Chapter 285 - About Him

"I am going to make you queen. But first, I am going to make myself the king of the vampires first." Gavrael said and Evie blinked. Did he make that promise to her before he turned back time? Suddenly, Evie did not how to respond to him.

"I am going to take this empire's throne." He added and Evie finally found her voice.

"You're going to tell me to stay back and watch, right?" she asked and when he just silently stared at her, Evie immediately tried to convince him. "When we got separated from Dacria onwards, I learned many things during my journey to Crescia. I can now call upon the dragons too. If you don't believe me, I can show it to you now! Do you want to see it?" Evie got excited as she told him all these.

Gavrael lifted a brow. "Really? You were able to learn all that by yourself?" Gavrael thought that his Evie was different from this Evie. This Evie was more confident. And he thought, she is stronger too. The previous Evie he knew was so much more dependent on him. He had to work extra hard to make her learn about her own magic and abilities. But this Evie actually learned all of that on her own initiative.

"No. Actually, I was not alone. I have Zanya and my men who were there to support me. My desire to see you again also made me worked extra hard." She explained, her face serene and looking proud of everything that she had achieved so far.

But at the thought of her comrades, Evie's eyes circled wide, and she looked down at Gavrael with large, doe-eyed pleading eyes.

"Gav… please, release my comrades. Ah, I forgot to tell you, those men are your men, too. They are the elites who serve you loyally. They've been with you for years. You had told me previously that some of them were already with you ever since you were young. You were the one who ordered them to protect me with their lives. Now come and let's release them." She climbed off the bed and pulled at his hand in a playful and teasing manner.

Gavrael's mind was still a little disoriented, but he understood everything she was saying. So that explained why those men fought so well. When he had gone against them, he had felt like he had fought against them before and that was why those men seemed to be able to predict his next moves. He also remembered that he felt something strange when he was about to kill that long haired man. Somehow, his body just stopped in its tracks before his sword could slit his throat.

"Those men have been so loyal to you for many years and would even give their lives up for you. Therefore, you can't treat them like that. They are our greatest allies, Gav." She said with a smile as she tugged his hand a little harder this time, realising he was not that opposed to her suggestions now as he was before.

And to her relief, he did not object at all this time. He brought her to the prison silently.

Once they arrived at the underground cell, Evie immediately asked Gavrael to unlock the doors. Without saying a word, Gavrael used his magic and the bars swung open on their own.

Evie immediately rushed inside and hugged Zanya. After that, she quickly pushed Zanya at arm's length to examine her from head to toe.

"Are you alright? These men didn't bully you, right?" Evie asked as she eyed her men, most especially Levy. The rest of them only either rolled their eyes at her or looked offended at her comments. Only Levy had the decency to blush slightly as he averted his eyes from the princess' accusing gaze, laughing a little sheepishly.

Zanya smiled as she chuckled. "Don't worry, Princess, they've been nice to me."

"That's a relief." Evie sighed and then without wasting a moment she began to fill them in on everything that had happened. She explained to them about Gavrael and Gavriel as well, causing everyone's mouth to part open in disbelief. And then they all looked at the silent and brooding man who was leaning against the wall and watching them all the while the princess had been updating them on the news.

"That's why you don't need to fear him anymore. He's the very same master you guys served for years. Also, I already told him about you guys." Evie added cheerfully, and the men were speechless. They could only glance discreetly at Gavrael before exchanging glances with each other.

They were relieved now, but they knew it will be hard for them not to fear him immediately right off the bat. Much less to act familiar around him and treat him like how they had used to treat Prince Gavriel. Somehow, the situation was pretty awkward.

Evie then approached Gavrael again and with a big smile, she spoke. "Are you going to assign them important roles?"

Gavrael stared at her quietly and the other men awkwardly waited for Gavrael to speak.

"They'll remain as your guards, Evie." He said and Evie tilted her head.

"All of them? Won't you take some of them with you?"

"I don't need guards."

Silence reigned inside the closed space.

"Then maybe as one of your generals?" Evie broke the silence again.

The men were glancing at each other. They were unsure on how to react on this issue. But they could not deny that they still did not like this Gavrael very much. They want their master Gavriel back.

Due to Evie's insistence, Gavrael lifted his gaze towards the men. His gaze fell to Samuel and then to Leon.

"Fine, I'll make two of them my generals." He gave in.

"Alright." Evie smiled widely, happy that he had acquiesced to her wishes. "Now it's time for us to go and eat. We're all hungry! Have you eaten, Gav?"

Gavrael shook his head and Evie clapped her hands. "Alright, all of us will go and have a feast then." She said and she dragged Gavrael behind her after telling everyone to follow them.

The men looked at Gavrael's back. They could all feel how strong the man was. His words that he did not need guards keep on replaying in their minds. All of them thought that with how he was right now, he might not even need their help at all. And they could not help but feel a little down.

Then their gazes fell towards the princess. They could not help but wonder how their princess felt about all of this, most especially about him. 


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