Chapter 42 - Same Thing

"He… he agreed?" Evie's face was suddenly drained of all colour. However, her facial expressions did not change in the slightest.

"I haven't met my husband or the prince yet, but it appeared this was what the council had concluded and decided on. If the prince had not given his consent, there would be no way that anyone could have made a move."

"I see…" was all Evie said. But her reaction was clear to the Duchess. It was obvious Evielyn was affected and was even probably devastated, and heart broken, judging from the dispirited look in her eyes.

This was not what the duchess had expected. Didn't she hate Gavriel that she didn't even allow him to sleep with her in the same room? Aurora had heard that yesterday, the prince left the princess' room and slept somewhere else. Even the servants have started gossiping, saying that the princess must have kicked him out in the middle of the day.

So, what was with her betrayed expression now? Could it be that they were missing out on an important piece of information? This could spell out a disaster if things were not handled correctly.

"I would like to retire now, Duchess Aurora. It's been a pleasure to meet and speak with you." Evie forced a small smile and then turned away to leave. Her voice, her forced smile, and the sorrowful look in her eyes… It was crystal clear to the duchess on how hard she was struggling to keep her emotions in check. These were not the reactions and expressions of a wife who does not care about her husband at all. In fact, she was behaving as if her husband had betrayed their love and marriage vows despite giving her heart to him! What exactly was happening here?

It appeared she and the rest of them were wrong to believe in the rumors. But her, not allowing Gavriel to touch her wasn't a rumor. Could it be that the princess was slowly falling for the prince now?

"Please slowdown Milady. You might fall." Elias said when Evie hastened her pace, desperately wanting to get back to the security of the room she shared with Gavriel.

Elias was also surprised at what he had heard. He was not aware about this as he had yet to meet with the prince since the prince left for the meeting. Did he really agree? He highly doubted it but since he was certain that the Duke and the Duchess would never do anything without the Prince's permission, he could only take it as the truth. The Duke had never done anything against the Prince's wishes before.

And because Elias and all the other five loyal men of Prince Gavriel had also been urging their master to sire a child, he could not hide his relief and gladness. They understood the importance of having another royalty. It was all for Prince Gavriel's sake as well. Everyone who supported the prince wanted this so badly that all of them would probably do anything to make it happen, if only the Prince was not against it.

Evie suddenly lost her balance as she stepped on her skirt due to her rushed steps. Thankfully, Elias caught her right on time, just before she could fall to her face.

"Your Highness, please. I just told you to slow do…" Elias could not continue his statement because he finally saw the look in Evie's face. Oh no… he had totally forgotten about the lady.

Hiding her face, Evie pulled away from Elias as she rushed forward again. Realizing that the lady was not happy at all and even looked as if her heart were crushed, Elias couldn't help but worry. He didn't expect her to be affected this badly and take it so harsh, since he knows that she still didn't allow the prince to touch her.

Could it be because she's worried that the Prince will eventually marry one of his concubines? He remembered how she reacted about the issue with Lady Thea back in the capital and Elias' worry skyrocketed. He was certain that the reason why she went to the little forest and encountered a beast was because she was angry and hurt, thinking that the prince was going to take on another wife.

Afraid that she was going to do something that would end up hurting herself, Elias slightly panicked. The prince would probably kill him if something happened to her. He must do something to calm her. He must reassure her that there was nothing to worry about.

"Milady, uhm… I hope you can understand this. I know you're already aware about the brewing war between the prince and the fake royal family so everyone is really unstable right now." He started explaining as he walked beside her.

But Evie continued, seemingly determined to finally reach her room and shut him out. "Everyone is urging the prince to sire a child to secure the royal bloodline. And that's why they could only resort to this. You know that vampires don't conceive children easily, right? So having him take more than two concubines would be the most ideal way to increase the chance of him siring a child."

Evie wished she could close her ears and shut down her mind. She didn't want to hear any more. Yes. She knew. She was completely aware about this matter that Elias had mentioned. The importance of the damn bloodline. Because her own family was suffering from this and unfortunately… her father did the same, just for the sake of producing an heir, since her mother was unable to give him a male child. She could not believe she was going to go through this as well.

"And you are already aware about the fact that it is almost impossible for a human and a vampire to have a child together, right? So… I hope you can understand why this had to happen, Milady. The people are desperate for a reassurance especially during this troubling times. They want to do everything and anything possible to secure the royal bloodline before the war starts.

So please don't worry, Milady. Because I am certain His Highness will never take another wife. You will be his only wife. The concubines' sole purpose is to bear His Highness an heir." He continued and Evie almost laughed.

These same things were told to her mother as well. She wondered how painful it was for her mother. Now that she was being told the same thing. She wondered how her mother managed herself during those times and most probably, until now. Because it already felt unbearable to her… even though she didn't even love him… She didn't? Then why was this impossible painful feeling running throughout her whole being right now?

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