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Chapter 729 - Scary Species Research Specializations Students

Chapter 729: Scary Species Research Specializations Students

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Under the circumstances that the system of currency did not collapse during the magically rich era, money was a strong driving force. After some analysis by a think tank, they found out that Luo City had never had any problems with mice. There was a scorpion infestation, but that had been settled too. The underground pipes were very clean. Luo City was one of the safest places in the country…

Slowly, many people came to survey and analyze the area. The results were shocking. Other than running into the same cute squirrel in their dreams, Luo City was indeed very safe!

But squirrels were not mice. If it were a mouse, everyone would be scared whether a massive king mouse was among the mice army. But if it was a squirrel, then there was no need to be worried.

During his high school days, Chen Zuan occasionally wanted to distance himself from Principal Nie. To him, training was a very cozy thing. He would be able to live in a beautiful house on a tall mountain, with a high concentration of magical energy and be isolated from the rest of the world.

When he obtained the strongest skill, he would punish that Principal Nie, who brought him so much suffering! He would be invincible!

He would have two pretty ladies in his beautiful house on the mountain to portray his peaceful mentality. One of them would be called Qing Feng, and the other would be called Ming Yue.

But now? They had to catch their own samples to conduct research on.

Lu Shu thought. Nie Ting was not planning on resolving their conflict amicably. Should he go to the Changbai Mountains and steal the items Nie Ting had been hiding to conduct research on?!

Lu Shu could not stand this humiliation!

Luo Nan, who had been quietly sitting by the side and listening to their discussion, suddenly said, “I have a good suggestion to help everyone pass.”

Luo Nan had his own worries that he could not say aloud. When he saw the namelist of students, he was annoyed. Information on all the students was kept under a high level of security. Even he, the teacher, could not access the information. The identities of these students were very different from the rest.

Just now, the students did not care much about him. Especially Cao Qingci, who seemed to have some murderous intent hidden behind her calm expression. This female student looked just like a murderer. He did not know how many people she had killed.

Thus, even as a teacher in the Luo Shen Cultivation College, Luo Nan did not have much confidence speaking now…

Lu Shu and Chen Zuan turned to look at Luo Nan. “What suggestion?”

“You may not have known this, but before I came here, I worked in species research. I worked in a very special place.” Luo Nan smiled. “Kunlun Mountains.”

“After the dawn of the magical era, the Heavenly Network built a testing base there. In terms of the origins of civilization, that place is sacred and mysterious. Furthermore, we have not explored many places there. There are many bases there. It is not uncommon to see Class C’s lead teams there,” explained Luo Nan.

Lu Shu thought about it. So Luo Nan had been researching on species in the past. No wonder he was able to become a teacher in the Cultivation College.

Specialists were definitely needed in this area. If you asked Chen Baili, a Class A, he may not be able to explain how the mice had mutated. But Luo Nan may be able to.

Furthermore, it was normal for the Heavenly Network to probe the Kunlun Mountains. That place was called the Ancestor of Mountains and the first sacred mountain. There were many myths surrounding the mountain.

During the dawn of the magically rich era, the Heavenly Network wanted to obtain more information. They also wanted to obtain the training resources that were likely to be found there. Surveying the Kunlun Mountains would be their first choice.

Luo Nan continued. “But three months ago, we suddenly lost contact with the base at Death Valley. For your information, there was a Class C expert stationed there. Under unknown circumstances, we deployed a team to check what was going on there. But they discovered that there was no one in the base. There were no traces of a battle either. Oh yes. Death Valley has another name, the Gate to Hell.”

“Under these circumstances, we also encountered many attacks from mutated creatures while surveying the area. Thus, we had no choice but to retreat. That’s why I was redeployed as a teacher.” Luo Nan smiled. “I have a lot of feelings for that place. I really want to know what exactly happened there. If everyone is willing to follow me there and obtain some precious samples, we may be able to shake the entire realm of cultivation. Passing your exams will no longer be an issue.”

Chen Zuan, Cheng Qiuqiao and the rest pondered deeply. They seemed willing. They were all young people. Who did not want to be famous? If they were able to capture some rare samples, they would be well-known within the Heavenly Network. Chen Zuan could even imagine himself being surrounded by pretty ladies.

But they looked at Lu Shu. After all, Luo Nan had said that even Class C’s had disappeared without a trace. Both Chen Zuan and Cheng Qiuqiao were Class C’s. Even if they were consolidating their Class C status, if they wanted to return home safely, they would have to depend on Lu Shu, Cao Qingci and Lu Xiaoyu.

Technically, Lu Xiaoyu was a Class C as well. But for some reason, everyone did not see her as just an ordinary Class C…

“I’m not going,” said Lu Shu.

“From Luo Nan’s distress, +999!”

Lu Shu smiled and said to Lu Xiaoyu, “Come. Let’s go home.”

Lu Xiaoyu obediently followed behind Lu Shu. Before she walked out, she even glanced at Luo Nan.

Lu Shu opened the door and saw many people surrounding the door, hoping to catch a glimpse of what was happening in the classroom.

Many of them did not recognise Lu Shu. After all, back then when Lu Shu was moving about in the Lop Nur remains, he was hidden by the bronze armor.

As for the local Luo City students who had come to see who would choose such a specialization in this era, they could not believe their eyes when they saw a demon king walk out.

They quietly pulled on the shirt of the student beside them, hinting at them that they should not say anything. But the students did not understand and laughed at them. But Lu Xiaoyu followed behind…

Lu Shu did not go for the military training, but Lu Xiaoyu did. Everyone knew Lu Shu’s name, but they had never seen him before. But it was different for Lu Xiaoyu. Back then at the military training, Lu Xiaoyu had almost scared the boys to death…

When everyone saw Lu Xiaoyu, they were shocked. Why would Lu Xiaoyu apply for this specialization? Everyone had the impression that Lu Xiaoyu was the most irritable person they knew.

Lu Shun did not care about them and walked ou. When everyone saw Lu Xiaoyu obediently following Lu Shu, they were shocked beyond belief.

“Wait, do you remember the brother that Lu Xiaoyu had mentioned back then at the military training…”

Cao Cingci also walked out expressionlessly. Chen Zuan and Cheng Qiuqiao followed behind. The students who had wanted to observe the students specializing in species research were all speechless…

Cao Cingci. She was one of the few Daoyuan Class students who had advanced to Class B. She was a genius. But she had also applied for this specialization…

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