Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting

Chapter 334 - Qian Lei’s Great Leap In Spiritual Power

334 – Qian Lei’s Great Leap In Spiritual Power

If one were to compare the life aura he faced before, including the one from the Sea God Lake, as rice grains, then after the external life energy came into contact with the green ruyi’s aura, it naturally turned into fine powders, extremely small particles.

The biggest benefits of this change was that it facilitated absorption. Therefore, when that life energy touched his body, it would first get through his clothes with some difficulty, and then permeate his skin. After that it would slowly fuse with his flesh and bones over time. This caused a warm feeling to spread all over his body.

A big problem faced by a soul master in cultivation was whether his body could withstand the soul power he cultivated. The same was true for spiritual power.

Therefore, body strengthening has always been a matter in which soul masters heavily paid attention to. This required the soul master to temper his body while cultivating his soul power, in order to make one’s bones strong and able to withstand more and stronger energy bursts.

In this respect, Lan Xuanyu was definitely one of the best among his peers. His body was constantly nourished by his bloodline vortex, he had a body much tougher than ordinary people. Otherwise, when his body swelled up for the first time after absorbing a huge amount of life energy, he would most likely have exploded.

However, who would say no to tempering even more one’s body ? With higher body strength and greater resilience of his meridians, he could absorb and transform more soul power, and along his growth, his speed of cultivation would definitely increase.

Moreover, he had now figured out the method of cultivating his soul power through his bloodline power. With enough life energy, his cultivation speed could absolutely be considered extremely fast. With an increased body strength, it would speed up even more.

With this discovery, Lan Xuanyu was immediately in a good mood, he concentrated on continuing to compress his soul power, and at the same time, his body was being subtly remoulded by the life energy in the meditation room.

That old man, what kind of background did he have to be able to so casually gift him this green ruyi ! Its effect was just too good. Also why did it seem that Dean Ying seemed to be very wary of him at that time? This thought flashed through Lan Xuanyu’s mind, but he didn’t pay too much attention to it. The benefits of this green ruyi were really too great. It filtered life energy so that none would be wasted, allowing him a better absorption process. This was definitely good news.

When Lan Xuanyu woke up from meditation, the sky outside was already completely dark.

Stretching his body, a series of his bones cracking sounded all over his body. Lan Xuanyu even saw a faint green mist emanating from his body, which was because of the life energy adhering to him being too abundant.

After absorbing and transforming a large amount of soul power, after this meditation session, he had compressed more than one-fifth of it. Perhaps it was because of his spiritual power being guided by the green ruyi helped to stabilize his body, his absorption of soul power was somewhat faster than expected.

Turning on his soul communicator, Lan Xuanyu found that he had received quite a lot of messages. Qian Lei was the one who sent the most.

Qian Lei had sent a dozen messages, most of which were him complaining tearfully. He had come back, and then knew from Liu Feng that Lan Xuanyu and the others had obtained a large amount of Douluo coins, which could be exchanged for a large number of emblems. He was regretting so much that his intestines were turning blue.

Lan Xuanyu reluctantly returned a message saying he promised to lend him five yellow emblems, so that he could use it first. If there was any chance to earn more Douluo coins later on, he would call him.

Among the messages from other people, what surprised Lan Xuanyu most was the one from Xiao Qi. He wrote only a few simple words, the sales are hot.

If even Teacher Xiao sayed that the sales were hot, then the results were definitely not bad! How could Lan Xuanyu not be excited? The price for one person was three white emblems. If dozens of people bought this, then the gains were already quite substantial.

As soon as he returned a message to Qian Lei, Qian Lei’s call came over.

“Boss, bwahhhhhhh!” Qian Lei’s voice was so loud that he seemed almost bawling.

“Alright, alright, don’t cry. Where have you been these few days?” Lan Xuanyu hurriedly comforted him.

Qian Lei said: “I was brought to Teacher’s place to practice. I knelt for more than a day, I almost died. And when I came back I got those terrible news. I missed, I missed the opportunity ! It feels painful, so painful. I missed such a great opportunity. What should I do now !”

“I will give you five yellow emblems, you use them first. We still have some time, I will call you when I find a chance.” Lan Xuanyu said helplessly.

Qian Lei said indignantly: “You don’t know how after Frenzie got such a good bargain by coming with you and he took his sweet time to show it off to me. I’m pissed to death. Don’t take him next time.”

“Enough ! First talk about you, why did you kneel for so long, you found a personal teacher?” Lan Xuanyu asked curiously.

Qian Lei recounted the process of being called by Ying Luohong and his relation disciple master.

“Actually I was back a while ago, but I was too tired. I fell asleep when I came back and then heard of those nightmarish news when I woke up. I really felt like I was struck by a thunderbolt ! Such a good opportunity and I missed it. I can’t believe this, I really don’t want to.”

Lan Xuanyu said: “Then how has your spiritual power grown after cultivating this way?”

Qian Lei was stunned, “I don’t know! I haven’t tested it yet. I went to sleep when I came back, and cried when I woke up.”

“Stop whining and quickly go test yourself to see if you have suffered in vain. It’s really great that Dean Ying is willing to accept you. Do your best to improve your spiritual power.”

“Teacher said the same. She said that my Martial Soul and spiritual power are very closely related, and I should focus on improving my spiritual power. If my spiritual power goes up, my soul power will be fed back and grow along. But cultivating spiritual power is really hard ! Boss, I’ll test it first, and then I’ll go to your dormitory to find you. Then let’s think about what other ways we could use to earn Douluo Coins. With enough resources, it will definitely be easier to cultivate.”


After a while, Qian Lei came. He looked very wrenched, with dark circles under his red eyes, and he seemed thinner. But currently, he was grinning, absolutely beaming with happiness.

“Haha, it has risen by more than a hundred points. It has never been so fast. It was worth it, it was worth it! My spiritual power has directly increased by more than a hundred points, boss, this speed is not bad right.”

By over one hundred? Lan Xuanyu was also taken aback. In two days, his spiritual power had increased so much, it was more than not bad.

“If I can keep growing like this, it won’t take long for me to break through the Spirit Sea Realm and step into the next level.” Qian Lei said triumphantly.

Lan Xuanyu said: “Okay, stop dreaming, the first time’s effects should be the best and difficult to reproduce. But I’m guessing that Dean Ying should have other ways to help you improve your spiritual power. You just have to follow her guidance and cultivate hard.” While talking, he took out five yellow emblems and handed them to Qian Lei.

“Use these first. By the way, if you want to go to the exchange center to exchange for resources, go to Dean Ying first. Teachers should be able to get a discount, and let Dean Ying tell you what to buy. Don’t spend it recklessly. You have to maximize the benefits as much as possible.”

Looking at the five yellow emblems in front of him, and then at Lan Xuanyu, Qian Lei gritted his teeth and said, “Boss, this is me borrowing from you, and I will pay it back later.” After he put these yellow emblems away in his pocket, he smiled suddenly.

“Boss, is there any other way to quickly earn Douluo coins!” Qian Lei looked at Lan Xuanyu hopefully.

Lan Xuanyu smiled bitterly: “How can there be so many loopholes to take advantage of ! The Douluo World’s system is very well made. If it weren’t for the unexpected eruption of Huihui this time, we would have lost everything. And I think we would have been its radar. We have to be careful.”

Qian Lei said disappointedly: “Then there is really no other way?”

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