Spare Me, Great Lord!

Chapter 1143 - Fortunately, It Was Lu Shu

Chapter 1143: Fortunately, It Was Lu Shu

The fact that Lu Shu had gone to Meng City to find Xiang Xiuxi could not be hidden from Nie Ting and Shi Xuejin. Furthermore, Lu Shu had no intention of hiding it from anyone.

Nie Ting and Shi Xuejin sat in a courtyard within the Longmen Fortress. In front of them was a stone table that was exactly the same as the one in Liuhai Lane. There were rolled-up pastries and congee on the table. There was a green onion in Shi Xuejin’s hand as well.

“What is he looking for? His own history?” Shi Xuejin looked at some documents and said, “He requested to shorten the sentence. He took away the strange cloth too. I am looking at the resources now. Xiang Xiuxi has never had a boyfriend. She definitely has nothing to do with Lu Shu. But someone said that over 10 years ago, she took care of a child. However, she sent him away not long after.”

“Is there any other information?” Nie Ting thought about it and said, “He will not go and find her for no reason.”

“Xiang Xiuxi said that she picked up a child. She had wanted to take care of the child, but realized that she could not do so. Thus, she sent him to the orphanage. The gourd and the cloth all belonged to the child,” said Shi Xuejin. He saw that Nie Ting’s expression was rather strange. “What’s wrong?”

“Do you remember when I told you about Cloud Yi and Tiger Zhi? On a stormy night 18 years ago, they were carrying a massive box. Someone heard the sound of a child crying, but no one saw what was inside the box.”

Shi Xuejin was dumbfounded. “Are you saying that…”

“Back then, when we were discussing this, we believed that there was a child inside the box.” Nie Ting analyzed the information. “I asked someone to check on when Lu Shu had been sent to the orphanage. We realized that there was a gap of a few months between these two events!”

Before this, even the Golden Foundation could not confirm what was inside the box, as no one had seen what the box contained. Furthermore, the box had mysteriously disappeared.

Furthermore, only one person had heard the sound of a baby crying. No one else had heard it. Either that, or they had not noticed it in battle.

But Nie Ting and Shi Xuejin felt that, taking into consideration the behavior of Cloud Yi and Tiger Zhi, it would not make sense if a baby was not inside.

Now, they recalled what had happened that night. Sensory-types did not appear only after the dawn of the magically rich era. The Golden Foundation already had such experts.

But why did they not sense what was inside the box… the swaddling cloth of the baby was the most rational explanation!

Li Dian was able to move around freely in the Salt Lake relic with that cloth. The magical trees did not attack him. Back then, when Lu Shu dealt with Li Dian in the black market, the cloth was the reason why even Lu Shu could not tell what weapons he had.

Nie Ting picked up the records and confessions by Li Dian. According to Li Dian, as long as he wore the cloth in the relics, the magical trees would not discover him. It was as if he had blocked all sensations.

The only one who had attacked him in the Salt Lake relic was the old tree spirit…

Thus, the swaddling cloth was the root of the problem. Back then…

“Lu Shu was in the box!” Nie Ting exclaimed with confidence.

He suddenly relaxed. “So that was what had happened. No wonder Cloud Yi visited Luo City so many times over the past decade. No wonder Cloud Yi deliberately wanted to get closer to Lu Shu. No wonder the person who had attacked the sword formation wanted to lay a trap for Lu Shu during the battle at Tiger’s Back.”

Lu Shu’s puzzle of truth was not complete, as the answer he was looking for was not so simple.

But to Nie Ting, the truth of the matter that had troubled them for many years was finally out.

Thus, the Luniverse’s King of Gods and the Golden Foundation’s Demon King, who ruthlessly killed people was Lu Shu?!

Nie Ting could not quite accept this conclusion!

But for some reason, when Shi Xuejin saw Nie Ting’s expression, he was happy. “Do you feel that it’s hard to accept? I think that it is quite good. But all these are not important. I really want to know how Li Xianyi will react to this. For some reason, I feel like laughing…”

Yes, Li Xianyi was the one who had led people to chase and kill Lu Shu. Now, not only did his target live beside him, he had also learned everything from the Hall of Swords.

Lu Shu had advanced to the master realm. How many people would be able to kill him now?

But back then, some Puppet Masters had died because of the Golden Foundation. What should they do? Shi Xuejin was suddenly worried for the Golden Foundation.

That night, some Puppet Masters had died in the battle, including the woman who had placed the baby at Xiang Xiuxi’s door. Nie Ting and the rest did not quite understand the Puppet Masters. They did not even know the name of the Puppet Master who had died.

This was the extent of the hate between the Puppet Masters and the Golden Foundation. Although Nie Ting knew that a third party was behind this, and even Cloud Yi and Tiger Zhi had given up killing the Golden Foundation, what would Lu Shu think?

Lu Shu probably did not know what had happened in the past.

But no matter what, the person who was most involved was not Nie Ting…

Shi Xuejin thought about it and said, “Don’t you think that this is quite good?”

Nie Ting furrowed his eyebrows. “How so?”

“We have always been worried about the King of Gods in the Luniverse. We have also been worried that the Puppet Masters will cause trouble among the humans. But if the King of Gods is Lu Shu, our worries seem to have been uncalled for,” said Shi Xuejin calmly.

Nie Ting understood what Shi Xuejin meant. They were familiar with Lu Shu. Although he was despicable and harsh, he was quite different from the ruthless demon king they had imagined. At least, they did not have to worry that he had dreams of destroying the Earth…

Thus, in the series where the demon king destroyed Earth, once Lu Shu became the protagonist, the series started to develop in a different direction. There was no way to determine whether it would be a comedy or a spoof, but at least it would not be a thriller.

This judgment was based on their understanding of Lu Shu. They knew what kind of person Lu Shu was.

“Actually, the Puppet Masters have never thought about destroying the world, right?” Shi Xuejin said, “Look at Cloud Yi. All she does is bring Tiger Zhi to eat hotpot. It is hard for me to believe that she has plans to destroy the Earth…”

But why would the King of Gods suddenly come to Earth? Had something happened in the Luniverse 18 years ago?

“According to the information from Li Xianyi, he said that every Puppet Master has a special ability. For example, the one who had attacked the sword formation had the ability to create dreams.” Nie Ting said, “Then what ability did the person who was killed in Luo City have?”

“Contact the Golden Foundation. Ask them where she was buried.” Shi Xuejin said, “And find records of that battle.”

“Lu Shu must have guessed something as well.” Nie Ting said, “Although his identity is still hard for me to accept, for some reason, I suddenly feel that fortunately, he is the demon king.”

“From the looks of things, your decision to make him a Heavenly King was the most successful investment in the history of humankind,” said Shi Xuejin with a sigh.

The King of Gods of the Luniverse was the Ninth Heavenly King of the Heavenly Network. Shi Xuejin suddenly felt more confident…

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