled Gavriel as he looked at them in disbelief for a couple of seconds before he roared out for his butler as he thundered out of the room.

"Yes, Your Highness, you called?" Elias panted out as he came running, aware of the prince's currently volatile temper.

"Did the duke really send these women here into the castle?" he ground out through tightly clenched teeth, barely keeping his rage in check. His eyes were as scarlet blood, spitting out lava.

Knowing his prince's fury was barely holding on by a thread and that this would probably his end if he did not speak, Elias could only answer him. He should have long known that this stubborn prince would never agree to take any concubines. Why did he allow himself to believe the rumours without consulting the prince first?

"So, you're saying that … my wife knew about these women?" he choked out, not sure if he would just explode with the torrential anger that he was holding back.

"Ye… yes, Your Highness. The duchess was the one who told her you agreed to… finally have concubines. She also had added that if it weren't for your agreement, the duke and other officials would not have dared to arrange these women for you." Elias decided that he would not go wrong by telling Prince Gavriel everything that was discussed between the duchess and Evie yesterday, just to be on the safe side.

Gavriel was so shocked he was beyond speechless. How could something like this happen just by him leaving the castle for a day?

Gritting his teeth and growling low, Gavriel threw a deadly glare towards Elias, because he already knew that the butler had believed the duchess every word as well.

"Have the duke and everyone involved in this to head for the throne hall. NOW!" The prince ordered ferociously before he turned and headed back to the chamber he shared with his wife. He must fix this misunderstanding with her first and foremost!

Elias stood frozen in fear for a moment before he finally managed to move his legs that were trembling like stiff twigs in winter. He could only silently pray that the prince could fix this issue, and everything would be alright between the couple before he come to the throne hall and dealt with everyone else. If things cannot be smoothened out with the princess, with the look on his face and the way he was behaving, there would definitely be bloodshed. Heavens! What have they done? Unfortunately, he was a part of this misunderstanding too. This was big trouble!!!

The very moment Gavriel entered their chamber, he was welcomed by the sight of his wife standing as still as a statue by the window, facing outside. Her white night gown and her silvery locks dancing in the cold breeze blowing on her and into their room.

In his eyes, she was like a goddess – a sad and lonesome goddess.

Knowing that she had yet to sense his presence, Gavriel advanced on her. And as expected, as soon as she realized his presence, she stiffened. He stopped just short of touching her. Damn. His heart ached thinking of how he had hurt her so badly.

But he could not help but feel a happiness deep inside. If she was acting like this towards him again because of such a misunderstanding, this must only mean that she wanted him for herself, wasn't it? It amazed him how his burning rage dissipated like mist before the sun just at the thought of it. It astounded him how she could make him feel all these strong and varying spectrums of emotions all at once. The magic this woman had a hold on him…

Fighting the urge to just go ahead and grab her in his arms, Gavriel called out her name tenderly as he took baby steps to get closer to her. "Evie… I'm sorry," his voice soft and warm, showing her that he came in peace.

Evie did not answer.

"This is a misunderstanding, wife. Look at me…" he urged but Evie remained immobile. When his gaze fell on her hands hanging loosely at her sides and saw her pale clenched fists and the goosebumps all over her skin, Gavriel realized how cold the blowing breeze must be to her.

Alarmed, Gavriel quickly reached out to grab her shoulders to make her face him and to move her away from the window to close it. But the very moment he looked at her face, he froze.

Seeing her crystalline tears continuously rolling down her cold cheeks and her beautiful eyes, clear and full of anguish made his mind freeze and go numb with shock.

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