Chapter 295 - Upportunity (Part II)

"Alright." Her voice weakened, giving into his need to make sure that his hands were cleaned and removed from all blood stains. Then she turned to Elias and Zanya who were following them and gave them orders.

"Go prepare a warm bath." She ordered and the vampire immediately moved to get the task done.

Though Evie knew that Gavrael would not be bothered about whether or not his bath water was cold or warm, she wanted him to have the comforts that a warm bath would bring. Anyway, he was already going to wash up. So, why not prepare something that would help him relax and calm down? There was no reason to rush through and suffer the stings of the icy cold water – even if Evie knew it would not affect him adversely.

Knowing that he needed to make haste, Elias had requested for the help from the other vampires and not the human maids to prepare the bath. And thus, with the vampire's swift job, the bath was already ready when Evie and Gavrael reached his room, still steaming and giving out little billowy puffs of mist that hung about.

Gavrael immediately headed to the washstand and rinsed his blood-stained hands rigorously, making sure he cleaned out every finger, underneath each nail and all the indentations and curve of his large hands. All the while, Evie just watched him silently as she stood by the door, fully intending to wait for him until he was done cleaning himself up and satisfied with doing so.

He then took hold of the hems of his upper garments and peeled the blood splattered tunic off his body, letting that piece of clothing drop to the floor with a small splat. He then bent over at the waist, above the wash basin again, half naked.

Evie stared at the X shaped exquisite muscles contracting and relaxing under his skin rippling across his perfectly toned back. The room was dark and the reddish warm glow from the fireplace made his skin looked as though it were wrought in gold.

She watched him dazedly, as he rinsed his bloodstained face and went on to lift his hand to rub at the few small roundish splotches of bloodstains on his neck with the heel of his palms. That repetitive rubbing motions of his hands seemed to render her speechless and turn her brain into mush.

Watching him doing such seemingly mundane tasks somehow gave Evie a strange feeling. It was as if at that moment, he was trying to seduce her. But it was clear that he was not doing that! The only other explanation was that she is the one being seduced! Was that even possible? Did that even make any sense? Just by watching his naked and sensuous back, she could already be seduced so easily? Then if he really put in an effort to seduce her, would she not just completely give in and be enticed effusively?

Evie bit her lower lip. When he started to take off his pants, Evie told herself that she needed to look away. But try as she might, her eyes could not seem to move from that riveting sight. It was as if her eyes wanted to keep watching him.

She subconsciously swallowed as his perfectly curved and tightened buttocks appeared into her view. His strong long legs, his slender waist, his tight powerful thighs, all those rippling muscles… they were all nothing but perfection, the ultimate definition of a male which is drool-worthy.

The sight was just magnificent to Evie's parched eyes, and she was suddenly reminded of that time when they first bathed together. Back then, she was still so shy she even actually chose to stare at the fire in the fireplace instead of feasting on a much more delicious and far hotter fire which was her husband's naked perfection.

Remembering that time made her half bite her lower lip, remembering what happened that night while she was drunk. Her gaze fell to the tub and Evie's eyes circled wide as if a light bulb just lighted up in her mind. Right, this was an opportunity!

She looked on and she saw him now making his way towards the tub. He was all brooding energy. His expression was still hard, and it was obvious to Evie that his mind was completely occupied with something else – and it was definitely nothing good with that face he was showing.

Now that his back was no longer facing her, Evie's gaze naturally glided downwards and at the sight of his thick length, she subconsciously licked her lips. She wanted to touch him again, to glide her fingertips over his body and feel him with all her hearts' content. She had missed him so much!

And as though Gavrael had felt the force of her lustful gaze, he paused just as he reached the tub and looked at her. He seemed quite surprised at whatever he saw being reflected in her eyes. Was he startled that she was not looking away and playing the role of the shy and demure maiden? Was he surprised that she was not ashamed to look at him with such apparent desire?

Evie reached out to pull at the ribbon of her dress. "I think I'm going to need a bath as well. Let's bathe together, Gav." She said, her voice all light and breathy. And his eyes widened slightly.

She saw his erection twitched and hardened as soon as she finished her sentence and it pleased her very much. She was so thrilled that she had to bite down on her lips again to hide her blossoming smile.

Gavrael groaned low as he swiped his dark hair back, closing his eyes as if to control himself.

When he opened his eyes and noticed that Evie was not stopping in undressing herself, he caught his lower lip between his perfect white teeth.

"If I were you… I'd be stopping what you're doing now, Evie." His voice was husky as he warned her. His eyes were already intense and filled with predatory passion. "If you think I am going to stop or control myself then you're –" He did not manage to complete his sentence.

He caught his breath as he watched her dress flutter to the floor as it pooled around her bare feet. He swallowed and his manhood was raging so hard it rose at attention and touched his navel.


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