Chapter 430 - Good Grief

Kione then appeared and Evie was about to begin cleaning Vera's wounds while talking to Kione about the Under Land's medicinal herbs, hoping that they would be able to find one that could work on a human, when she sensed something. Someone was using light magic nearby. Who? Could it be… Zanya? She looked at Gideon then to Kione, but the duo did not seem to notice anything out of the ordinary. 

Suddenly, Evie stood and gave the wet clean clothes to Gideon. Both men looked at her sudden movement, taken aback on why she just suddenly jumped up.

"I just remembered something. Give me a moment. I'll return immediately," she told them and just like that, she left, causing Gideon's face to darken again. This light fae queen was really taking things too lightly.

"Kione." His dark voice echoed, and Kione looked at him.

"My lord." He responded mildly, blinking innocently as though he had done nothing wrong.

"She's not afraid of me one bit anymore…" Gideon glared at Kione and Kione shrugged coolly, easily ignoring the glare that was levelled at him.

"Well, your sister-in-law had forced me to talk or else she said she'd destroy the castle. There was no way I could allow her to do that, right? So, I could only try to waste time by telling her more about her husband's childhood." Kione told his half-truths so blithely and without a shred of guilt.

Gideon narrowed his eyes darkly, knowing that his bosom friend was fibbing so flippantly. 

"Alright, I'll go follow the queen now while you deal with your girl. You can do that right, Your Highness? Or if you're fine with me touching her with my so-called lecherous hands then I'll…" he paused and stopped talking when he looked at Gideon who was just one thread from exploding where he stood. "… alright, alright. Stop with the death glares! I'm going." 

Kione disappeared with a disbelieving smirk lingering on his face. He was still unable to believe the 'fuck off' look that was literally shooting out from Gideon's eyes. Due to his bad reputation, being the so-called lord of all rakes, Kione knew that it only meant one thing when a man refused to leave a girl alone in a room with him. And that one thing was because the girl was someone important to him. 

Somehow, this was making Kione worry. Though Gideon might never admit it, the fact that he brought the girl here was proof enough for Kione. And… those pale blue eyes of hers… it bothered Kione that she had the exact same eye colour as the late Leah. He frowned as he rushed after light fae queen.

Catching up with Evie, Kione stopped her by the large door. 

"Wait, Queen. Where are you going?" he asked. Kione thought Evie was just going to go check on the vampires to get something to cure the human girl with. 

But before Evie could respond, Kione narrowed his eyes, and he opened the door in haste. 

A commotion welcomed them. A light fae was fighting against the dark fae soldiers while a vampire was… fighting against a dark fae lord, Azrael.

Azrael was laughing with his head thrown back, his eyes gleaming with enjoyment. "Amazing. This is my first time fighting against a vampire. I must say your pure strength is truly something!" Azrael said as he continued fighting with Leon without using his dark magic. 

And without his dark magic, Leon was obviously stronger and much faster than the dark fae lord.

"Damn. What raw power! Vampires are more exciting than I thought." He continued, still grinning crazily, as he was slammed on the ground by Leon's attack. However, he did not seem to mind much being thrown around by Leon.

Azrael rose and was about to attack again when Kione shot his hand out and grabbed the back of his collar from behind with his magic. 

"Stop that, you idiot! You're supposed to come to me and report as soon as you returned, Lord Azrael!" Kione hissed, calling out Azrael's title and the man turned around a little sheepishly. 

"Give me a moment Kione. Let me have fun a bit –" Azrael pleaded pitifully, trying his best to put on a fake pleading look. Kione rolled his eyes and sighed, thinking, 'Oh, Lord…save me from this buffoon!'

"Zanya! Leon!" Evie's voice echoed out in surprise, silencing everyone. Then Evie looked at Kione with fierce eyes. "Have the soldiers back off from my subjects or else …" her voice was sharp and commanding. Everyone there who heard her speak felt the shivers running across their skin at the power in her voice.

Her body began to glow as well as she said that and Kione pinched the skin between his brows before he sighed and signalled the confused dark faes to back off. They obeyed and fell back, while Leon and Zanya immediately approached Evie and bowed before her. 

While Evie's attention was focused on Zanya and Leon, Kione went and grabbed onto Azrael. 

"What the hell took you so long?" Kione asked and Azrael just shrugged. 

"Well, the vampires' were truly a sight to behold –" his excuse had Kione floored.

"What of Gavrael?" 

"I'm not sure, he's just crowned as the King of vampires so don't worry, he might not come yet. Just as you instructed, I disobeyed Gideon and didn't leave Gavrael clues about the light fae queen's whereabouts. I did my job, so relax for now, I don't think he'll find this place yet." Azrael said as his eyes drifted over to Leon again. "By the way, where is Gideon and the human girl?" Kione who was still internally fuming at how his friend was being so careless with his assignment suddenly shot up at attention with the mention of the human. 

"You knew that Gideon took a human girl?" 

"Well, I was the one who helped out so Gideon could bring her back here." Azrael grinned proudly at his accomplishments, but Kione's jaw dropped. 

"You helped…" he echoed, shaking his head. He wanted to kick Azrael and send him rolling back to the surface! This idiot!

"Of course. I believe that girl will be Gideon's saving grace. Don't you think that she reminds you a lot of Leah? I believe Gideon will fall for –" Azrael continued rambling happily, thinking he had done something worthwhile.

"Good grief, Azrael!" Kione pinched the skin between his brows again and this time he looked exasperated and even a bit angry, causing Azrael's expression to suddenly become serious. 

"You think I made a very bad move." Azrael questioned grimly. 

"Yes!" Kione hissed, "you think she'd be his saving grace, you idiot? Well, I think it's the other way around." Kione was lamenting on how this big fellow was good with his hands but not with his brain.

Azrael frowned. 

"Did you forget what Leah's death did to him? And here you are, helping him find and bring another… and to think she's a human, a powerless human who couldn't even be healed and cured by magic. If he falls for a fragile creature like that… no, I think he already cares about her, damn… if she dies too, can you imagine what will happen to him?" Kione raged at Azrael.

Shaking his head, Azrael sighed. "You're worrying too much, Kione. If he loves her, he will do everything to save and protect her. And with the power he has, nothing is impossible for –"

"He had failed to save and protect Leah, and that's why he hated himself. He still hates himself up till today! The worse is… he even thinks that he's the one who killed her!"

A heavy silence reigned between them as they glared at each other. But Azrael gave in first.

"Well, you are right. I have forgotten about that. All I am thinking is to find something to stop him from pursuing his aim. I haven't fully thought out the implication for the future." Azrael rubbed the back of his neck as he realized what Kione was trying to tell him. It might be true that Vera will stop Gideon's plan. But if one day that unfortunate incident happens again due to him losing someone he holds dear, the risk was just not worth it. Especially since he was well aware on how much Gideon had tried to cut everyone off from his life just so that incident will not happen again – ever. 

Kione sighed like a problematic old man when Evie approached them, distracting them a little from their own dilemmas. 

"I need to speak with you," Evie told Kione, "I have a plan." 


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