Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting

Chapter 497 - y Name Is Zheng Longjiang

Chapter 497– My Name Is Zheng Longjiang

The moment Lan Xuanyu saw the honest youth, he understood everything. Help him bribing his sixth year opponent for him? He was the one who was going to participate in the competition! No wonder he agreed so readily; he was scheming against him. This guy had a cunning heart behind his honest appearance.

“Senior, is this really alright?” Lan Xuanyu looked at the honest youth opposite him and asked.

The honest youth laughed. “Junior, what’s wrong? Don’t worry, I will keep my word. I will definitely do what I promised you. Let’s get to know each other. My name is Zheng Longjiang, and I’m in my sixth year in the Outer Court.”

Zheng Longjiang, this name was naturally unfamiliar to Lan Xuanyu and the rest. The promise? That meant that he would still respect their one minute agreement and him still paying the 30 purple emblems. If not for Nana’s reminder, Lan Xuanyu might have been secretly delighted. But it was clear that he wouldn’t be. The person in front of him probably had the confidence to defeat them within a minute.

Right at this moment, Zheng Longjiang’s soft voice resounded in Lan Xuanyu’s ears. “It’s a pity, junior. You guys are first years. If you guys were fifth years, or even fourth years, losing to you guys wouldn’t have been a big deal. You’d just have to pay me a little more. But if I lose to first years, I’ll probably get beaten to death by my peers. I can’t take this risk! So, as a senior, let me remind you out of goodwill. One minute isn’t easy.”

Lan Xuanyu obviously didn’t think that the other party was being kind and smiled bitterly. “Senior, why do you look so anxious? If not for my first impression of you being a teacher and thinking that you were an Inner Court senior, I wouldn’t have fallen into your trap.”

Zheng Longjiang’s face darkened. “Junior, that’s not right. Although I’m not as good looking as you, I’m not that old, right? I’m only 18 years old this year. If you say I’m old, it will affect my happiness. This makes me very unhappy.”

The two of them conversed and what surprised them was that the referee did not appear and they were the only ones present.

Lan Xuanyu said in annoyance, “Even if we make you happy, what good will it do us?”

Zheng Longjiang nodded his head seriously and said thoughtfully, “That’s true. It doesn’t seem to be beneficial. Eh, why isn’t the referee here yet?”

Right at this moment, a figure of light floated down from the sky and stopped there. A cold voice resounded, “Zheng Longjiang, don’t try to play tricks on me. Focus on the competition, otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite. I will be the referee for today’s match.”

Both parties looked up at the same time and saw Ying Luohong floating in the sky, looking at Zheng Longjiang coldly.

Zheng Longjiang immediately revealed an aggrieved expression. “Dean, I’m not happy with what you’re saying! How am I not serious? I’m Zheng Longjiang, known as an honest and dependable young man!”

“Shut up! You’re reliable? You’re the most unreliable in the entire academy. Don’t you know what you’ve done? Don’t you know?” Ying Luohong said in annoyance.

Zheng Longjiang’s achievements in the Outer Court could be said to be too many to be counted. This guy had refused to go to the Inner Court in advance not because of dignified reasons such as he’ll miss being in the Outer court, but because it wasn’t easy to fool the seniors and teachers from the Inner Court. Even if he succeeded, it wouldn’t be easy to escape! He was best at fighting for various benefits within the rules. Compared to his honest appearance, he definitely had a black-bellied heart.

In Ying Luo’s eyes, Lan Xuanyu was somewhat similar to Zheng Longjiang in some aspects, but Lan Xuanyu was doing it for the benefit of his team, while Zheng Longjiang had always been doing it for him. He was a loner among the sixth years, but he was indeed powerful. He started from scratch and didn’t have a particularly outstanding Martial Soul, but he relied on his various methods to become the number one person in the Outer Court. And he was already the number one person for more than two years. One could only imagine his capabilities.

Ying Luohong could guess that Zheng Longjiang’s appearance in the competition was definitely not normal. Who knew what this guy was up to? He didn’t have any integrity and it wasn’t impossible for him to lose the competition on purpose. In fact, the teacher-in-charge of the sixth years didn’t even want to send him out, but this guy was too strong. Which sixth year would dare to compete with him ! Especially when this guy kept shouting in class that snatching people’s wealth was like killing parents.

He had beaten up quite a number of people in his class. Shanyu’s originally had a childhood sweetheart who got into Shrek Academy with her. In the end, she was shamelessly chased by this guy for three years and was finally caught by him. As for that childhood sweetheart, he was beaten up by Zheng Longjiang to the point that he went out to complete missions every day and never returned to the academy.

So how could Ying Luohong not take this unreliable guy seriously?

Zheng Longjiang shrugged his shoulders at Lan Xuanyu and sighed. “It’s hard to be a good person! Look, even the Dean doesn’t believe me. Dean, how about this, as a sixth year, I have to fight against my first-year juniors. To be honest, I really can’t bear to do it! But for the honor of sixth years, and also to protect the honor of our Shrek Academy, as the strongest sixth year, I have to make a move. So, I thought of a way to respect the old and love the young. In today’s battle, I will impose upon myself some restraint. One minute, as long as they can withstand my attacks for a minute, they will win. With this, it won’t be considered as me bullying my juniors. What do you think?”

Looking at the righteous Zheng Longjiang, Ying Luohong really wanted to ask him how much money he had received if she didn’t have to consider Shrek Academy’s reputation. However, if he really went all out for a minute, Lan Xuanyu and the rest might not be able to withstand a minute from Zheng Longjiang.

Although Zheng Longliang was a thick-skinned and black-hearted person spending all his time pitting people’s money, he was extremely strong and the missions he had carried out were all extremely difficult. He would gain quite a bit of harvest each time and was definitely strong.

Although Lan Xuanyu and his team were outstanding, in the face of absolute strength, a minute wasn’t that easy.

Seeing that Ying Luohong didn’t say anything, Zheng Longjiang smiled and said to Lan Xuanyu, “Junior, you guys should really thank me. I’ll give you guys some real world experience in advance, and when you guys truly enter society in the future, you’ll be able to suffer less. How about this, as your senior, I’ll give you some more. This match, not only is there a one minute limit, but I also won’t use my Battle Armor. Otherwise, I’m afraid you guys won’t be able to last for five seconds.”

Lan Xuanyu raised his brows. Before he could say anything, Lan Mengqin, who was next to him, couldn’t help but say, “Bragging doesn’t pay taxes.”

Zheng Longjiang sighed and said, “Why doesn’t anyone believe the truth? Look, Dean, it’s hard to be a good person!” As he spoke, his body suddenly lit up and a pair of pure white wings unfolded from his back.

Those wings didn’t look like they were made of metal at all but were like real feathers. At the same time, a white armor covered Zheng Longjiang’s entire body.

The armor was extremely magnificent. There were many complicated golden soul array rune lines on his white armor, making it look exceptionally magnificent. The helmet covered Zheng Longjiang’s honest face, and there was a spike on the helmet. With this Battle Armor, he didn’t look ordinary at all. A torrential aura burst forth instantly, causing him to float in midair.

A platinum halo blossomed beneath his feet and covered an area of a hundred meters. Within the halo, complicated decorative rings sparkled, touched, and connected, giving the ground a magnificent scene.

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