Chapter 257 - Gavrael (Part XIV)

"Y-you're right. I was there every time the moon is full and visible because I want to know what is it that is happening to me." She said and he furrowed his brows.

"What is happening to you? You mean you glowing and growing wings every time the moon is out?" he questioned and Evie nodded.

"Yes. Actually, it only started out recently, after that day of my coming-of-age ceremony a few months ago. I started to glow, and wings began to grow out of my back. My mother hid what was happening to me for a month but when it was getting harder for her to hide me, she decided to bring me here. This place is the most secluded place within the entire human empire as it is the nearest to the Forbidden Lands. I also agreed to come over here because of the stories I have heard about the faeries living in the forbidden land long time ago. I was hoping I could find something if I visit the forbidden land. But it's already been a few months and yet, I have found nothing." Evie's voice dropped off a little as she got lost in her own thoughts for a bit. "I kept running into all sorts of wild beasts, and that scared me to continue on any further. Even though I want to, I don't think my ability to fly and outrunning them is enough to save me from all those ferocious beasts living there." She narrated sullenly.

"So, you don't know what's going on with you, huh?" He uttered, more than pleased that she is more relaxed now. It was amazing how wonderful he felt just by her talking to him and telling him more about herself. "But did you believe that you might be a faery yourself?"

Her eyes widened and then they blinked. "I… I don't know. My parents are humans. None of them ever grow wings like me. I am… I am the only one in my family going through something like this."

Seeing the anxious look in her eyes, Gavrael stood and loomed over her. "Do you want me to help you? I can help you roam around the Forbidden Land all you want. And I will protect you while doing so." He said and she gaped at him. "You've seen it yourself, how I fight. I can easily defeat those beasts." He smiled proudly and Evie could not help but be tempted by his offer.

She truly wanted to go further into the land. Since she started growing wings, she always felt that something was always calling for her to go into the forbidden land. And whenever she was there, something was telling her to go even further. To go deeper within. Her intuition told her that her answers would be found there.

But her fear and uncertainty were stopping her. She also knew the obvious dangers that she needed to face. The forbidden land was the land of ferocious beasts. Beasts that had nearly scared her half to death the first time she saw them. If she did not have the advantage of her wings, she would never have escaped those beasts alive and in one piece.

Looking at him, she already felt like saying yes, right there and then. But she held back this time. This person was dangerous. She should not be trusting him so easily and blindly especially since this was the same person who had abducted her once.

"I… I will think about it." she answered hesitantly. Since she needed to wait for the moon to be full and visible again before her transformation happens again, she thought that she could afford the wait.

"Alright, I don't mind waiting." He said with a shrug, and she sighed out in relief. She was extremely glad that he was not going to force her.

"Okay. I'm done fixing your bandages." She then finished clearing up the soiled bandage from earlier. Looking at him, Evie was surprised at the realization that she had already told him so much about herself.

He looked pleased as he stood and looked at his reflection in the mirror. It amazed her how he moved around her like he was already so familiar with her. It was as if they did not just meet each other a few days ago but were long time friends. Was it his personality that was so carefree or was it just him that was plain shameless?

"So, you really don't plan to go out?" he asked as he leaned leisurely against the table, looking at her. He looked as though he was enjoying himself.

"I… it's getting late. I need to sleep now." she answered slowly, hoping that he would get the hint and get out of her room.

"Oh, right… go on, don't mind me. Go get ready and sleep." Gavrael responded in a laidback manner.

She blinked. "I… I already treated your wound. I think, maybe you… can come back tomorrow?" she said, and his face slowly lost its playfulness.

"You already got tired of my presence?" he asked glumly, and Evie suddenly felt bad, even though she knew she should not be. He is a boy. He should not be in her room at this hour.

"No… but… look, if my maids find you here, I'd be in trouble. How about you return in the morning?" she negotiated. She did not know why but she did not want to reject him or to hurt him. "If you come over in the morning, I think it'd be fine even if you stay on for as long as you like."

"Morning… you mean, when the sky brightens?"

Evie creased her brows at his strange question, but she still nodded.

"I can't…" his voice became a little cold, as if he hated the fact that he could not do so but he had no choice. "I can only come here when its dark."

"Why?" she questioned. Curiosity now was rising inside her.

"I'll tell you if you let me stay."

Oh no, he is a sly one.

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