Spatial Farm Life: Raising My Kid, Abusing Scum, and Keeping Busy With Life

Chapter 403 - Chapter 403: Really Detestable

Chapter 403: Really Detestable

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“Would the crown prince be willing?”

“Well, it’s his failure to cherish. He wants to be ungrateful. If it weren’t for his mother-in-law, he would be a disabled prince in the rear palace. His status is all thanks to his mother-in-law, but he doesn’t know how to treat Ling’er properly. It’s despicable.”


The Golden Dragon Guard remained silent on the side and continued.

“The Royal Consort is in seclusion.”


“Yes. The stronger she becomes, the stronger our Ming Dynasty will be. When she comes out of seclusion, I plan to elevate their statuses.”

“Huh? Isn’t it high enough already?”

“Not enough. They should be the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess. If that’s impossible, I’ll appoint her as the Guardian Princess of the Kingdom.” The empress couldn’t help but chuckle, “Why not just make her the ruler?”

“Well, as long as she’s willing.”

The Golden Dragon Guard coughed lightly. “Your Majesty, the Holy Dark

Temple has disappeared.”

“I know about it. Anyone with that capability must be our Guardian Princess.”

The empress rolled her eyes, thinking that Qiao Mai might not even approve of this title, but the emperor was already calling her that.

“They went to Qingfeng Temple first. Qingfeng personally paid a visit to her.” “That’s a must. Although Qiao Mai is younger, she is more capable than


“I heard that she also gave a few books to the temple. Qingfeng Temple is keeping this a secret. The monks and elders are very excited and happy.” “Hehe, she only gives good stuff. Just wait; our Ming Dynasty will get better and better. Haha.”

At this moment, Jiamei arrived with her children.

“Father, Mother, why such joy?”

“We were talking about your mother-in-law. Don’t stay at home all the time. Take some time to visit your mother-in-law in Tianshui Town. Which daughter-in-law doesn’t serve her mother-in-law?”

“My mother-in-law is not an ordinary person. She said she doesn’t need me now. When she gets old, she will let me know.”

“Still, you should show filial piety.”

“I will pick and send gifts my parents-in-law likes during festivals.”

“You are lucky. Chuan’er treats you so well, and he’s particularly devoted. Enjoy your life.”

“Hehe, it’s all thanks to Father and Mother. Otherwise, how could he know me?

How’s the crown prince’s side?”

At the mention of him, the joyful atmosphere turned somber.

The old emperor snorted. “He better be sensible. Otherwise, I can’t help him with your mother-in-law.”

“The crown prince got into a dead end and can’t find a way out.”

“Your mother-in-law has spared him once. If there’s a second time, I won’t plead for him. By the way, your sister-in-law is quite bored alone in the palace.

Visit her often.’

“Yes, Father, Mother.”

At this time, Ling’er held her child, gently coaxing him to sleep in the room.

Since that incident, she and the crown prince have never shared a bed again. Even when they slept together, they faced away from each other, causing a night of silence.

She wanted to change this situation, but the crown prince no longer treated her with the warmth he used to.

Ling’er sighed softly. It wasn’t her fault. Why should she compromise?

She gave him a chance. If he didn’t cherish it, she wouldn’t be blamed for her cruelty.

So, she focused all her energy on the child. The place she lived was guarded by the Golden Dragon Guards on the roof.

The emperor was afraid that something might happen to her. This was his only legitimate grandson, and there couldn’t be any accidents.

He was overthinking it. Jiamei’s children and Linger’s son had multiple layers of insurance from Qiao Mai. Even their elixirs were prepared from birth.

All of them were non-poisonous elixirs designed for the growth of the body and mind.

Qiao Mai also considered their guardian beast.

It had to be said that Qiao Mai was qualified, whether as a grandmother or a great-grandmother.

In the imperial study, the crown prince diligently corrected memorials. Sometimes, he stared at a random place, lost in thought.

He was desperately practicing martial arts and striving to be a good crown prince. However, whenever he visited his wife, a glance from the lion would break through all his defenses.

This was the difference between him and his mother-in-law. No matter how hard he tried, he still had to live in her shadow.

He was almost driven crazy. Although he saw the real face of that girl, how could he forget the many days and nights spent together and the child in her belly?

Especially that last glance before her death, carrying so much grievance and affection.

He wanted revenge, to kill the executioner, his mother-in-law. However, he knew he was no match for her. He couldn’t even deal with her daughter.

He hated the Qiao family to the core. In these past few months, he had almost gone insane.

Every time, he would secretly stare at Ling’er, thinking of killing her when she wasn’t paying attention! He would kill the child as well.

Sometimes, he stared at the child, thinking why Ling’er’s child was healthy while the child of his beloved woman died in the womb.

This was unfair. They should all die!

These were his secret fantasies. He didn’t dare to act on the surface. After several months of inner struggles, he became gloomy and dark.

Ling’er could feel it. She always remembered her mother and how she couldn’t embarrass Qiao Mai.

She tried to ease the relationship between them. When she saw no results, she didn’t force it. Everything would happen naturally.

But what she couldn’t stand was his gaze at the child, as if he wanted to devour him.

Whenever this happened, Flame would come to the child’s side, roaring softly at the crown prince to warn him.

So, the crown prince didn’t come to her palace, and she didn’t invite him either. The two maintained a seemingly respectful relationship, which didn’t arouse suspicion from outsiders.

This life went on for ten years.

Ling’er had only one child, while Jiamei had two more. Yuan Jiaqi was overjoyed when he heard about it and sent many gifts.

In these ten years, the Lucky Garden in Tianshui Town had become like a fairyland, especially the backyard, which was well taken care of by Yuan Jiaqi.

Greeny would occasionally come out for a stroll, exchanging experiences. They wanted to surprise Qiao Mai when she came out of seclusion.

As the year-end approached, heavy snow fell outside the courtyard.

In the space, Qiao Mai opened her eyes. She looked down at her cultivation level and smiled, feeling satisfied.

She crossed a major realm in ten years. It wasn’t a small achievement.

At this moment, she was nearly fifty years old. Coming out of the space, she saw Yuan Jiaqi staring at her.


Qiao Mai smiled. “Husband? What’s the matter? We haven’t seen each other for ten years. Don’t you recognize me anymore?”

Yuan Jiaqi wiped away a tear from the corner of his eye. “Even if you turned into ashes, I’d still recognize you. You don’t seem to age a day and even look younger.”

“You don’t have a single grey hair either. You are still mature and handsome as always.”

“Thanks to Wife’s blessing, I look so young. People of my age usually have grey hair.” “How has the family been in my absence?” “All well.”

“Ling’er still only has one child, right?”

Yuan Jiaqi sighed, “How did you know?”

“That heartless guy hasn’t touched Ling’er in these ten years. He’s silently protesting.”

“Jiamei has birthed two more children. She has two sons and a daughter.” “Well, that’s good.”

“The emperor and Old Master Wang sent letters to report their safety.” “How are Old Master and Mistress Wang?”

“They’re doing well. Wang Zongsheng is planning a birthday celebration for him in the capital.”

“That’s good. Let’s go and take a look. Some matters should be settled.”

Yuan Jiaqi took her hand, “Wife, I’ve planted things on the sixty-five acres in the backyard with Greeny’s guidance. Would you like to take a look?”

“Hehe, sure..”

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