Sovereign of the Three Realms

Chapter 47: Accidental Repeat Occurrence

Chapter 47: Accidental Repeat Occurrence

On the Pill King Garden’s side, the senior executives were all wearing cocky smiles. They had long anticipated the ruckus that the “Pill of Dragon and Tiger Blood” would cause when it was announced.

This was why it was said that “those who undertake civil pursuits are poor, and those who undertake martial pursuits are rich”. Those who cultivated were most amenable to spending money. If you had no money, then opt out of the road of martial dao while it was early.

Healing panaceas were the area that practitioners were most willing to spend money. After all, a good healing panacea oftentimes meant a safeguard for life!

The Pill King Garden had seized upon this point, eyed the supreme secret of this market, and chosen the right breakthrough point. As long as they were able to beat the Hall of Healing into the ground in this area, given enough time, what would be so impossible about them replacing the Hall of Healing’s position?

After all, the Pill King Garden already had a great advantage in the areas of qi replenishing and heart calming pills.

If the Pill King Garden was able to obtain a lead in three areas using a three pronged approach, it would undoubtedly be a frightening challenge to the Hall of Healing!

Courtmaster Wang said, “Honored guests, we will place six “Pill of Dragon and Tiger Blood” on six display tables beneath the stage. Please line up in front of the display tables and take turns in inspection and discussion. It’s said that what the ear hears may be false, but what the eye sees is true. Everyone can personally appraise whether the Pill of Dragon and Tiger Blood is truly that miraculous, and if this courtmaster has any elements of bluster. When the appraisal is over, we will find ‘Pill Trial Warriors’ to conduct an on site experiment.”

The so-called “Pill Trial Warrior” was a type of high risk profession. Most who undertook it were those low level practitioners who had no hope on the path of martial dao, yet wanted to earn fast money. Whenever a new pill was introduced, they would test a pill on themselves.

Any type of pill, before it was checked by the extensive marketplace, held risk.

Pill Trial Warriors personally tried pills, undertaking risk with their own bodies, before the pill was fully trusted by widespread consumers.

This was a high risk, high reward profession.

After all, if something was wrong with the pill – or if there were side effects – the first unlucky ones were the Pill Trial Warriors.

The guests presents all got up and walked towards the display tables. Everyone wanted to obtain a place near the front of the line to catch a glimpse first.

It was a good thing that there were six display tables with six lines. The wait wasn’t too long in that regard.

Roughly an hour later, almost all the guests had had their look.

“Tsk tsk, I can tell that this Pill of Dragon and Tiger Blood is uncommon just from its scent. The healing panaceas on the market truly are trash when compared to this!”

“I wonder how much the price will be per pill? I plan to buy and hold ten or more of them – the prices might inflate hugely then!”

“This ‘Pill of Dragon and Tiger Blood’ will surely become the most wanted healing panacea in the capital after this!”

“Mm. Other similar products truly are not competitive when compared to it. Us practitioners can be thrifty everywhere except on healing panaceas.”

“That’s the theory! We’re not afraid of high prices, just that it’s not good enough!”

At this moment, Courtmaster Wang was wreathed in smiles and his heart was bursting with joy. He had kept his ears open and listened just now – the comments of all the guests were almost all positive to a fault. Apart from those who worried that the price would be out of their reach, almost all were waxing eloquent with praise.

What did this mean? This meant that before the Pill Trial Warriors had tested the pill, the “Pill of Dragon and Tiger Blood” had already received widespread acceptance.

What could almost certainly be anticipated was that once this Pill of Dragon and Tiger Blood was introduced into the market, it would kickoff a purchasing trend and would be extremely popular and sell quite well!

“Grand Courtmaster, I’ve been listening and everyone is ceaselessly praising the pill. It looks like the effects are better than we’ve anticipated!”

“Heh heh, I took a look at the Hall of Healing side just now. The second hallmaster Yue Qun’s old face was almost purple with anger. I’d like to see what face the Hall of Healing has left to compete with us this time!”

The senior executives of the Pill King Garden were all extremely excited, and felt the exaltation from fulfillment. To be able to stomp on a mammoth competitor, this type of accomplishment naturally made them feel beyond excited.

Courtmaster Wang was still relatively calm and said, “Prepare to call upon the Pill Trial Warriors. Any pill introduced must first be tested by a Pill Trial Warrior. This way, we can dispel the last of the market’s worries and reservations.”

This part of the process could not be omitted.

The Pill Trial Warriors were invited out. There were four in total.

The process of testing the Pill of Dragon and Tiger Blood was certainly going to be very cruel. One had to first injure the Pill Trial Warriors and then have them take the pill for on site proof of its healing properties!

All of the guests’ eyes had focused on the Pill Trial Warriors.

At the moment, a golden mallet suddenly sounded from the Hall of Healing side as it crashed into a bronze gong.

The third hallmaster, Qiao Baishi, of the Hall of Healing was already on the exhibition stage with a smile on his face. “Sirs, it’s rare to have so many guests present, truly many exalted guests have filled the seats. The Hall of Healing would like to make use of this opportunity to also introduce a healing panacea!”

“What?” The scene was in an uproar.

The Pill King Garden had introduced the healing panacea of Pill of Dragon and Tiger Blood.

The Hall of Healing was also introducing a healing panacea – wasn’t this an open challenge and call for combat?

There was quite a bit of surprise on the Pill King Garden side. Courtmaster Wang’s features were hostile as he stared at Qiao Baishi, inwardly cursing, “Is this Qiao Baishi purposely causing trouble? What healing panacea could the Hall of Healing produce to rival my Pill of Dragon and Tiger Blood in their flurry of haste? He is interrupting the rhythm of my Pill King Garden and attempting to impact the smooth introduction of the Pill of Dragon and Tiger Blood.”

In Courtmaster Wang’s eyes, Qiao Baishi’s move to introduce pill medicine was fake, but his attempt to disrupt the introduction of the Pill of Dragon and Tiger Blood was real. To put it frankly, this was jealousy, causing trouble!

Except, Qiao Baishi didn’t even look in the Pill King Garden’s direction. He wore a faint smile and his tone rang out powerfully. “The Hall of Healing has always endeavoured to research and develop pills in order to benefit all practitioners under heaven. We have had great achievements in the past few years. The first type of pill we’re introducing today – which is also a healing panacea – is called the ‘Heavenly Karma Pill’. Coincidentally, the Heavenly Karma Pill was an ancient lost pill recipe. The pill’s effects are as its name, almost to the realm of perfection.

Everyone, I am very delighted to tell you that this Heavenly Karma Pill is a shuffling of the cards, a revolution, a historical breakthrough, that we are bringing to the healing panacea market! Its effects are three times, five times, and even ten times those of similar products!”

Three times, five times, and even ten times!

Qiao Baishi’s powerful voice was like large bell, bearing down on the chest of everyone present, resonating so that it caused everyone’s eardrums to ring.

How.. how was this possible?

A sudden increase in healing properties to three, fives times and even ten times!

This was practically the healing panacea of legends.

Was the Hall of Healing serious? Was it purposefully causing trouble?

But with the Hall of Healing’s large brand, how could it crack a joke that would destroy its own brand on such an occasion?

“In addition, if applied externally, this pill can cause wounds to immediately stop bleeding, and heal at a rate visible to the naked eye. If taken internally, it can strengthen connections between muscles and bones within an hour.

For internal injuries, even if the patient is someone who had been so severely beaten that they find it hard to move from bed, taking this pill will guarantee the vigor of dragons and ferocity of tigers, and allow recovery to one’s initial condition from the least amount of one day to at most three days!”

Qiao Baishi’s every word was like a cavernous bell or large drum, shaking every single person present.

With his descriptions, this Heavenly Karma Pill was absolutely outside the realm of everyone’s imagination. If this pill was introduced, then what would that make all similar products on the market, including the Pill of Dragon and Tiger Blood?

Your Pill of Dragon and Tiger Blood only doubled the healing properties, whereas the other person’s pill had increased three, five times, and even ten times!

You could thoroughly heal external injuries in three days, whereas the other’s healed external hurts immediately and recovered immediately – it was absolutely a stroke of perfection.

As for internal injuries, your Pill of Dragon and Tiger Blood needed ten days before the patient could recover, but the other’s Heavenly Karma Pill would guarantee the vigor of dragons and ferocity of tigers and recovery to their initial condition from the least amount of one day to at most three days!

No matter from what aspect this was approached, the Heavenly Karma Pill was an absolute instant kill!

Yes, instant kill!

Instant kill without mercy!

Courtmaster Wang couldn’t hold it in and called out loudly, “Qiao Baishi, beware of popping from your own bluster! When did your Hall of Healing operate at such a level? Forgive me for being out of touch with the outside world.”

“Indeed, who doesn’t know how to bluster? Whether it’s a donkey or a horse, haul it out for a walk.”

“Such a great healing panacea, bring it out for a look. Only what the eye can see is the truth!”

The senior executives from the Pill King Garden started attacking verbally, jeering at Qiao Baishi. They obviously thought that Qiao Baishi was bluffing.

Qiao Baishi’s facial expression was composed, and his face was as if it embraced the wind in the face of the jeers raining down like wind and rain from the Pill King Garden.

“Courtmaster Wang, one of your sentences was true just now. You are indeed out of touch and ignorant of the outside world, like a frog at the bottom of a well. You couldn’t contain yourself and impatiently hopped out as soon as you’d received a so called Pill of Dragon and Tiger Blood, creating high profile media play. The Hall of Healing has always been practical. If it wasn’t for your Pill King Garden’s malicious provocation this time, our Hall of Healing originally made no plans to respond.”

When his words finished, Qiao Baishi waved his hands and a few trusted administrators walked out from the back. Everyone held a jade box, and the boxes numbered eight in total.

“Sirs, it is said that what the eye sees is true. These eight jade boxes contain eight Heavenly Karma Pills. One of them is an inferior rank and at three times effectiveness of similar pills. Four of them are middle rank, reaching five times effectives. Three of them are upper rank, reaching ten times effectiveness. If one day we are able to develop the supreme rank Heavenly Karma Pill, its healing properties are conservatively estimated at twenty times that of current similar products!”

Qiao Baishi strongly held in his internal agitation and introduced the Heavenly Karma Pill. When he had finished the introduction, he naturally walked off stage.

“Sirs, eight display tables. Please take turns in inspection and discussion!”

Whether it’s a donkey or a horse, haul it out for a walk.

By now, the Hall of Healing was a sharp, unsheathed sword that was displaying its towering loftiness.

The guests present were all incredibly excited. If this Heavenly Karma Pill was truly as miraculous as Qiao Baishi’s words, then who would care about the Pill King Garden’s previous marketing?

One was not afraid of not recognizing value, but was rather afraid of a side by side comparison!

The senior executives over at the Pill King Garden side who were still caught up in their anger also set aside their face and their modesty, and actually wormed their way into the lines, wishing to personally see this so called Heavenly Karma Pill that the Hall of Healing had brought.

In the entire process, Jiang Chen was as steady as Mt. Tai, a small smile on his face as he watched this theatrical scene.

He also rather admired Qiao Baishi’s move. He’d waited until the Pill King Garden had jumped to its highest before smacking it down with one slap. The higher you were, the harder you fell!

The Pill King Garden fools wants to give a slap to the face? In the end, they’ll tragically discover that their laboriously planned face denying gesture had landed soundly on their own faces!

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