Sovereign of the Three Realms

Chapter 2375: The Legend of a Plane

Jiang Chen understood Han Shuang’s mood. She was a foreigner, an outsider, and those coming were supposed to be family. She might be rejected, ostracized, or cold-shouldered.

“Don’t worry, I’m here. My parents and wives are all very friendly. Ah, I also have a younger brother and sister. You’ll meet them all soon.” Jiang Chen clasped her hand tightly and comforted her in a soft voice.

There were no traces of her usual bravado now. Like a kitten, Han Shuang curled up in her husband’s embrace, her heart pounding fiercely.

“They’re here.” Jiang Chen smiled and patted her back.

On tenterhooks, Han Shuang watched a group approach them from the distance.

Huang’er and Dan Fei immediately took note of the unfamiliar woman, and a pair of stunning, enchanting women was the first thing that Han Shuang saw.

Whether in terms of bearing or appearance , both Huang’er and Dan Fei were simply too extraordinary. Han Shuang felt her own femininity wither, fair inferior in comparison.

The two women paused when they saw the stranger, but immediately smiled at each other in understanding.

“Brother Chen, you’ve finally returned. Who is this big sister?”

It was actually Jiang Chen who found himself blushing. He soldiered on bravely. “This is Han Shuang, my wife in the Taiyuan Plane.”

The title of wife brought a sweet smile to Han Shuang’s face. She looked nervously at the two. “Hello.”

Huang’er smiled faintly. “Sister Han Shuang, it looks like Brother Chen’s caused you no end of trouble in the Taiyuan Plane. Thank you for taking care of him.”

The group laughed loudly, slowly dissipating the awkwardness.

Back in Veluriyam Palace, Jiang Chen gave a full recounting of his adventures in the Taiyuan Plane.

His tales enthralled his audience, painting wondrous scenes of fantasy and stunning images of danger. The revelation of their young lord’s past life and having a celestial emperor for a father further staggered them. These matters were outside the realm of comprehension for Divine Abyss.

In fact, they wouldn’t have believed it if it hadn't been for Jiang Chen relating everything himself.

Jiang Feng was surprisingly accepting of everything. “Chen’er, you're my son no matter what. It’s very gratifying to share a son with a celestial emperor. This is a piece of good fortune that the heavens have bestowed onto me! I’m not so fortunate that ascending to celestial emperor myself is written in the stars, but I’m lucky enough to be the father of a celestial emperor! Hahaha!”

Xu Meng wasn't jealous either. This was still her son, born of her flesh and blood. This was something that neither the past nor present could alter.

“Brother, look at all the crazy stuff you lived through in the past two thousand years! It’s all so exciting,” exclaimed his envious sister. “When will I get to leave the continent and see the outside world?”

She was a god now and her imagination long since flown out of the confines of Divine Abyss. She too wanted to stretch her legs.

“Brother,” Jiang You also asked. “Can Qingxuan and I go for a spin in the outside world?”

“Of course! When I refine a greater world and absorb Divine Abyss into the Four True Spirit Plane, that will also mean that I’ve absorbed many minor worlds and other territories into my realm. The world will be quite exciting then, and you’ll be able to experience the greater universe through a variety of ways!”

Xu Qingxuan and Jiang You were both highly excited by the prospect.

A thought suddenly struck Han Shuang. “You should pay a visit to my home then. There are a lot of beautiful legends there.”

“Alright, we must visit sister-in-law’s then.”

As a celestial emperor-in-waiting, no one batted an eye that Jiang Chen had multiple wives. All of these women had gone through life and death with him.

Whether it be Dan Fei, Huang’er, or Han Shuang—all of them shared beautiful experiences with Jiang Chen. It was thus only right and proper that they stayed by his side.

At first, a certain degree of assessment filled the group’s eyes when they looked at Han Shuang. But after getting to know each other, they realized that the newcomer had a forthright and generous personality. Happily accepting her as one of their own, Han Shuang also proactively tried to fit in with everyone.

In this regard, the family happily coalesced into a greater whole.

As for Jiang Chen’s followers, their cultivation levels continued to increase thanks to numerous pointers and fortuitous opportunities from their young lord.

He explicitly trusted his people on Divine Abyss. He planned on using them to form the core of his future army. With the Amaranthine Clouddew Tree, he was highly confident that he could raise his old followers to an utmost cultivation level.

He too would create a batch of titled godkings from them, forming the ruling force of his future plane.

Of course, the most important was his own children. He would pour forth all effort and knowledge into them.

He had a son on Divine Abyss, sired with Huang’er. He devoted the same care and resolve to the child that his own father had given to him.

As for his son with Han Shuang, Jiang Chen knew that his father would keep the child by his side as the future sovereign of Taiyuan Plane.

The days trickled by peacefully and pleasantly within Veluriyam Palace.

One thousand years passed.

Two thousand years passed.

Three thousand years passed.

When nine thousand years passed, Jiang Chen finally had a tangible breakthrough on his course of plane refinement. He successfully melded Divine Abyss into the Four True Spirits greater world.

After another thousand years, three minor worlds voluntarily became part of the plane.

When a total of three hundred thousand years had passed, the Four True Spirits Plane had expanded to very far reaches. There were seventy two minor worlds under its jurisdiction, three hundred some territories, and a myriad of mundane planes.

When the count reached six hundred thousand years, Jiang Chen finally reached the apex of his dao. He received the acknowledgement of the heavenly dao and with it, the Four True Spirits Token. With the bestowment of the creation token, he became the legitimate celestial emperor of a plane.

The enthronement of a celestial emperor, the obeisance from all cardinal directions.

Supreme glory flared from the newly vested plane, stunning the vast reaches of the universe and drawing attention from many neighboring greater worlds.

The rise of a new power naturally resulted in challenges. Faced with all sorts of provocation and suppression, Jiang Chen displayed ferocious strength and wily diplomatic smarts.

One could fight, and one could chat.

Armed with his own power, the four sacred beasts, and the fierce Goldbiter Kingrats, Jiang Chen defeated enemy upon enemy and made conquest upon conquest.

The name of Celestial Emperor Jiang Chen echoed resoundingly through the universe.

As a new faction, the momentum of his rise was finally acknowledged by the rest of the universe in the end. Understanding that this new upstart wasn’t to be stopped, many slowly accepted this new reality.

The rise of a new plane often met with all sorts of setbacks and obstacles. Sometimes, neighboring forces formed a coalition to keep the newcomer down. If the new ruler didn't possess unparalleled resolve and battle strength, they frequently meet with a premature death.

Jiang Chen was plainly not of that sort! Just like the paths he’d taken before, he feared no challenge and in fact, leveraged his stubborn willpower to set firm foundations for his plane.

Though these foundations were intimately intertwined with help from his celestial emperor father and the support of the four sacred beasts, it was he in the end who’d done the most on this path!

When the counter ticked to a million years, Jiang Chen’s Four True Spirit Plane thoroughly stabilized, opening the chapter on his own legends in the three realms.

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