Chapter 259 - Gavrael (Part XVI)

Evie pulled her blanket and covered her face. She could not believe what was going on. It was incomprehensible that a boy, and a strange one at that, was in her room at night and behaving so oddly like this. Is this not something that should terrify her? But strangely, she did not feel much fear towards him anymore since that night he saved her. Still, with the way he was acting right now, she should be fearful, right?

Another long moment passed and still, Evie could not sleep. She was nowhere near feeling sleepy! And it has been a while, but she had not felt him move at all. Did he turn into a statue?

Curious, Evie slowly peeked at him and what she saw surprised her. His eyes were closed. Did he fall asleep?

Evie did not turn the lamp off so she could still his face. As she stared at him, she noticed he had long dark and thick beautiful lashes. His features were simply perfect that she could not find a single flaw even as she examined his face closely. She was certain she had never seen a male as beautiful as him her entire life. Looking at him now, with him staying so still and with his eyes peacefully closed, she could not help but wonder if he was even a real person or an extremely perfect carving made of marble.

Before she realized it, her hand had stretched out on its own, her fingers brushing against his cheek. She abruptly retracted her hand, as if scalded. But he opened his eyes and lazily looked at her.

"You're not being fair, Little Butterfly. You forbade me to touch you but here you are, touching me when I'm not looking." He said, flashing a slow, deadly smile.

She swallowed and blushed hard. And before she could form any reply, he grabbed her wrist and placed her palm on his cheek, then he closed his eyes again. "But I don't mind. You can touch me all you want, 'cause I like your touch too."

Evie could not breathe for a short while. Her heart was beating wildly. The feel of his skin under her palm was welcoming and smooth like warm jade, his hand over hers too. And now, she felt her face and the entire atmosphere in the room getting hot too.

After battling for calm for a long while, Evie decided to retract her hand. At this rate, she would not be getting any sleep at all. Dawn might even be coming soon. However, when she looked at him again, she could not bring herself to remove her hand.

She pressed her lips tight, not knowing what to do now.

Gavrael could hear her heartbeat loud and clear. He knew she was unable to sleep, and he felt a little bad. However, his selfishness had won by a big margin. He did not want to leave even though he knew she was uncomfortable with his presence and that was causing her to be unable to sleep. And now that he was touching her hand like this, all reasoning had already left him, and he could not bring himself to care about anything else.

Then he heard her yawn. He waited for her to fall asleep for another long while, but she did not, and he was starting to feel really bad. Still, he did not want to go.

Silently, Gavrael began to use his magic. He did not want to use it on her, but he had no choice now. He really did not want her to keep fighting her sleep because of him.

Eventually, due to his magic, Evie finally fell asleep.

Without letting go of her hand, Gavrael lifted his face and looked at her now sleeping face. He stared at her for an immeasurable amount of time. Half of his mind simply admiring her face and half wondering and trying to figure out why could he not get enough of her no matter how long he stared at her like this. He thought he was going to eventually get his fill and stop so he could now go back but it did not seem as though that would happen. He could not make himself leave her voluntarily. He sat there staring like a besotted fool until his time ran out.

When his time was up, he cursed within himself as he hesitantly let go of her hand and again, disappeared from her room as how he did the previous time.

When he returned to the Under Land, all Gavrael could think about was the surface and his Little Butterfly. Time in the Under Land seemed to somehow move goddamned slow suddenly and every second he spent stuck here was driving him mad. He could not help but wonder why time on the surface seemed to fly by so fast in comparison. The entire darkness time that he spent on the surface felt like a mere couple of hours to him.

Gavrael wandered about aimlessly in the city to distract himself and hopefully get rid of some of his boredom. After roaming about, he ended up in the old shop he used to visit when he was young. That was back when he was still the weakest creature in the Under Land.

There was an old fae in there who did nothing else but write and read books. He was supposed to be selling potions and magical weapons as was indicated by the name of his shop. However, when one walked into this shop, all you would see on the shelves were piles of books everywhere.

"Good to see you back here, my prince." The old fae greeted him happily, "What can I do for you this fine day?"

Gavrael looked around. He did not know why he ended up walking back to this place as well. "Is there any magical instrument or weapons or... books that's about the magic of manipulating time?" he asked, surprising even himself at his own question.


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