Chapter 322 - Light Faes

The chorusing roars of the light faes hailing their new queen made not only Evie but the vampires present in the hall stood there frozen as they looked at the hundreds of light faes on their knees. They could not help but feel awed as the beautiful voices of the faes acclaiming Evie as their ruler rose in a fevered pitch until they felt their skin prickling. Until Zolan nudged Samuel and their eyes met. 

'I guess we should kneel too, don't you think?' Zolan said through their telepathy. 'Since she's also our queen as well.'

'Future empress.' Samuel surprisingly corrected. And then the big man slowly bent and went down on one knee, kneeling to show his respect and obeisance to his soon-to-be empress and current queen of the kingdom of Crescia. 

Seeing what their leader had done, Zolan smirked and followed suit. Then the rest of the vampires knelt as well. Somehow, they did not feel strange with their current actions at all. In fact, they felt as though this was just so right.. 

'Ah… I think our princess has really stepped into her role as a queen now.' Levy said dramatically, giving a few sniffles and acting as though he was crying without tears. 'She has grown so much since the time we accompanied her after the wedding. I'm so proud of her.' 

'Stop that, you, drama king. And keep your head bowed!' Zolan's rolled his eyes before his hand shot out and landed a little roughly on the crown of Levy's head, pushing it down to make him bow. 

'What! Gimme a break! I know you're feeling all proud too! Don't hide it. It's obvious from your annoying face!' Levy shot back unhappily as he looked sideways at Zolan from his bent perspective. 

Meanwhile, Evie could only look at the sight before her in silence and a regal bearing. She looked to the side and saw her men who had also dropped to their knees in respect and the beatings of her heart picked up a notch. What the light faes and her men did, took her by surprise. However, aside from the surge of strong emotions and the surprise, Evie felt an even stranger feeling – she did not feel it to be that strange at all, as though it was to be expected even though it happened somewhat suddenly. 

There was nothing strange about everything that was happening even though she should have felt more than extremely overwhelmed from what she understood herself to be usually. This was the first time something like this had ever happened to her. But she did not feel even a hint of self-doubt that she is not deserving of this. She was filled with a strength and confidence instead. It was as if she already, subconsciously, recognized herself as their queen. When did she even become like this? She could hardly believe it – the way her mind, body and soul were reacting over this.

Somehow, she could not help but feel amazed at the realization that she was no longer the same old timid and weak Evie from the past. That little missy is no more, and in her place is someone who had evolved and grew into who she is now. It was as if she had metamorphosised from a little insignificant caterpillar into a wondrous and stunning butterfly.

"Arise, everyone." Evie then finally found her voice, and everyone lifted their faces and looked at her before getting up to their feet. 

Evie tried to look at each and every one of them. All of them looked to be beautiful and young specimens of light faes – all within their peak. They should be as young as Zanya. And she could tell that the ratio of females to males were quite even. 

Levy's eyes almost bulged out of their sockets as he looked at all the female light faes who were standing around the throne hall. His eyes were literally screaming 'oh my god! Everyone is a beauty! This is the first time I saw so many beauties all at once!' 

Zanya did not waste any time in explaining everything about who Evie was and her identity as well as the relation to the prophecy to the light faes. She had also explained to them everything that happened from the time when they were frozen in the dark crystals up until now and what was going on at the moment. 

The light faes were all shocked upon realizing that it had been thousands of years since they had last been awake. Most of them became sad, but it was obvious they fully understood what was going on. These young generation of light faes had been born during that long war so they were not that shocked at the news they received from Zanya. Back then, they were gathered in this same throne hall, willing to fight to their death alongside their queen. They also knew that during that time, there was the possibility of dying because even though they fully believed in their queen, they were more than aware that they were sorely lacking in numbers and were on the losing side. 

"I know every one of you deserve to be given some kind of break to gather yourselves from the thousands of years of sleep. But forgive me because I cannot give you that luxury." Evie told them, a little apologetically but very straightforwardly and without pretense. "I believe this war that is going on right now, is our only chance to destroy our enemy once and for all. That's why I am asking for everyone's cooperation to ally with me on this… we will be setting out immediately once I awaken the tree of light." 

A tall and beautiful young man stepped forward. He was, according to Zanya, the best male warrior among all the light faes. He was also a high noble light faery and Zanya's cousin. 

"Your Majesty, it is not necessary for us to take time for resting or thinking anymore. We had already rested for thousands of years. All of us will willingly aid you in this war. We are your people, and we will follow you no matter what." He declared and all the light faes, expressed their agreement. 


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