Spatial Farm Life: Raising My Kid, Abusing Scum, and Keeping Busy With Life

Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Shopkeeper Lu finally knew the whole story. No wonder Qiao Mai doesn’t look happy.

It was a headache to meet someone like this. Qiao Mai was probably frustrated by Wang Zihan when she was in the prefecture.

What surprised Lu Sanniang was that Qiao Mai was able to get to know the young ladies and masters of the local prestigious families after entering the prefecture. She was blessed, but she did not mention it after she returned.

They loaded the fruits into the car. Qiao Mai pulled a long face as if someone owed her money.

“A total of twenty-one taels. Give me twenty taels.”

“Are there any other rare items?”



Wang Jiaru didn’t believe it. She felt she had to force this woman in front of her to reveal her potential. Looking at Qiao Mai’s behavior, she should still have some goods!

“We’ve known each other for a while, but I still don’t know your name.”

“Qiao Mai.”

“Sister Qiao, it wasn’t easy for me to come all the way here. Can you take pity on me and get me some rare fruits?”

“I don’t have any. You can come with me to my house if you don’t believe it.”

“That’s a pity. When are you going to the prefecture?”

“You go back first. Three days later, I’ll go to the prefecture to deliver fruits to you. Just prepare enough silver bills.”

“Then it’s settled. Three days later, I’ll wait for you at the door like last time?”

“It’ll be noon by the time I reach the city from home.”

“Why don’t you stay at my house overnight?”

“No need. I have to rush back after settling the money and goods. If I don’t set up a stall, I will lose a lot of silver in a day.”

“I’ll just give you a little more silver.”

“No need!”

Miss Wang asked the servant girl to pay up and wanted to say something more, but Qiao Mai urged her to get into the carriage. She sat in the carriage and leaned against the window reluctantly.

“I’m leaving! You must be punctual. Sister Lu, come to the prefecture together if you are free. I’ll bring you sightseeing.”

“Alright, alright.”

After finally sending her away, Shopkeeper Lu poked her arm.

“Your luck isn’t shallow to get to know such a prominent family, yet you didn’t even tell me when you returned. This is a good network. Our embroidery shop needs them.”

“It’s just a buyer and seller relationship. Besides, isn’t it better to let her chase after us?”

“As a young lady from a rich family, she doesn’t put on airs. It’s rare. This is the first time I’ve seen such type.”

“They’re just two gluttons.”

“Who doesn’t like to eat? People live to eat. No matter how wealthy you are, you still need to eat.”

“Are you going to the prefecture with me in three days?”

“I’m not going. I’m busy with business, but you can give me a ride to the county town. I’ll take your cart back in the afternoon.”

Miss Wang had taken care of the quail eggs. When some people heard the news and came to buy them, they had already sold out.

When they heard there would be more eggs tomorrow, they left happily.

The goods she had prepared for today were sold out just after noon. Qiao Mai packed up her stall in advance and went home to count the silver.

She did not notice an old couple staring at her back from afar. They had been there for a long time, but because Shopkeeper Lu was also there, they did not dare to come over.

“The child’s mother, do you think this girl will lie to us? Could the stall be hers?”

“It can’t be, right? She had never lied since she was young. Besides, how much capital did she need to support this stall? Don’t you know what she has?”

“Hmph, if she dares to lie to me, I’ll beat her to death. Let’s follow her and see where she lives.”

The two followed her from afar. When they saw Qiao Mai enter a beautiful new house, they were not in a hurry to go over. Instead, they asked the people around them who the house belonged to.

It was fortunate they had such foresight, allowing Qiao Mai to escape this disaster.

Of course, Qiao Mai wasn’t afraid of them.

After the couple found out this residence belonged to Shopkeeper Lu, their initial desire to cause trouble with Qiao Mai was halved.

“Old man, I told you that my daughter wouldn’t lie. She sold herself to Shopkeeper Lu. Let’s go home. This is Shopkeeper Lu’s residence.”

“Did we come here for nothing?”

“Then what should we do? Didn’t you see that girl closing her stall early? She must have sold out. If there were still goods at home, wouldn’t she push another cart?”

Qiao Shicheng gritted his teeth. “Let’s go home. Give her some more time. Don’t think just because she got a Letter of Disownment, she’ll really dare to break off ties with me. No way!”

Qiao Mai was in the yard, adding food for Dong Zhao and changing its water.

Then, she went to the east and west wing rooms. She cleaned the ground for the quails and came out to sweep the courtyard.

Thinking of the pot of oil in the freezer, she put the basket on her arm and locked the courtyard door. Qiao Mai planned to go out and see if there were any chives sold.

It just so happened that she had missed Qiao Shicheng. Otherwise, she would have another good show to watch today.

Ever since her neighbors helped her catch the bad guys that night, Qiao Mai had developed a good impression of them. She would greet them politely when she went out.

Whoever came to her stall would be given a much cheaper price.

It had only been a short time, but they were all enthusiastic after meeting each other.

“Little lady, you’re done for the day?”

“Everything is sold out. I’m buying some groceries to improve my life.”

“What are you eating tonight?”

“I’ll make dumplings. There was still a lot of oil from the last refining.”

“Oh, dumplings. Not bad, not bad.”

Qiao Mai smiled as she came to the embroidery shop. “Shopkeeper, I’m making dumplings tonight. Are you coming to eat?”

“Yes, all of us.”

“Alright, then I’ll buy more chives.”

Qiao Mai looked at the roadside and saw the vegetable stall seemed to have closed, so she ran to Jingtai Restaurant. At this moment, there were still customers who had not left.

“Greetings, Shopkeeper Tong.”

“Oh, Madam Qiao, what brings you here?”

“Do you have chives here?”

“Yes, we had a huge delivery today. There are still quite a few.”

“Will you sell me a big pinch?”

“What’s there to sell? It’s not worth much. Take as much as you want.”

“Then I’ll thank you for that.”

Qiao Mai followed the waiter to the back. Indeed, there was quite a lot. She took the chives and left the restaurant.

“Shopkeeper Tong, what dish does your restaurant make with the chives?”

“The chives taste pretty good with scrambled eggs. Many customers like it.”

“You guys aren’t making dumplings?”

“It’s too troublesome to make the stuffing on a hot day. If it’s cold, we can make it in advance and cook it when the customer orders.”

“You should really dig an ice kiln. Not only is it convenient to use, but you can also store ingredients.”

“Let’s talk about it next year.”

Qiao Mai came back with a basket. Shopkeeper Lu was not busy anymore. “Sister, come, let’s pick chives together.”

“I’ll go home and pick it myself.”

“Hurry up. Come over quickly. I’m not busy at the moment.”

The two plucked the chives at the entrance before Qiao Mai went home.

She had checked the fillings of the dumplings online and remembered how to mix the various fillings. She had even tried it twice. There should be no problem.

When she arrived at the kitchen, she took the oil residue from her space, poured it on the chopping board, chopped it up, and placed it in a basin. She washed the chives clean and dried them, cut them into small cubes, and put them in the oil residue.

She poured soy sauce, salt, gourmet powder, oyster sauce, and thirteen spices.

Fortunately, there was no one around. Otherwise, if anyone saw her flip her hand and produce a condiment, which disappeared with a wave of her hand, they would think the house was haunted.

She started the fire and poured some oil into the big pot. She put in the chopped green onion and ginger to stimulate the fragrance, put out the fire, and burned the oil on the filling. Then, she mixed it, and the smell of the chive oil residue immediately spread.

Her neighbor on the left was a widow with the surname Chen. She had been living here with an eight-year-old boy.

That night, Qiao Mai had just gotten to know her.

Her neighbor on the right had a large courtyard. It was a house rented by three families.

Yuan Jiaqi and his child lived in the west wing of the house.

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