Chapter 282 - Idiot

As soon as he parted his lips, Evie immediately slanted her mouth and sealed his lips with hers. She slid her tongue even deep inside and it did not come slow nor soft. It was more like a savage, utterly impatient invasion.

And Gavrael was completely caught off guard, never expecting her to kiss him in such an aggressive manner. It was as though she was the one who was impatient. Then she began to suck and tangled her tongue with his with the intensity of a wild little hungry beast. Her sudden kiss had come as a big shock to him already, but this wildness of hers hit him harder. It all but shock him speechless – and that was a really hard thing to do to the current Gavrael.

When… when had she learnt how to kiss like this? Gavrael knew how shy Evie was. She was such an innocent young lady. He had always been holding back – painfully so. Yes, he had held back a great deal every time he was being intimate with her. He did not want to scare her maidenly sensibilities. He had been scared that he might take it too far and become too wild or too rough with his kisses. So, every single time, he had tried to keep everything in moderation no matter how hard it was for him. Therefore, he was certain that he had never kissed her this wildly before.

Yet now, here she was, kissing him with such spine-tingling skill. It was as if she had been kissed that way many times before. W-who… who taught you…

Suddenly, he turned completely rigid once again. And his aura that had started to calm down just a while ago, now flared out again. And this time, it was even more intense. The thought that some other man had taught her to kiss like this made his blood boil over in anger. The wrath became too strong that it had actually overpowered the insane lust and desire her wild kiss had evoked within him.

Evie on the other hand, of course immediately felt his rigidness and the suffocating darkness which was seeping out from him again. She could not help but feel nervous now, knowing that he would definitely pull away at this rate. At the same time, she was in utter dismay and worry… that even her kisses did not seem to be working anymore. Was there something wrong with the way that she had kissed him? Did he not love it earlier that she could feel his excitement build? So, what had gone wrong?

The fear that she could not affect him anymore made her heart shake. What should she do? No, what else she could do? Evie… think...!

And as she had expected, she felt him lift his hands. No! He was going to peel her hands off him!

Panic surged within her and suddenly, before Gavrael could touch her arms, she rolled over, bring the both of them tumbling.

Gavrael's body was still very much affected by Evie's kiss. So, Evie managed to somehow flip him around. She also used the magic spell Zanya had taught her to give her a momentary boost in strength and she was glad she remembered it at the very last second.

Surprised, Gavrael's eyes widened a little as he looked at Evie, who was now straddling him. Her hands were now pinning his above his head.

"I'm not going to let you escape from me, Gav." She said and silence reigned between them for a second. "What's wrong? Didn't you say you want me? Why are you not responding to my kisses? Were you lying when you had professed how much you love me just moments ago? How could you still look this angry when I'm kissing you? Do you despise my kisses now?" she did not give him a chance to refute and sent a continuous barrage of words, hoping to either distract him or help him calm down.

Hearing her bombarding him with those questions, his surprised expression was replaced by a deep, confused, frown.

Then his eyes blazed in anger and like a lightning bolt, he flipped them over and changed their positions once again. Evie was now back under him again, his body weight pressing her into the soft mattress, keeping her locked in place. His grip on her hands had tightened up so much that it started to hurt her. 

"Yes, you're right, Evie! I despise that you've learned to kiss wildly like that from another man and not from me!" he hissed out in fury, not sure whether to be angry at being goaded into blurting that out or to wail in sorrow that his once innocent Evie had been introduced to adult pleasures by one who is not him.

Upon hearing Gavrael snarl out those words, Evie could only gape at him, open-mouthed for a few long seconds.

A helpless, frustrated laugh escaped her plumped and rosy lips and she could not help but tear up from the frustration. When her laugh faded, her eyes sharpened, and she lashed out at him. "You, big idiot! You were the one who taught me how to kiss like that! You kissed me so savagely like that that first night we kissed, remember?! How could you forget about it all, you, silly, silly man! You keep telling me that I am the one who has forgotten about you. But do you know… you have forgotten all about me too! You… brute! You…big bully!" she ranted and raged at him, letting out all her frustration before suddenly breaking down and began to sob, large teardrops falling pitifully from her sorrowful eyes. "I am tired… Gav… really tired…" her voice weakened as it trailed off. "All I want is for you to just kiss me… embrace me… then we can finally talk and tell each other everything. But you… can't you just stop being angry for now and just kiss me?" she raised those crystal-like eyes filled with glimmering tears that clumped up her thick lashes. And Gavrael's fiery anger somehow dispersed a little. His heart gave a jolt seeing his woman being in such sorrow and pain. 

However, Gavrael was still utterly confused at what she had said but instead of continuously probing her about it, he bent down and crushed his mouth against hers, granting her the request she had tearfully asked of him. He did not know what happened but as she sobbed and those words tumbled out from her lips, he did not only feel the strange emotions that bubbled within his chest, but his body also began to move on its own as if it were no longer under his control. And the next thing he knew, he was kissing her in a way he had never done before.

The kiss was not the kind of restrained kiss he was always giving her before. This time, he kissed her, just like the way she just did until their slick tongues were intertwining hungrily with each other's. Their mouths created erotic sounds inside the room and Gavrael felt it again, this strange feeling that was as if he had kissed her like this many times before.. Like a dream that he had forgotten upon awakening from. 

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