Sovereign of the Three Realms

Chapter 2122: Uprooting Once and For All

"What more do you have to say for yourself, Lan Huang?” Jiang Chen was emotionless. He had no interest in arguing.

It was best to justify an execution, but Lan Huang’s extensive defection and injection of demon blood was enough for a death sentence ten times over.

Lan Huang glared at Jiang Chen with great hatred. “I lost. What am I supposed to say?” he snarled. “Jiang Chen, you were just born lucky. You had the ten sacred lands’ resources at your disposal. That’s all it is. We second and third rate folk are forced to be inferior from the moment we’re born. 

“We have to mind your whims and inclinations and give you undue respect – like that ancient jade festival, for example. We bowed and scraped to invite you to attend. But after you had your fun, did you show us any goodwill? What right do you have to spurn us so? Why are you the only ones allowed to be so overbearing?

“And there’s more. Eternal’s very own House Yan ruined our martial tournament after the festival. Yan Qinghuang is your woman, right? Her unjustified interference stole away our imperial princess and we still don’t know where she is. What kind of absurd wrongdoing is that, eh?

“Why must all good things go to the ten sacred lands?

“Why must we second and third rate geniuses live by your word?”

“I don’t buy it. I want to surpass you and lord over you. I want to humiliate you ten times what you’ve done to Bluesmoke! I want to get stronger. Why can’t I accept an opportunity to get stronger?

“Would you hesitate yourselves if strength was offered to you? You say that we colluded with demons, but I ask you, who ever said that Divine Abyss and Myriad Abyss had to be ruled by humans? Why can’t it be ruled by demons? Survival of the fittest is a law of nature. Why shouldn’t I join the demon race, if they’re so incredibly strong?”

Lan Huang was almost hoarse by the end of his frenzied tirade.

Jiang Chen cast him a pitiable glance. The other youth had been brainwashed by Lightford, so much so that he was now biased toward demonkind.

It was impossible to redeem someone like him, regardless of what anyone said.

“Lan Huang, your reasons make sense on the surface, but they’re all rather absurd. You say that I was born into prestige and enjoyed a sacred land’s resources. Is that a joke? Anyone who knows me knows where I come from. My birth is lower than every single one of you. Someone’s birth may decide many things, but the height that he rises to is not one of them.

“You claim that Huang’er stole your princess, but you should ask yourself, is that princess really of your imperial bloodline? She’s Huang’er’s dear sister and my erstwhile peer. Are we supposed to idly stand by and let her suffer? And did you treat her like a princess in the first place, or did you hawk her out as goods to be sold to the highest bidder?

“You’re right about one thing. Survival of the fittest is a natural law on any plane. The demons you worship are very powerful, but they’re not invincible. They are like locusts that devour everything they touch, but they have no homes of their own. Do you know why that is? Demons are simply incapable of building and flourishing! They can only destroy!

“You won’t live to see it, Lan Huang, but Myriad Abyss and Divine Abyss will stand in solidarity against demonkind. Unchecked and unresisted, they bring only death and carnage!”

Lan Huang’s face was bloodless, but disdain was written all over his face still.

Evidently, Jiang Chen had failed to persuade him.

“Just you wait, Jiang Chen. The forefather said that a repeat demonic invasion is nigh. Divine Abyss will belong to demonkind in the end, and you wretched lot are only fit to be their slaves! Hahaha, I won’t be there to see it, but it’s inevitable!”

“Impudent cur!”

One of Flora’s primes couldn’t bear to hear his rambling any longer. He walked forward, slamming his palm down on Lan Huang, immediately reducing the lad to a bloody puddle.

“Sects and factions, listen up!” the Eternal forefather shouted. “All of your members and disciples must have your blood tested. Myriad Abyss cannot tolerate any remnant of the demons!”

After the traitors were dealt with, a little spring cleaning was in order. There was plenty of loot in the base: spirit herbs, treasures, and other assorted resources. The surrendered empyreans and demigods counted too, in a way. Jiang Chen didn’t touch any of it, leaving all to the sacred lands.  

All the divine decrees he had obtained earlier made these things here a lot less attractive.

Finally, the disastrous rebellion was at an end. Despite what had been obtained moments ago, no one was in a good mood.

After all, all of the sacred lands had lost varying amounts of materiel and personnel. The sacred lands that had been occupied for a long time were especially hurt.

Rebuilding would take far more than a few days.

Each sacred land returned to their homes, and the second and third rate factions received their freedoms back.

At the unremitting invitation of the Eternal forefather, Jiang Chen returned to the sacred land along with him.

The Eternal Sacred Land was the only one among the ten that hadn’t been occupied.

Divine Kasyapa had held the earliest wave of invaders at bay, with Jiang Chen stepping in to pick up the slack in the second round.

When Lightford came himself, the third battle had completely repelled him by offering significant resistance.

The Eternal forefather was very grateful to Jiang Chen for preserving the sacred land’s safety. The first prime was beyond impressed.

The second prime was foolish enough to complain privately to the forefather about the fact that Jiang Chen wouldn’t share the divine decrees with them, but the forefather cut him off before he could start.

“Let me ask you, did you offer any relevant help at all in repulsing the enemy or slaying their gods?” he asked coldly.

“No…” the second prime mumbled. He wanted to say otherwise, but the lie would have been too blatant.

“If not, why should he give you any of his spoils? Jiang Chen commanded the field for the entirety of our campaign against Lightford. No one in the sacred lands dared contest his collection of most of the divine decrees. Do you know why?” the Eternal forefather pressed.

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