Spatial Farm Life: Raising My Kid, Abusing Scum, and Keeping Busy With Life

Chapter 43 - Chapter 43: Really Picked Up a Treasure

Chapter 43: Really Picked Up a Treasure

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The two little fellows lay on the mattress. They closed their eyes and fell asleep in a short while.

Shopkeeper Lu wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes. “How pitiful. How could one bear to throw away such a good pair of twins.”

“Even if they don’t have parents, they should still have relatives and friends. However, they have no family or friendship. Human nature is so cold. Not only do they occupy their property, but they also chase them out. It’s really hateful.”

“There are too many people like this. They’re so detestable. Today, Qiam Mai saw them. If I saw them first, I would have brought them home and raised them as my sons.”

“I’ll give it to you next time.”

After locking the yard door, the two of them returned to the shop. Shopkeeper Lu went to work, and Qiao Mai went to the stall. Xiu Hong had already sold a lot and gained a lot of money for her. She placed all the money in a box.

“Go back to the shop. I’ll take care of this. Thank you for today.”

“You’re welcome.”

Shopkeeper Lu had bought these two girls. They were pretty good. The two knew that Qiao Mai was their Master’s friend and their Little Master’s master, so they respected Qiao Mai very much.

Of course, Lu Sanniang treated them well.

Qiao Mai sat on the chair and recalled the scene when she first entered the organization. She cried helplessly by the roadside, and no one came forward to help her.

She was so hungry that she almost fainted. A black car stopped in front of her, and a man gave her a piece of bread and carried her away.

Thinking back to that scene, should she thank that man? After all, she survived.

No matter how cruel the training was, at least she had lived until she was in her twenties. If she had not had this unexpected transmigration, she should have lived a good life, right? After all, there was still space.

She leaned back lazily in her chair and sized up the passersby and the stalls by the roadside.

‘Hmm? Isn’t that the scholar from the Tian family? Is he standing there as a pillar?’

She looked at him with interest. Even though the other party’s gaze was extremely vicious, her lips curled up into a smile.

When Tian Yaozu saw Madam Qiao’s smile, it seemed to contain a lot of sarcasm, as if she knew about the dirty things he did behind his back.

He suddenly panicked. Although he did not order or bribe them, those two people were indeed related to him.

He hated Madam Qiao for not giving him face, making him lose face in front of so many people, making him reprimanded by his teacher, and making his classmates laugh at him.

Therefore, he went to Tianhe Town. He had a classmate from there, and the two of them had a good relationship.

The reason why he went to school here was because the teachers here taught him better than the teachers there.

There, he had gotten to know a few local ruffians. When they were chatting, he would intentionally or unintentionally reveal information about the flourishing business of the Qiao family in Tianshui Town.

He described Madam Qiao’s earning as if it was a continuous stream of gold that had fallen from the sky.

He even told them about his hatred for Madam Qiao. The two of them immediately expressed that they would help him take revenge.

The two ruffians were tempted. After a few days of investigation, it was really the case. Hence, the thief was caught that night.

Tian Yaozu saw that Madam Qiao was fine and was still doing well, while the two people were in prison.

He could not help but feel angry and hateful. He hated those two people for being so disappointing. They could not even deal with a woman. He was angry that Madam Qiao was still fine.

Qiao Mai was even happier to see him like that. The angrier the enemy was, the happier she was.

She could not help but laugh out loud, attracting the attention of everyone around her.

“Madam Qiao, what’s the matter that makes you so happy?

“It’s nothing. I just found out that the two thieves that night were beaten twenty times by the county magistrate. I’m especially happy since they were locked up in prison.”

After saying that, she looked at Tian Yaozu and threw him a provocative look.

He was so angry that he wanted to come up and fight with her. Unfortunately, he did not have the guts. If he came up and made a scene, it would obviously tell others that he was in cahoots with those two.

Seeing Tian Yaozu leave angrily, Qiao Mai snorted coldly.

It was impolite not to reciprocate. When she recuperated and adjusted her body to its best condition, she would definitely not let them have it easy.

It was still early. She packed up her stall, returned home, put down her things, and went to see the two children first.

They were still sleeping, and they were sleeping very soundly. Qiao Mai gently closed the door and went to the courtyard to close the door.

Now that she had children at home, she could not just make do with the food.

She boiled water in the pot and boiled half a pot of porridge. She took out a jar of pickled vegetables from the space and poured it into a plate. Then, she put the empty jar back in its original place.

She came out to add more fodder and water to the winter dates, looked at the quails, and then went back to the house to call them.

“Yunfeng, Fengyun, wake up. It’s time to eat. Eat before you go back to sleep.”

The two kids sat up immediately. When they saw Qiao Mai, they rubbed their eyes in disbelief.

“Mother, I thought I was dreaming.”

“Mother, were you calling our names just now?”

“Yes, in the future, you will be called Yunfeng. You will be called Fengyun.

You’ll also follow my surname.”

“The name is very nice. Thank you, Mother.”

“Get up. Let’s eat and rest early. We still have to get up early to exercise tomorrow.”

With them, the living room would be useful. In the future, everything would have to be done properly.

“Your stomachs are not good, so you can’t eat hard things for now. Can you eat white rice porridge first at night?”

“White porridge is already very good. We didn’t have enough to eat at home in the past.”

Qiao Mai scooped the porridge into a large pot and brought it to the table. There was a large plate of pickled vegetables in the middle. She did not need to do anything. The two children came up, one scooped and the other brought it to her before scooping their own.

Someone actually abandoned such good children. She had really picked up a treasure.

If she did not start eating, the two children would not either. It seemed that their parents had taught them well. Their eyelids were lively and they were very obedient.

Qiao Mai sniffed and picked up a piece of preserved vegetable with her chopsticks. “Eat.

“Yes, Nother.”

She took small sips of the porridge and looked at the two children. They ate the porridge as if they were drinking some delicious fruit juice, and her heart could not help but ache.

“Don’t just eat porridge. Try this pickled vegetable. It’s also very delicious.” The two of them carefully picked up the food, afraid that Qiao Mai would yell at them.

The pickled vegetables were produced by a famous factory in her previous life. She would only eat a few mouthfuls when she was eating porridge.

“Mother, this pickled vegetable is so delicious.”

“Okay, eat it with the porridge. There’s still some in the pot. If it’s not enough, add more porridge. Remember, don’t eat too much.”

“Yes, Mother.”

The two little fellows had big appetites. Qiao Mai was already full of a bowl of porridge, but they had eaten three bowls in a row.

Looking at their bulging stomachs, she said, “Let’s go to the courtyard to digest our food.”

As she spoke, she stood up and went to wash the dishes. Fengyun and Yunfeng quickly took the large pot from her hands.

“Mother, leave this small task to us. We used to do it at home often, so we won’t be tired.”

What could she say? The two little ones were too diligent, which made her seem too lazy.

By the time she was done packing, the sky was already dark.

“Go to sleep. When you wake up tomorrow morning, Mother will arrange things for you to do.”

“Yes, Mother.”

Seeing that they had returned to their own room, she smiled. Thinking about the two children at home, it was not a big deal to spend some money. There were many more interesting things to do, which made the entire courtyard more lively. It was worth it!

She used his mind to look at Ling’er. She had already woken up to play, unlike other children who would cry if they did not see their mother.

Now, the entire town knew that she had adopted two children. In a few months, she could use this excuse to move Ling’er out of the space and raise her openly by her side.

In this way, she would have two brothers to dote on her. Even if she was no longer around in the future, she would not suffer any grievances.

She would raise the three of them well and make them love each other. They were more than a family.

It was dawn. She had planted another sweet potato field last night, and all the work had allowed her to sleep well.

When she woke up, she saw that the two little fellows were already dressed and waiting for her in the courtyard.

“Mother, please instruct us to do something.”

“You two little fools, you are not servants of the family. You are mother’s sons.”

“Then, Mother, what should we do?”

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