Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting

Chapter 445 - The Silver Dragon Spear Robbed!

Chapter 445– The Silver Dragon Spear Robbed!

TL : GoldenLung

The moment Old Shu appeared, the life energy in the entire auction hall became denser. Everyone subconsciously quietened down and focused on him.

“On behalf of Shrek, I welcome everyone participating in today’s auction. The Silver Dragon Spear is, in a sense, not for sale, so we raised its price to one trillion today. The public will probably criticize us again tomorrow, but it doesn’t matter. Who asked this old man to be so thick-skinned?” Old Shu said humorously.

One trillion? The price of the Silver Dragon Spear had increased to one trillion federal coins? Everyone didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but they couldn’t help but gasp. Shrek was really just showing off, right?

Old Shu sighed softly and said, “The original owner of the Silver Dragon Spear is closely related to our Shrek Academy. This Divine Weapon has always been kept in the academy. After displaying it one last time today, it will be taken back to the academy. Everyone, please take a look.”

As he spoke, Old Shu raised his right hand and a green light lit up in his palm. The color at the center of the light was deep, as though an independent space was slowly opening up.

In the next moment, a silver light nimbly drilled out and landed silently in Elder Shu’s palm.

It was a silver spear without any extravagant decorations. It was completely silver and looked like it was forged from ordinary silver metal. There was nothing special about it.

However, the moment it appeared, the air in the entire auction hall seemed to have changed slightly. The air seemed to have become sticky.

Lan Xuanyu stared with his eyes wide open because he was shocked to feel countless elemental undulations swarming around that silver spear.

Others might not be able to see it, but he could see it clearly. There were blue, red, green, yellow, silver, black, and gold. Seven different colors of elements surrounded it, cheering and jumping for joy.

‘Is this a Divine Weapon?’

Old Shuh smiled as he looked at the spear in his hand. Just as he was about to say something, the Silver Dragon Spear in his hand trembled for no reason and the surrounding elemental fluctuations suddenly became violent.

“En?” Old Shu’s eyes focused, and the green light on his body suddenly became brighter. That was an extremely dense life aura that immediately enveloped the Silver Dragon Spear, wanting to suppress this Divine Weapon that went berserk out of nowhere.

It was also at this moment that a dark red figure suddenly appeared out of thin air behind Old Shu. Two dark red rays of light criss-crossed and slashed out. There wasn’t any aura, and his appearance was extremely sudden.

With Old Shu’s strength, he only sensed it when those two dark red lights were about to reach him. However, he was currently suppressing the Silver Dragon Spear with all his might and it was too late to block them. His expression immediately changed.

The Silver Dragon Spear in his hand stabbed out without hesitation. A glaring silver light flickered, and under the infusion of life energy, the Silver Dragon Spear’s light flickered.

“Ding!” With a crisp sound, a dark red vortex suddenly appeared behind Old Shu without any warning. It was as if it had burst forth in an instant and a strong suction force was released. It pulled Old Shuh and wanted to pull him into the vortex.

Not only that, but the suction force from the vortex was simply too strong, so much so that all the participants in the auction were sucked up and thrown onto the stage.

Who would have thought that someone would actually dare to make a move in Shrek City? This had not happened in many years.

Furthermore, the strength of this person was enough to shock everyone. One had to know that Old Shu was the Vice Pavilion Master of the Sea God Pavilion and was also the leader of the School of Life. His cultivation base was extremely terrifying and he was a true god-rank powerhouse.

At the same time, he was also the guardian of the Eternal Tree. Within Shrek City, he could borrow the power of the Eternal Tree at any time. This was also the reason why the academy had allowed him to bring the Silver Dragon Spear. When near the surroundings of the Eternal Tree, he was one of the strongest people in Shrek Academy.

However, the combat power unleashed by the ambusher was simply too strong. Under the violent outburst of the Silver Dragon Spear, Old Shu actually was actually unable to move.

With a cold snort, Old Shu’s feet suddenly took root and his entire body turned green. He shook his head and his beard fluttered, turning into thick vines that shot out and entangled the bidders in the air, preventing them from being sucked away by the suction force behind him.

“Clang! Clang!” Two dark red blades slashed across the elder’s back. The attack was simply too fast. In the next moment, a dark red figure actually penetrated the elder’s body and left a deep wound on his waist, almost cutting him into two.

But Old Shu’s expression didn’t change at all. The wounds on his body healed at a speed that was hard to discern with the naked eye. At the same time, his eyes lit up with a brilliant gold color. The entire Shrek City trembled slightly because of this.

A vast and copious amount of life energy erupted instantly. At the same time that Old Shu recovered from his injuries, his aura surged.

“Eternal Tree!” A low and hoarse voice resounded. But in the next moment, that dark red color suddenly turned pure red, crystal clear like a ruby.

Old Shuh only felt that his Divine Sense had become slightly dazed. In the next moment, his right arm had already left his body. Although he grew another right arm almost instantaneously, his right hand was previously holding the Silver Dragon Spear!

That person grabbed the Silver Dragon Spear and disappeared in a flash of dark red light.

“Bastard!” Old Shu said furiously. Terrifying amounts of life energy immediately poured out and sealed the space around them. However, that figure seemed to have completely disappeared and was already nowhere to be seen.

All of this may sound slow, but it actually happened in a split second. From the surprise attack to the successful steal, the dark red figure only took a few breaths.

The Silver Dragon Spear was stolen away?

At this moment, Lan Xuanyu’s body was still in the air. The roots wrapping around everyone placed them back into their seats. Including An Peijiu, Old Shu’s figure flashed and disappeared from his spot.

An Peijiu was also sucked up by the powerful suction force and was also saved by Old Shu’s roots. She knew that she was quite strong, but the two people fighting on stage just now were clearly the strongest God-rank powerhouses in the world! In front of a God-rank powerhouse, she realized that she really couldn’t do anything and was still being controlled helplessly.

“Eh, where’s Teacher Nana?” Right at this moment, Lan Xuanyu’s surprised voice resounded in An Peijiu’s ears. She immediately turned her head in shock. Wasn’t that so? Nana, who was sitting next to her just now, was already nowhere to be found.

Shrek City, 50 kilometers away.

In the void, a crack suddenly appeared and a dark red figure appeared.

He wore a dark red cloak and held two dark red blades in his right hand and the Silver Dragon Spear in his left. Old Shu’s right arm had disappeared.

The dark red cloak behind him kept spouting dark red flames. He wore a mask that covered his original appearance.

He heaved a sigh of relief and muttered to himself, “Thankfully, the Divine Concealment Cloak can conceal my aura. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to escape from the Eternal Tree. I have to leave the Mother Planet as soon as possible.”

Just at this moment, he suddenly raised his head. Ripples of water appeared in all directions in the air. Silver light flickered and a figure appeared not far from him.

Her silver hair was tied into a long braid at the back of her head and she was wearing a mask, revealing only a pair of clear purple eyes.

“Give me the Silver Dragon Spear,” she said indifferently.

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