Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting

Chapter 406 - More And More Fat

Chapter 406 – More And More Fat

“Shall we go back and cultivate?” Lan Mengqin nudged Dong Qianqiu, who was next to her. The Ice God Twin Lotus Flowers were undoubtedly beneficial for both of them. They were of the ice and snow attribute, and this sort of Heaven and Earth treasure that could directly increase their essence and potential was simply too precious. Although they had spent most of their savings, it was definitely worth it.

“Let’s report this to Teacher first. I wonder how long it will take to absorb it.” Dong Qianqiu was slightly calmer than Lan Mengqin.

Lan Xuanyu said, “Let me give you guys a suggestion. You guys can consider going to the Sea God Lake to absorb this level of Heaven and Earth treasure. The life energy in Sea God Lake is extremely abundant and will be able to protect you guys. When you guys need external energy to replenish your bodies, it will be extremely suitable.”

Lan Mengqin said in annoyance, “Are you joking? These are three yellow rank emblems for just an hour. We don’t even know how long it will take us to finish absorbing it, how is that possible?”

“Absorbing in the Sea God Lake is not only effective, but it will also be much faster. I still have some emblems here. If you guys don’t have enough, you can use mine first. And Qian Lei’s. After buying such an expensive Heaven and Earth treasure, you must make use of it to its fullest,” Lan Xuanyu said without hesitation.

Lan Mengqin looked at him, then at Qian Lei. Qian Lei nodded his head without hesitation.

“Let’s go back first and ask for Teacher’s opinion first.”


Everyone returned to Shrek Academy and separated on the way to their dorms.

Qian Lei turned around and saw that Lan Mengqin and Dong Qianqiu had already walked far away. His face fell immediately. “Boss, do we really have to pay for them to cultivate in Sea God Lake! This is a bottomless pit, I wonder how long they will cultivate there!”

Lan Xuanyu glanced at him. “Weren’t you quite generous during the auction? You were about to give your entire fortune to her.”

“I…” Qian Lei stammered.

Lan Xuanyu smiled. “You saw that they had enough money, so you pretended to be generous to get into Mengqin’s good books, huh? Not bad, I didn’t expect your EQ to be so good. A true business without capital. But Fatty, I have to remind you that if you really like Mengqin, your heart is more important than anything else. Don’t try to be clever, otherwise, if she finds out, you won’t have any chance at all.”

Liu Feng, who was at the side, finally understood. “I see, I was wondering why this fatty had suddenly changed gender.”

“You’re the one who has changed gender! It’s a change in personality, can’t you say it clearly?” Qian Lei raged.

Yuanen Huihui giggled. “I didn’t expect that! Fatty Qian, you actually have such plans. But I don’t think Mengqin will like you. You’re too fat, go on a diet first.”

Qian Lei looked sad. “Do you think I don’t want to lose weight? But after fusing with Fatty Jin, I’ve become fatter. It doesn’t matter if I eat less. If I eat less, he’ll start consuming my vitality. I can’t possibly exhaust myself to death just for losing weight! When I grow older, I might lose weight.”

“I don’t think so. At best, you’ll become a big fatty.” Yuanen Huihui chuckled.

Qian Lei glared at him. “What’s wrong with being a big fatty? How adorable is a fatty? In summer, I can hide her from the sun, and in winter, I can be her heater. When in danger, I can use my strength to protect her. A fatty is the safest.”

Yuanen Huihui rolled his eyes. “We’ll talk about it when you’re able to win against her. I’m going back to the dorm too, Big brother Xuanyu, Frenzie. Goodbye.”

After bidding farewell to everyone, Yuanen Huihui suddenly sped up and headed towards his dormitory.

As he ran, Tang Yuge’s lonely figure appeared in his mind.

She wasn’t the class leader anymore! She was the top student among the third years, and now they probably couldn’t tolerate her anymore.

She didn’t know why, but when she thought about this, she suddenly felt uncomfortable. That’s right, Yuanen Huihui had already turned into a girl…

Lan Xuanyu didn’t return to his dorm but went straight to Sea God Lake. The match was over and he had enough money now. He could cultivate at Sea God Lake today.

“Hello, Teacher Tang.” Seeing Tang Yue again, Lan Xuanyu bowed respectfully.

“There you go again. I’ve watched your match, it was really not bad. Each generation is truly better than the previous one ! That last attack of yours has spread throughout the entire school. You’re now the undisputed number one person among the first years. Even the teachers from the Inner Court have come to ask me about your situation. Looks like to me that you have a chance of being accepted exceptionally. When the time comes, if the school approves of your early admission into the Inner Court, don’t forget to prioritize our Life School! Old Shu is one of the strongest in our academy.”

“It’s possible to enter the Inner Court earlier ?” Lan Xuanyu was a little stunned.

Tang Yue smiled. “It’s possible, but the possibility of that is not high. After all, a single match doesn’t mean much, not to mention that you borrowed external help.” When he spoke about external help, he looked at Lan Xuanyu with a deeper meaning.

Lan Xuanyu asked curiously, “Teacher Tang, what are the conditions to enter the Inner Court in advance?”

Tang Yue said, “Being a Two-word Battle Armor Master is the most basic condition. If you can complete your Two-Word Battle Armor before your fourth year, you will have the qualifications to apply. However, it has been many years since anyone was able to enter the Inner Court in advance. In fact, it doesn’t mean much. There isn’t much difference in training in the Outer Court. Also, during the last two years at the Outer Court, most of the time, you will have to go out and train. Even if you enter the Inner Court early, you can’t skip this step. You don’t have to think too much about this. Alright, go quickly.”

“Teacher Tang, I still have two things I want to ask you. May I?” Lan Xuanyu looked at Tang Yue expectantly.

Tang Yue was usually very arrogant in the academy, but he didn’t have much of a temper towards Lan Xuanyu. After all, this was someone his teacher had taken a fancy upon. “Go ahead.”

Lan Xuanyu said, “Teacher Tang, we went to the auction house today. My two friends are both ice-attribute soul masters and they have bidden a ten-thousand-year Ice God Twin Lotus Flowers. Do you think it’s suitable to absorb it in Sea God Lake? How much time would they need?”

“What? Ice God Twin Lotus Flowers ? And it’s ten-thousand-year grade ?” Tang Yue’s eyes turned green. “You guys got it? How much?”

“30 million federal coins, it was sealed,” Lan Xuanyu replied honestly.

The corners of Tang Yue’s mouth twitched. That was a 10,000-year Ice God Twin Lotus Flowers !

As a Life School disciple, he was naturally very familiar with all sorts of Heaven and Earth treasures and was even more clear about the effects of the Ice God Twin Lotus Flowers.

With a bitter smile, he said, “Young people these days are really too rich. Back then, we didn’t even dare to think about obtaining such a level of Heaven and Earth treasure. And when we had enough emblems later on, there were even more things to spend them on. It is naturally best to come to Sea God Lake to absorb it, but I have to inform the academy about this because they might absorb a large amount of life energy. As for the time, I can’t be sure, but it won’t be less than five hours. Also, it is very likely that the fees will be doubled. In other words, 30 yellow emblems.”

“Ah? You want to double the fees?” Lan Xuanyu looked at him in surprise.

Tang Yue said in annoyance, “This is already preferential treatment, alright? Absorbing Heaven and Earth treasures in Sea God Lake can increase the effect by more than 20%. This increase cannot be measured by any amount of money. With a stronger potential, it will be much easier to cultivate in the future. More importantly, they will be even stronger compared to peers at the same level. As long as they have enough emblems, they definitely cannot miss out on this opportunity ! The Ice God Twin Lotus Flowers is at the ten-thousand-year grade. Once they absorb it and achieve the maximum effect, there will be no bottlenecks for them before the seventh ring. It will give them an extremely good foundation for the future. If they have great potential, the effect will be even better.”

Lan Xuanyu asked, “Are those 30 yellow emblems enough? Will you need more?”

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