Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting

Chapter 573 - Arriving At Sin City

Chapter 573 – Arriving At Sin City

This wormhole was indeed different because it was in the center of this light tunnel, within the range of the distorted light.

Lan Xuanyu and his team didn’t know how the light belt was formed, but they could see that there were over ten warships cruising around outside the light belt.

These warships looked very special. They were completely black and emitted a purple halo. Each warship had many sharp spikes.

“Team leader, are those spikes on their warship useful?” Yuanen Huihui asked Deng Bo.

Deng Bo said, “Of course it’s useful. If they were to charge at us in close range, even the protective barrier wouldn’t be able to stop it. Not only are there long-range and close combat in mechas, but warships also have close-ranged ones. All of you must remember that all warships with this appearance are extremely fast because they rely on close-range collisions to win. Among pirate warships, this is the most common because they rely on speed the most. If they can’t win, they run. Most of their energy is focused on speed and not long-range attacks.”

Lan Xuanyu recalled Deng Bo’s words carefully. Every word he said was precious knowledge to them.

The Tang Sect’s reconnaissance spaceship slowed down and flew slowly in the direction of the wormhole without releasing any weapons.

Very soon, a small-sized warship that looked ferocious and was about the same size as them flew over. Not far from their warship, they flew in the same direction.

The big screen at the front of the cabin lit up and a bald man in a black uniform who appeared to be in his forties with a scar on his face appeared on the screen.

“The information shows that you guys were registered two years ago. Open yourselves up for a data scan.”

Lan Xuanyu noticed that this tough-looking bald man was very different from ordinary people. Half of his bald head was actually metal, and the shoulder that connected to this side was also metal. This was all that could be seen on the screen.

“Yes, Honorable Guardian of Sin.” Deng Bo smiled.

Very soon, a large amount of data appeared on the screen.

After a moment, the bald man nodded and said, “Your data has been approved. You can enter after paying the fee.”

“Yes,” Deng Bo agreed again and performed a series of simple operations.

The screen closed and the bald man disappeared.

Deng Bo gestured for everyone to keep quiet. Under the surveillance of the black spaceship, the Tang Sect’s reconnaissance spaceship slowly moved towards the wormhole.

The black warship only left when they were close to the wormhole and returned to patrol. The Tang Sect’s reconnaissance warship spewed out light and suddenly accelerated, entering the wormhole.

“Tang Yuge, activate the level one protective barrier.”

A layer of white light was released from the surface of the warship and everything outside the warship began to distort violently. It was obvious that they had entered the wormhole.

What surprised Lan Xuanyu and his team was that when they boarded a civilian spacecraft in the past, they had to sleep before entering a wormhole. But Deng Bo didn’t allow them to do so at all, and they didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Without a doubt, this was the protection from the level 1 barrier.

Lan Xuanyu asked curiously, “Team leader, what do we have to pay for entering this wormhole? Why are they scanning our data?”

Deng Bo said, “A small-sized warship needs to pay a cubic meter of rare metals to enter Sin City through a wormhole. A medium-sized warship is even more expensive. The scan data is mainly to confirm our identities. Our warship is registered in one of the seven main cities of Sin City, so there is naturally no problem with passing through. Just let them scan our data normally.”

Lan Xuanyu was surprised. “Do we have to pay even if our warship is registered in Sin City?”

Deng Bo said, “Of course, other than the fleet directly under the seven main cities’ lords, all warships that enter Sin City have to pay. This is one of their sources of income. The seven main cities will split the money equally.”

Yuanen Huihui asked, “The seven lords you mentioned are seven people? Are they god-ranked powerhouses?”

Deng Bo said, “According to our information, yes. The seven city lords are all god-rank powerhouses with extraordinary strength. They each command a faction. Alright, everyone, keep quiet. Although we have a protective barrier and the wormhole jump won’t cause us too much of an impact, it will still exert a certain amount of pressure on our minds and bodies. All of you focus and guard yourselves. At the same time, feel the changes in your bodies. This is a compulsory course for all of you to become warship pilots in the future.”

Upon hearing Deng Bo’s words, everyone quietened down. Lan Xuanyu closed his eyes and quietly felt everything in the outside world. He didn’t feel much just now, but when he calmed down, he realized that the entire space inside the warship was slightly distorted. The degree of distortion wasn’t big, but it was still gently pulling at his body. However, his soul power would naturally form a layer of protection to protect himself and his spiritual power would naturally disperse itself to protect his brain.

After fusing with Beast God Di Tian on the Elven Planet and returning to Shrek Academy, Lan Xuanyu had checked the changes in his spiritual power.

At that time, his spiritual power had reached 4500 points and after a few months, it had grown to 4700 points.

One had to know that the starting point of Spirit Sea realm was 500 points and the end point was 5,000 points. This meant that if his spiritual power could break through 5,000 points, he would enter the next level, and the next level was called Spirit Abyss.

The Spirit Abyss realm was like an abyssal prison, a blue sky and yellow spring. Everything in the world would submit itself to one’s heart with one thought. A top-notch spiritual power was the foundation of possessing a legendary-rank Spirit Soul and one could fuse with any level of Spirit Soul, including an orange and a red Spirit Soul.

Increasing one’s spiritual power was extremely difficult, and the higher the rank, the more difficult it was. The Spirit Connection realm required only 50 points of spiritual power, while the Spirit Sea realm required over 500 points. There was a gap of 10 times, and the Spirit Abyss realm required 10 times more than 500 points.

Right now, Lan Xuanyu had already reached the peak of the Spirit Sea realm and was only a step away from the Spirit Abyss realm.

Lan Xuanyu didn’t feel the benefits brought about by the increase in his spiritual power in the past because his spiritual power had been gradually increasing through cultivation.

However, the sudden increase in his spiritual power allowed him to gain a deeper understanding on the use of his spiritual power. Firstly, his brain’s ability to think had increased substantially, allowing him to have twice the results for half the effort. Then, he became more energetic and needed to rest less every day. When he meditated, his strong spiritual power had a strong effect on guiding his soul power, allowing him to increase his soul power cultivation speed.

Furthermore, he was already a member of the School of Life, so cultivating in Sea God Lake every day was not a problem for him. Hence, although these few months were not long, he had improved greatly.

The increase in his spiritual power also allowed him to improve rapidly in forging. Lan Xuanyu could faintly feel that he was already qualified to attempt Spirit Forging. There was even a possibility of success. For a blacksmith, as long as they could successfully forge a Spirit Forging grade work, they would be able to advance to the fifth rank.

Lan Xuanyu wasn’t in a rush to advance because he didn’t want to waste time. He still wanted to forge first-grade Thousand Refined metal for One-Word Battle Armors, this was what he needed the most. One was to serve his classmates, and at the same time, to earn money! He wasn’t in a rush in this aspect. He wanted to earn enough money from the One-Word Battle Armors before attempting Spirit Refining. Spirit Refined metals were what Two-Word Battle Armors needed the most.

Tang Yuge’s One-Word Battle Armor’s metals were all provided by Lan Xuanyu and remade. After that, she didn’t have any thoughts of upgrading it to a Two-Word Battle Armor at all and indicated that she would only use the metals forged by Lan Xuanyu in the future.

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