Spare Me, Great Lord!

Chapter 777 - Great Battle

Chapter 777: Great Battle

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Lu Shu held the QR code and allowed everyone to be his friend. This was also the first time Lu Shu knew that there was a limit on the number of friends one could have. He could only have 5000 friends…

In the past, when Lu Shu looked at his timeline, it seemed as if he could have countless friends. If not, how could Weibo 1 maintain its business?

But reality seemed to be rather harsh. When Lu Shu saw that he had reached the maximum number of friends, he was slightly annoyed. With this, his long journey to lead by example had ended just a few steps in.

He slowly walked to the front of the crowd. Everyone’s eyes were on him. Lu Shu never thought that a day like this would come, when so many people came to listen to him teach. He was very excited.

Although the profession of a teacher was looked down upon in recent years, Lu Shu felt that the passing down of knowledge was very important. Without teachers to impart knowledge, what would happen to the culture of the human race?

Everyone was waiting for Lu Shu to open his mouth and teach. They wanted to hear Lu Shu’s combat experience. It may prove useful one day on the battlefield.

But at this moment, Lu Shu looked down and started to type on his phone…

The students started to discuss among themselves. “What is he doing? He’s not taking attendance, is he?”

“Probably not. The lesson would be over once he’s done marking attendance…”

Suddenly, someone shouted in surprise. “Lord Lu has posted something!”

Everyone was dumbfounded. What was this? Everyone was attending lessons! Why did you post something?

Everyone hurriedly looked at their phones. Those who did not become Lu Shu’s friend looked at the phones of the people beside them. They were still rather upset that they could not be his friend. How nice it would be if they were able to see Lord Lu’s posts! They wanted to be the first to receive information, and not rely on secondary sources of information like now.

They looked through their timeline and were shocked. They tapped to reveal the full post.

Do you want to shower with me







In the sea of knowledge?

“From Liu Li’s distress, +131!”

“From Chen Zuan’s…”


Everyone gasped in shock. What… you must be crazy!

Brother, ten thousand people have come to listen to your lesson. Are you really going to seduce people now?

The people who had envied those who were added as friends returned to their seats. The students beside them calmly looked at them. “Do you want to be his friend instead?”

“No thanks.” He waved his hand. “I’m good.”

Suddenly, Chen Zuan commented, “I want to see you shower.”

Cheng Qiuqiao gasped in shock. “Brother Zuan, even the gods cannot save you.”

Lu Shu looked up and glanced at Chen Zuan. Suddenly, he said, “We will begin the lesson now. I would like to invite Chen Zuan to demonstrate an attack.”

Chen Zuan felt goosebumps forming. He really did not want to go. But with Lu Shu smiling at him, he did not dare to avoid him.

The fatty forced himself to go up and stand beside Lu Shu. Lu Shu slapped the back of his head and said to everyone, “The enemy will usually not come up to you like that. You cannot be merciful on the battlefield. The mercy of others will become your suffering. Don’t try and be a saint. Has a saint ever gone on the battlefield? If he did, he would be dead a long time ago.”

“From Chen Zuan’s distress, +666!”

What was this retaliation? Chen Zuan’s expression darkened.

No one spoke. Lu Shu’s words made sense, but… you evidently just wanted to hit him!

Cheng Qiuqiao could not control his laughter. Lu Shu looked at him. “Cheng Qiuqiao, come up here.”

Cheng Qiuqiao slowly walked towards Lu Shu. Chen Zuan was very happy. Ha, time for me to gloat over your misfortune!

It was best to have someone to share the same fate as you during times like this. Chen Zuan had thought about why he often acted dead, but he could not control himself…

But it was fine now. At least he could share some of the stress with Cheng Qiuqiao.

Lu Shu suddenly said to Cheng Qiuqiao, “Come, punch Chen Zuan.”

Chen Zuan was dumbstruck.

“From Chen Zuan’s distress, +666!”

“Why do you want to hit me?” Chen Zuan held his neck. His face was red with anger. “Shouldn’t you hit him?!”

The students looked at Lu Shu and the rest joking around. Everyone knew that you had to be close enough to joke around with your friends.

There were very few people in the species research specialization, but they were very close to one another.

After the initial commotion, Lu Shu officially started his lesson. He looked at the ten thousand students and suddenly said calmly, “Perhaps there are many of you who want to go into battle. But most of you have not experienced the battlefield. The cruelty of the battlefield is much worse than you expect. So you must be very sure of what you will face.”

“I was not joking around with you just now. You absolutely cannot be merciful on the battlefield. Your foolishness will become your cause of death.”

Lu Shu did not teach actual combat strategies. He could not teach them all his techniques. He could not teach moves from the Hall of Swords or celestial map.

What he could teach was the attitude they needed on the battlefield.

Lu Shu talked about what he had experienced in the Beimang remains. He talked about the greenhouse flowers he had encountered, as well as how his mentality changed after seeing the skeleton horsemen. He even talked about his battles with Chang Henyue, a foreign agent. Of course, he talked about how he discovered his status as a spy because of a signal flare.

At the same time, he talked about how the spy was willing to sacrifice his own life.

Lu Shu talked about the lives that had been lost to tell the students that if they wanted to go into battle, they had to be ready to lose their lives.

He did not preach. Instead, he used his experience to teach everyone. He even talked about the change in his mentality in the form of a story. All the students were engrossed in his story-telling.

Mr Hu Xiaonian, who had been listening by the side, smiled. “Although he has not taught any strategies, he has a good approach. His story-telling skills are not bad. Maybe even better than mine.”

He turned and walked back to the staff room. As he left, he heard Lu Shu’s calm voice. “In a battle, the most important weapon is not your wisdom, nor the sword in your hand. It is the determination to walk forward.”

Hu Xiaonian stopped and smiled. In the past, he had thought that even in the magically rich era, their wisdom was very valuable. Thus, it took three tries before Nie Ting successfully invited him out of the mountains. This was their pride as scholars.

But now, Hu Xiaonian could see a new generation being formed. It was an unprecedented generation that was full of vitality. He had to redo his lesson plans.

They would welcome the oncoming Great Battle with this new attitude.

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