Chapter 263 - Gavrael (Part XX)

Evie was so shocked she climbed on him frantically. She wrapped her thighs hard around his waist, surprising him.

He froze as she gripped him as hard as she could.

"Wh-what are you doing you… you brute!" she yelped, scolding him. "What am I going to do now? My clothes… they're all wet now!"

When he did not make a move nor a sound, Evie slowly calmed down and looked at him closely, wondering what was wrong with him that he went so still he was as good as a statue. It was then that she realized what was going on.

Her face turned red, and she immediately unclasped her thighs that were wrapped tightly around him. But he quickly grabbed them and placed them back at the same position they were previously at on his waist, causing her eyes to turn wide. If possible, her face flushed into a deeper shade of red that Gavrael noted with much interest it seemed to be similar to the colour of a very ripe strawberry.

"I… I don't know how to swim." She told him in a small voice, trying to break the tension between them.

"I'll teach you how." His voice sounded raspier, it made Evie's heart skipped a beat. She was getting nervous, and that hot feeling seemed to keep rising within her. She could feel his skin getting incredibly hotter too. 

"I think… not now. I… please bring me to the bank." She said, her eyes darting around to land on everything else but him. She would not be able to bear it if she looked at him directly. As it was, her heart was already thumping so wildly. If their eyes met in this situation, she was convinced that she would internally combust!

Gavrael was silent for a while but eventually he acquiesced and moved them back slowly towards the bank. As soon as Evie's foot reached the ground, he immediately dove into the water again, without saying a word to her nor did he turn to look at her.

Evie caught her lip between her teeth, worrying on them for a while as she tried to recover her calm from what had just happened between them. However, she did not quite know what that thing between them was. She tried her best to calm her racing pulse, but it did not seem to want to listen to her for a while. She looked at the water again and Gavrael continued swimming. He did not even deign to glance at her, as if he was suddenly concentrating. She had no idea that the young man had been trying his hardest to calm himself too and it was not just his heart that he had to put to calm.

After a long while, Gavrael finally got out of the water. He did not know swimming in the water with her could be such a damned dangerous activity. He shook his head minutely as he told himself to keep calm and focussed.

He looked at her and she quickly turned away, averting her eyes from his nakedness. The look of her, so wet and beautiful, made his body heat up and went wild again.

Clearing his throat, he quickly put on his clothes.

"Alright, it's time for us to head on back, Evie." He then said and Evie pouted at him.

"What should I do with my clothes now? My maids will find out that I had sneaked out even though the moon isn't there. Now they'll find out about you," she argued and Gavrael swept his eyes from her head down the edges of her wet gown.

He flushed lightly and looked away. "Well, not to worry, Little Butterfly." he told her as he stretched out his hand, his palm facing her. The next instant, Evie felt something warm enveloping her whole body. And when the warmth slowly faded away, to her utmost surprise, both her clothes and even her hair were dry again!

She gaped at him in disbelief, and he flashed her a smug smile. "Magic," he said and then he swept her into his arms again happily as he grinned over her head.

Not long after, they were back in Evie's room. Gavrael was sitting on the edge of her bed as she laid down and looked at him.

"You said the moon will be out in the next two days, right?" he checked with her, and Evie nodded. "Then I think, I won't be visiting you for the next two nights."

Evie's large eyes widened a little, and he could see the question in them. Her immediate reaction to his statement pleased him immensely, even as he felt his heart swell.

"Why?" she asked.

"I have some important matters to attend to. Don't worry, in two days, I'll be back, and I'll fulfil my promise to bring you to see the inner parts of the Middle Land and find out the answers to your questions. I'll just need a little more time."

She creased her brows, wondering why he needed time and what was the important thing he had to do first. 

However, before she could ask on further, both their heads turned towards the door. There were the sounds of footsteps approaching!

"Someone's coming!" he whispered, and the girl's eyes widened.

"P-please go. I can't let anyone see you in my room." She said, panicking.

When suddenly, a knowing and mischievous smile curve on his lips. "It's too late, they're here now. I think the only choice you have is to hide me under your blanket." He whispered and her eyes widened, knowing that he was teasing her again. She knew for a fact that he could disappear now if he wanted! She was about to argue but at that moment as she opened her mouth, she heard the sound of the doorknob turning and the door being pushed opened. Without a choice, Evie quickly killed the light, and hurriedly pulled him under her covers. She clenched her teeth in irritation as she could only do as he said. She covered them both with the blanket and laid next to him, keeping as still as she could.

"If you get caught, I'm not going to ever let you inside my room again." She hissed at him like an angry little kitten and then pretended to be asleep.

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