Spare Me, Great Lord!

Chapter 775 - Lu Xiaoyu, Who Did Not Bargain

Chapter 775: Lu Xiaoyu, Who Did Not Bargain

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To Lu Shu, he was willing to go to dangerous places.

Earlier, he had wanted to destroy Nie Ting’s sword formation. He purely wanted to humiliate Nie Ting. Lu Shu felt that he was a very pure person. If he was humiliated, he would bear a grudge. If others did a favor for him, he would pay them back.

He often felt that he was a pure person who separated himself from lowly interests. There was nothing wrong with this. It was often very convenient for him.

But with the current situation, Lu Shu did not feel so pure. Furthermore, there was danger ahead… then he would not go!

Who are you talking to? Are you telling the truth when you say that I will be able to understand the secret behind the Ancient Yi Clan? I, Lu Xiaoshu, do not believe this!

Lu Shu was sure that the message was not from Nie Ting, as he had not received any distress points from Nie Ting recently. He did not know what Nie Ting was busy with. Since he had advanced to Shen Cang Jing, he should be out killing enemies, right? Why was he so quiet now?

If it were Lu Shu, he would first kill the Bishop. After all, he was not a good person. It would not be wrong to kill him.

But there was no news from Nie Ting. Lu Shu did not know what he was up to.

At first, Lu Shu had thought that with Chaos, he would be able to be on par with Nie Ting. During that period of time, Lu Shu felt that he was full of energy. It was as if he could defeat ten Li Yixiao’s. He could show off wherever he went.

But now, the boundary of his Seal of Lands had been pushed out. He had even helped Nie Ting advanced to Shen Cang Jing…

But he remembered that Nie Ting had allowed him to become a teacher. Not bad.

To be honest, Lu Shu felt that there was no need for both of them to continue this conflict. On one hand, the cause of this conflict was an act of goodwill. Although he did not want to become a Heavenly King, Nie Ting had felt that it was good to give him to position of Heavenly King. He did not expect Lu Shu to cause so much mischief either.

On the other hand… Lu Shu felt that he could not defeat the Shen Cang Jing.

Lu Shu returned home. Chen Zuan and Cheng Qiuqiao were resting their chins on the railing. They were dumbfounded when they saw Lu Shu return. They were still discussing how to follow Lu Shu to the Changbai Mountains.

Chen Zuan happily teased Lu Shu, “Old man, why are you back?”

He took out his phone and started to film. “If you fall down again, I have footage. You can’t fool me!”


Lu Shu slapped Chen Zuan’s head. Cheng Qiuqiao was gloating over his misfortune. “I told you not to hit on girls anymore!”

“From Chen Zuan’s distress, +333!”

Lu Shu looked at the 333 distress points and felt that something was wrong. Why so little points? He looked at Cheng Qiuqiao. Did he take half of the 666 points produced?

“How did you recognize me?” Lu Shu’s expression darkened. Evidently, they had recognized him. Cheng Qiuqiao would not have said so otherwise.

Chen Zuan laughed with disdain. “No one can be as lowly as you.”

“I see that you’ve become more reliable recently, huh.” With that, Lu Shu returned home. He returned to his original appearance and kept the mask in the Seal of Lands.

Chen Zuan and Cheng Qiuqiao whispered outside, “Do you think that Brother Shu is back because he can’t get his mind off Coral?”

Cheng Qiuqiao cheerily laughed. “Brother Zuan, I see you’re not done yet. Discussing gossip about Brother Shu behind his back… I think so too.”

“Let’s lie low and observe him,” said Chen Zuan softly. “Let’s apply for his lesson and see how it goes.”

At night, Lu Xiaoyu dragged Lu Shu to buy clothes. Lu Shu did not understand why. “I already have a lot of short-sleeved shirts. There’s enough.”

Lu Xiaoyu insisted. “No. Now that you’re going to be a teacher, you have to dress formally. You can’t allow your students to laugh at you.”

Becoming a teacher had suddenly become a grand occasion. Lu Shu had not thought about this at first, but Lu Xiaoyu insisted that he could no longer think like a student.

It was not that Lu Xiaoyu felt that his fashion was not good. Lu Xiaoyu felt as if she was finally able to do something for a major event in Lu Shu’s life.

When she was young, white shoes were trending among students. Lu Shu bought her a pair of white shoes because he wanted her to have a normal childhood, where people cared about her and bought her new clothes and shoes.

Now that Lu Shu was going to become a teacher, Lu Xiaoyu did not care about anything else. She just hoped that she would be able to do the same for Lu Shu.

In the market, Lu Xiaoyu dragged Lu Shu along in all directions. A dress shirt looked too mature for an 18 year old. Leather shoes did not seem appropriate either. She felt that these clothes looked very awkward on a casual person like Lu Shu.

In the end, she chose a collared short-sleeved shirt. A collar was a very mysterious thing. It was as if one would look more official just by adding a collar. Of course, they passed on the hipster collars. Lu Shu just could not appreciate them.

The clothes were not cheap. It cost 699 dollars. In the past, Lu Shu’s most expensive short-sleeved shirt only cost 88 dollars. It became 66 dollars after Lu Xiaoyu bargained.

But this time, Lu Xiaoyu did not bargain. The salesperson smiled. “You can take a look at this row of clothes. They are all on discount.”

Lu Xiaoyu calmly rejected. “I don’t need any discounts when I buy clothes for him.”

The salesperson was dumbfounded. Lu Shu was puzzled as well. Lu Xiaoyu usually loved to bargain.

But to Lu Xiaoyu, she felt that if the price was reduced, so would her intentions.

When Lu Shu told You Mingyu that he was willing to take up the position of teacher for the combat specialization, You Mingyu emphasized that he could no longer be a student if he became a teacher. Lu Shu personally agreed to this.

Right after Lu Shu agreed, the Heavenly Network sent out a notice. “The competition between the seven major Cultivation Colleges will resume as planned…”

When Lu Shu received the notification, he fell silent. It was as if someone was saying, “Are you sure that you don’t want to be a student? Let me confirm with you again. Are you very sure you don’t want to be a student. Okay. Then we will resume the competition…”

Lu Shu was slightly annoyed…

The moment the notification was sent out, the Cultivation College forum was flooded with posts. Earlier, everyone had still been wondering whether the competition had been canceled because of Lord Lu. Now that Lord Lu had become a teacher for the combat specialization, the competition would resume as planned…

Not even a ghost would believe that this had nothing to do with Lord Lu!

“Lord Lu 666!”

“Lord Lu is amazing!”

“We actually saw a person single-handedly control school activities in our lifetime. This deserves to go into the history books!”

“In the summer of 2011, Lord Lu used his position to sweep across the Cultivation Colleges. As a result, the competition between the colleges was canceled. A few days after, Lord Lu became a teacher for the combat specialization and the competition was resumed. Long live Lord Lu, who united the nation…”

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