Chapter 251 - Gavrael (Part VIII)

Now that he had grown so strong, they now see him as a threat – dangerous monster. Then he found out that the officials had already began to make plans to ensure that he will have no chance in becoming the next king. Gavrael could only laugh villainously. He had already started to hate the dark faes from before, but now he loathes them with his very being and that was the primary reason why he wanted to leave the Under Land.

Now here he was, finally out of that realm of the dark. And for the first time since a very long time, he had finally found something he was interested in that was not related to him becoming stronger. But she was looking at him with so much wariness and fear. And he could not help but be reminded of how the dark faes look at him, like he was some sort of a monster everyone must be wary about. 

A bitter smile bloomed on his face then his eyes narrowed and became dangerous. "Fine, since you already fear me so much like this, I might as well do something to deserve that fear of yours." He hissed and the next second they disappeared from the room, leaving no trace of the young lady nor her abductor.

They materialized in the very same forest that he had first caught sight of her. The girl's eyes were wide as saucers as she looked around, seeing that they were already in the forest.

She began to struggle as soon as she snapped out of the shock that had temporarily rendered her mute. "Let me go!" she cried and shouted at the top of her lungs, "Help me! Anyone!"

"Quit the yelling, no one will hear you, Little Butterfly." Gavrael said with an evil looking smile.

"What are you doing! Please let me go –"

"What am I doing? Hmm… I am abducting you. Didn't I tell you previously when we met that you're mine now that I have caught you?"

She was absolutely speechless for a moment but after a while, horror filled her eyes. She trashed in his arms again, screaming. And then in a fit of pique, she bit down on his shoulder, hard, desperate to get away from him.

Gavrael paused and he pressed his lips tight as he finally put her down. As expected, the girl ran away frantically, like a prey escaping from her predator, running for her dear life.

Watching her back, Gavrael clenched his fists tight. It seems that no matter what he does, everyone just seems to hate him and fear him. And it was not just the dark faes who hates him. Apparently, he's a fearsome monster in her eyes as well. He felt like a spear had just stabbed through his chest. And he did not know why it was harder for him to accept it this time. He thought he had grown numb and was already used to it. Was it because it was her who had given him that look?

He lifted his hand and tugged irritably on his dark hair. He did not know what he was doing anymore. Maybe he was truly a monster… and that was why everyone hated and feared him. That must be it, right? Otherwise, he would not have done that to her. Instead of trying to make her stop fearing him, he made it worse.

A hysterical laughter echoed in the dark and then he dropped his head and stared contemplatively at the ground. "You're the worst, Gavrael. No wonder everyone hates you." He talked to no one, smirking villainously. "It seems they're right all along, you're a monster. No one will ever accept someone like you."

Suddenly, he heard her scream coming from somewhere further off. Before he knew it, he disappeared. He materialized to where she was and the instant he saw the girl kneeling on the ground in terror as a beast was about to pounce on her, his darkness flared.

He slashed at the beast in one strike. But more of them appeared the moment that one fell to his claws. Gavrael unleashed his magic and without any reservation, he fought the beasts like mad, protecting the girl and not letting any of the beasts approach any closer to her. He did not actually need to unleash his magic. He could easily defeat these lower beasts even without using magic, but he was angry and needed a way to vent out his frustrations. The rage inside him made his blood boil that he could no longer control himself.

With the deadly power given a free reign to destroy and damage, the dozens of beasts that attacked were slaughtered in no time at all. The severed body parts of the beasts were scattered all around them as he stood there heaving, as he caught his breath not because of the fight but because of the release of his anger.

He looked down at her after calming his breathing down and found that she was looking at him in utter shock. Now he had gone and did it. He had shown her how he was more monstrous than any of the beasts that had attacked her. He could not help but let out a heavy sigh as he rolled his eyes.

Without a word, he approached her and then he grabbed her arm and help her stand, ensuring she was still quiet before scooping her up into his arms.

They appeared in her room the next moment as they were not that far from the citadel yet. Slowly, he let go of her as he put her down to stand on her own next to the window of her room. He looked at her closely and he realized that she was still paralyzed from the fright.

"I'm sorry…" he said, his voice almost inaudible. "I'm not going to bother you again." He flashed her a pained smile. "Just think of me as a nightmare. That's right, a monster in your nightmare…" his smile faded as his eyes fixed on her face, trying to burn her image into his mind as if he was memorizing every contour and inflection of her face for the last time. "This monster won't be appearing in your dreams again."


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