Chapter 255 - Gavrael (Part XII)

"There is no such thing as the right way. Abducting in itself is something sinful. And something wrong will still be wrong no matter how there is a 'correct way' to do it." The queen insisted.

"But didn't I abduct you many times, the right way, before?" he said in a low silken murmur, emphasizing the words 'the right way'. "I was certain you loved the way I abducted you and that was why you didn't bother resist, isn't that right? Queen Beatrice?" he then added, even as his warm breath touched the sensitive skin at the back of her neck.

The queen shivered and she quickly pulled away, remembering that their son was… wait… where's Gavrael? The queen's eyes widened as she turned around in a full circle, checking that Gavrael was really gone from the place. She then turned and glared angrily at her husband, the king.

"He's long gone my queen." King Belial chuckled as he confirmed on his errant son's escape from his mother.

"What? I'm not done talking to him yet!" The queen pouted slightly, feeling as though she was cheated out of her interrogation on that girl her son had taken a fancy to.

"I think our son realized it's late and it's time for you to rest, dear wife."

"You just helped him escape from me, didn't you? You, naughty king?!" she slapped his chest lightly as she sighed helplessly.

It had been many decades since she married this man and she had always thought since then how lucky she was to be loved by a man like this. Even after so many years, the way he looked at her, the way he loved and obsess over her never changed or waned. Until now, he still touched and look at her with the same love and intensity as before and she would never trade his love for anything else.

"Don't worry about our son, I'm sure he knows what he's doing."

"He just abducted a girl!" The queen exclaimed, a little exasperated with her husband that was intent of brushing it off as something minor.

"But at least, he didn't bring her back here." The king pointed out. "Don't worry, he's our son. He's a devil spawn sometimes but I'm quite sure he didn't hurt the girl."

"But I'm certain he scared the poor girl."

"He'd definitely learned his lesson now, I'm sure he would try his best not to do other things that scares her again. Didn't you see the look on his face when he was back?"

The queen smiled and she relaxed back against her husband's broad and taut chest. 

"You are right. I could finally see some spark back in his eyes. I am always worrying about him. I know he's not happy here." She said weakly as she looked pitifully up at her husband and the king only silently caressed her head, kissing her forehead gently and lovingly. He had scooped her into his arms and had materialized them both back into their chambers now.

"Don't worry, wife. I believe his life's about to change."

"But will he be alright out there?"

"He will. He's strong and very capable. I'm certain he would still continue to grow even stronger as he faces more challenges in the future. The more trials he faces, the greater his growth will be, my love."

"I believe you, my king." She said and then she hugged him, burying her face into his chest.

"How about you? Is everything alright with you, my queen?"

She pulled her head away and looked at him. A smile now playing on her face. "As long as I'm with you, everything's more than fine."

His strong fingers brushed against her sensitive skin as he looked at her intensely. "I always dread the day when you start missing the surface and want to leave my dark world." He said quietly and the queen's smile faded. The next moment, she tiptoed and kissed his mouth, the mouth she had always thought was designed for sin and pleasure.

"Sometimes, I do miss the surface. But I never want to leave this place anymore. Not if it's without you." She said and placed her palm over his chest. "This dark world of yours is where I belong now. Because this is where you are. If there is no you on the surface, then I don't want to be there anymore."

Strong emotions filled his blue eyes and the next second he seized her mouth. "You really know how to make me fall head over heels with you over and over every single time, my queen." He whispered in a ragged breath as his clever and masculine hands freed her from her dress with a deft tug. "Now I want to debauch you for the nth time, my queen. I hope you're prepared."

The queen could only respond in a bright peal of laughter as she accepted his challenge.

Up on the surface, back in the citadel, the girl was preparing herself for bed now as night had come once again. There was no moon this night as well, so the maids were leaving her room early. Whenever the moon is out and not being covered by the clouds, the maids will always stay in her room until her return.

"Good night, young lady." They said and as soon as the door was closed, the girl turned to stare outside the window. She could not get the thoughts of that stranger out of her head. She had thought about him all day and she knew that despite her denials, she was expecting him to appear in her room tonight again. And she was surprised that there seemed to be hints of excitement as well.

She shook her head and reached out for the lamp to blow out the flame, but she halted. She then rose from her bed and headed towards the window. As soon as she opened it, the person she was waiting for materialized before her, flashing her that wicked but somehow enticing smile.

"I'm back, my little butterfly." That low and sexy voice drawled out, causing goosebumps to prickle over her skin.


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