Spare Me, Great Lord!

Chapter 763 - Another Divine Punishment

Chapter 763: Another Divine Punishment

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Dong dong dong! Zhong Yutang was sitting in his office when he suddenly heard someone knocking on his door.

“Come in.” Zhong Yutang looked down and settled his duties. As the Chief Manager of Yuzhou Heavenly Network, he had many things to settle everyday.

The scale of the seven major Cultivation Colleges was unparalleled by the rest of the realm of cultivation. Other organizations could have Cultivation Colleges, but they were no match for the seven major Cultivation Colleges of the Heavenly Network.

Under these circumstances, each principal faced the unique problem of how to run the colleges. There was no one with prior experience. Ordinary people had never taught Practitioners either. Everyday, Zhong Yutang had to observe whether the operations of the college were smooth and whether there was room for improvement.

At first, the portraits of Liu Xiu and the rest were not on the corridors. Portraits of scientists and scholars had been there instead. But Zhong Yutang felt that this was unsuitable. Thus, he had raised this suggestion and Nie Ting accepted it.

The visitor did not speak and slowly walked to the table. Zhong Yutang suddenly felt that something was not right. He looked up and saw a trident pointed at his head…

“From Zhong Yutang’s distress, +666…”

“If you have something to say, say it…” Zhong Yutang tried to make peace. “Tell me what you want. But first, put that trident down…”

“Where is our species research specialization teacher? Huh?” Lu Shu had a cold expression on his face. “There is no one in the laboratory. We don’t even know how to dissect our specimens. Huh? What did we drag these specimens back here for? To treat you to grilled camel?”

“… is it good?” Zhong Yutang asked. He immediately realized that he had said something wrong. “Wait, don’t get agitated! The trident is going to hit me!”

Zhong Yutang felt very depressed as the Chief Manager of Yuzhou. He was being threatened by his own student, but what else could he do? He was in despair as well!

“From Zhong Yutang’s distress, +699!”

“When will our teacher arrive?” Lu Shu asked in a cold voice. “Is Nie Ting not giving us a teacher on purpose?”

“He will come very quickly. You have really misunderstood Heavenly King Nie this time, really. It was hard to recruit your teacher and he has his own affairs to deal with, thus he hasn’t arrived. But he has recently set off and will arrive in half a month…”

Hm? Had Lu Shu really misunderstood Nie Ting? Did Nie Ting really find the best teacher for the species research specialization?

Lu Shu was suddenly touched. But he then thought about his earnings from the black market that had been taken away. Ha ha, how could Nie Ting be so kind-hearted? Impossible.

Suddenly, Lu Shu did not have much hope for the “best teacher”.

Lu Shu calmly said, “The species research specialization wanted to compete in the competition against the seven major cultivation colleges.”

“Hm?” Zhong Yutang felt slightly awkward. “You will represent the glory of our college in this competition. Each college will send out 20 people to participate. No one from the species research specialization in other schools is participating…”

Lu Shu laughed. “Are you disrespecting me? Do you know how strong the species research specialization is?”

“From Zhong Yutang’s distress, +666!”

“Heavenly King Nie doesn’t allow you to participate…” Zhong Yutang started to shift the blame. He could not bear the blame either. Ever since Lu Shu stepped into his office, he had not put down his trident.

“What gives him the right to do that?!” Lu Shu was furious. This was such a good opportunity to earn distress points, but now he could not go? Lu Shu tapped the table with his trident. “Is there a law against this?”

Zhong Yutang looked as his fragile table was almost broken. He was distressed. “You only have five people! One team is made up of 20! You don’t have enough people!”

“Ha ha, don’t you know why the Luo Shen Cultivation College species research specialization is so small?” Lu Shu laughed coldly. “Now you’re telling me that we don’t have enough people?”

“Ahem. Indeed, we don’t have enough people.” Zhong Yutang finally found a proper reason and seemed to be emphasizing on it.

Lu Shu turned and walked out. “Wait.”

Zhong Yutang suddenly had an unpleasant premonition…

Nie Ting sat in the courtyard. He sensed that there was no magical energy in his surroundings. His fingers rhythmically tapped the stone table and produced a light tapping sound.

To Practitioners, after they had gotten used to environments with magical energy, the current environment was very strange. It was as if the air was thinner than usual.

It was impossible for him to come to terms with Lu Shu. It would be impossible in his entire lifetime. Thus, Nie Ting was thinking of a problem. Spirit Qi had no owner. But the Seal of Lands was natural. Did it have the power to dominate over Spirit Qi?

Nie Ting felt that this was not the case. There were humans because there had been magical energy on this Earth. Thus, the Seal of Lands was a product of human effort. There would be a way to destroy it as well.

Nie Ting closed his eyes and pondered. His fingers continued to tap on the table. The tapping sound grew louder, but remained in the boundaries of the courtyard.

The leaves started to tremble. The ground started to shake. Nie Ting’s sword energy started to test the boundaries of the Seal of Lands countless times.

Nie Ting suddenly furrowed his eyebrows. The boundaries of the Seal of Lands were very strong. The almighty ancients were very powerful. This mythical object had existed for a very long time, yet it still maintained its durability.

Nie Ting suddenly grew more interested. His fingers tapping on the stone table grew faster and faster. Shi Xuejin hastily ran out to the courtyard and roared in shock. “Are you crazy?!”

Suddenly, Nie Ting’s fingers slowed to a pause. Then, they started to tap again!

Suddenly, magical energy surged towards the courtyard. After that, the stone table was suddenly reduced into dust. It had been broken by Nie Ting and was blown away by the wind.

Nie Ting’s hair moved in the wind. He stood up and calmly looked at the sky. He was happy. He had broken the boundary of the barrier!

At that moment, the entire courtyard had collapse. Shi Xuejin stood at the door of the courtyard. He wanted to cry, but there were no tears. “Nie Ting, are you crazy…”

Nie Ting stood in the rubble with a joyful expression on his face. He did not reply.

Suddenly, the sky darkened. Shi Xuejin suddenly looked up and exclaimed, “Divine punishment! He is going to break through!”

Shi Xuejin shouted, “Hurry up and leave the city! I will call Lu Shu now! There’s still time. From the look of things, it will take some time before the divine punishment occurs!”

The divine punishment could not occur in the city!

Lu Shu, who was eating, suddenly received a call from Shi Xuejin. After listening to his words, he was dumbfounded. He started to talk to himself. “What? That helped Nie Ting to break through?”

What the heck!

Lu Shu absolutely could not stand this humiliation!

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