Spatial Farm Life: Raising My Kid, Abusing Scum, and Keeping Busy With Life

Chapter 405 - Chapter 405: Take Care of My Image

Chapter 405: Take Care of My Image

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“How dare he do that?”

“Ling’er occasionally stays with Tianyi at my place. The crown prince has never visited Lucky Garden. On the surface, their relationship is respectful, but their marriage has long been in name only.”

“Has Ling’er ever told you what she thinks?”

“She said she only wants to raise the child. As for the future, she hasn’t thought about it. She’ll take it step by step.”

Qiao Mai shrugged. “Silly girl. Her son is destined to be an emperor. It goes without saying. She will become the empress dowager.”

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If this statement is made by someone else, Jiamei would be afraid, but the words spoken by her mother-in-law are usually accurate. Qiao Mai is too powerful.

“Mother, should we go to the palace to visit Ling’er? I can prepare for it now.”

“No need. Your father and I will rest for a few days first. You can send someone to the palace to inform them. Whether they come or not is up to them.”

Little did they know that as soon as the palace received the news, the emperor immediately skipped the morning court and declared a three-day recess, intending to visit Lucky Garden with Empress Rongrui.

Upon learning about this, Ling’er immediately dressed up and followed the emperor to Lucky Garden with her son Li Tianyi.

She had not seen her mother for ten years. She missed her dearly.

Hearing this news, the crown prince clenched his fists. Over the years, he had spared no effort to deal with this powerful mother-in-law.

He refused to believe there was nothing he could do against her.

If he couldn’t defeat her openly, he would resort to dirty tricks. Now that she had returned, he wouldn’t let go of the Qiao family.

As long as his mother-in-law fell, he would have no one to fear and nothing to worry about.

Now, most of the officials in the court were his people. The only reason he hadn’t acted was that he still had to consider his formidable mother-in-law.

So this time, he must eliminate Qiao Mai, and the entire Ming Dynasty would be his.

He no longer wanted to be restrained by others, to work for the emperor, and to be his laborer.

The old emperor was also to blame. He had decided to pass on the throne to him, but he still held onto power.

But it didn’t matter; it had been ten years. He had been planning and scheming, almost taking control of the court. Those officials sided with the emperor on the surface, but they were in his faction.

Thinking of his arrogant mother-in-law, the crown prince’s eyes revealed a dangerous light.

Since she had arrived in the capital, he would make sure she had no chance to leave.

He turned to the bookshelf, reached out, and opened a box. He took a small jade bottle and then put it into his arms.

Taking a deep breath, he headed straight for Lucky Garden with his entourage.

At this time, Ling’er had embraced Qiao Mai and started crying. The emperor and empress were particularly awkward on the side.

Seeing Qiao Mai again, they felt she was different. She became more mysterious and profound. The emperor was happy and worried.

He was happy because the strength of the Qiao family had increased, which would make his kingdom more secure and prosperous. He was worried because his foolish son had not touched Ling’er for ten years, which was embarrassing for them both.

Qiao Mai gently patted Ling’er’s back. “What kind of life have you led these years? Mother knows everything. Cry if you want, but you must walk the path you choose. Women can live wonderfully even without men.”

“Mother, I’m not aggrieved. Father and mother-in-law have been great to me.”

Ling’er wiped away her tears and quickly turned to pull her son, Li Tianyi, staring at Qiao Mai in a daze.

“Tianyi, come over and meet your grandmother.”

Tianyi immediately bowed to Qiao Mai. “Tianyi pays respects to Grandmother. I have heard of Grandmother’s name for a long time and have been wanting to meet you.”

“You brat.”

Qiao Mai suddenly reached out toward him. Tianyi reacted quickly and avoided Qiao Mai’s swift hand. However, he was astonished to see his grandmother hanging a black jade pendant around his neck. A cold sweat broke out.

If this were an enemy, his life would be over.

“Grandmother, Tianyi has learned his lesson.”

“You react fast. Unfortunately, you’re up against me. Keep working hard. When you can withstand a move from me, you will be invincible.”

Tianyi stared at Qiao Mai in a daze. “Can I come to consult you often at home?”

“For literary matters, consult your grandfather; for martial matters, consult me. But I’m afraid I won’t stay in the capital for long. If you’re willing, you can go to Lucky Garden in Tianshui Town.”

“Yes, Grandfather, Grandmother.”

Yuexian Pavilion was filled with joyous laughter. The old emperor and empress chatted casually with Qiao Mai. At this time, a maid came to report.

“Master, the crown prince has arrived.”

Qiao Mai glanced at the emperor, then at Ling’er.

“Has the sun risen from the west?”

Several people lowered their heads slightly. Qiao Mai and Yuan Jiaqi exchanged a glance. “Let him in.”

The crown prince, waiting outside, took a deep breath. Today, he would either succeed or meet his doom. In any case, he and his mother-in-law were mortal enemies.

Entering Yuexian Pavilion’s living room, he respectfully bowed to Qiao Mai and everyone present.

“In the past, I was indeed not a filial son-in-law. This time, I came to apologize to my father-in-law and mother-in-law and seek their forgiveness. I have realized my mistakes.”

Qiao Mai sneered, “When did you realize it? Just now, or have you realized it a long time ago?”

She stared coldly at him, and the crown prince was unnerved by her gaze. Those eyes seemed to see through him, which sent a shiver down his spine.

“I realized it a long time ago.”

“Oh? Then why haven’t you shared a bed with Ling’er for ten years?”

“It’s because I felt ashamed to face Ling’er.”

The words sound logical, but Ling’er suddenly stood up.

“I haven’t even blamed you for sleeping with other women. I invited you to my palace and spoke to you kindly, yet you say you can’t face me? Then why have you been cold and indifferent towards me?”

“Ling’er, I was wrong. I’m worried and afraid because I am still the crown prince. I care about my image.”

“Ah, you can do such things but still care about your image? If you care about it, why did you agree to my parents’ request in the first place? For the position of the crown prince, for that throne, were you reluctantly agreeing to my family’s request?”

“Ling’er, I…”

“As a man, you are inconsistent and blame your grievances on others. Is that why you came to apologize?”

Qiao Mai looked at the crown prince, pointing at him. Immediately, the crown prince was frozen in place.

“Your Majesty, check out what valuable thing your good son has in his hands. It seems important. If I go myself, you might say I’m framing him.” Although the crown prince was frozen, his mind still worked. He was immediately anxious and turned red-faced.

“Father, this son has nothing in his hands.”

The emperor, who had known what his son wanted to do as soon as Qiao Mai spoke those words, clenched his teeth and lightly uttered two words.

“Courting death! ”

He walked to the crown prince and grabbed his wrist. With a forceful twist, the jade bottle ended up in the old emperor’s hands.

“What is this?”

“This is medicine. Recently, my health has not been great. I have asthma. So, I’ve been carrying it with me.”

The old emperor was in doubt. He opened the bottle and took a whiff, immediately feeling weak all over. He knew right away that this medicine was not simple.

He glared at the crown prince. “I’ll ask again. What kind of medicine is this?”

Qiao Mai sneered. “Enough. Even if you ask him, he won’t say.” She raised her head, and the jade bottle flew towards her.

She smelled it. “Huh, it seems like this medicine is meant for me. It has a strong effect.”

The emperor was shocked and angry, “Li Yuxuan, do you want to harm your mother-in-law?

The crown prince hurriedly explained, “No, I wouldn’t dare. Mother-in-law is so powerful; how could a medicine like this harm her?”

Qiao Mai looked at him coldly. “Although I don’t know the name of the medicine, it is meant to deal with someone with martial arts.. After taking it, one’s martial arts will be completely lost, right?”

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