Chapter 45

Chapter 45: < Protect – Episode 44 – Dresden [1] >

Unless they had no interest in politics or the politicians were not the ones they voted for, people were busy criticizing what on earth they were doing. However, even the city council members were really busy. One could say that once someone became a president, they wouldn’t a personal life anymore. For presidents, their schedules were divided by minutes and they were planned from a month to three months ahead of time.

Since where a president would go, who he would meet, what he would wear, and what he would talk about were all going to be evaluated and exposed in public, it would be difficult for the mentally weak to handle. The Korean president, Lee Joong Hyun that Ahn Soo Ho evaluated had a first impression that wasn’t too light or too heavy, but right in between.

“My name is Lee Joong Hyun, Mr. Ahn.”

“Mr. President.”

Even though he greeted him first and introduced himself, Ahn Soo Ho drew a line.

“You’re just as strict as I’ve heard.”

“I don’t know what you’ve heard, but the rumors were probably exaggerated quite a bit.”

“Really? I feel like the rumors were lacking…You’re modest, Mr. Ahn.”

It wasn’t good to believe what politicians would say. They were more talented in acting than actors themselves, and they were highly skilled in flattering others. They were sociopaths who didn’t feel guilty about tricking others, and if they did something, it was good, but if other people did it, it was bad.

The truth and great politics that Ahn Soo Ho knew of only existed in textbooks. But did that meant he was hopeless and cynical? Not at all. He was just afraid of people. They were usually afraid of strong and deadly weapons, but what they really had to be careful of was the intentions behind the people holding those weapons.

“What is it that you want, Mr. President?”

“You’re just as feisty as I heard. I like it. Well, I want to cut ties with the national association.”


“And I want your help.”

It was an abrupt thing to say, but his intention was clear.

“You’re kidding, right?”

“I’m very serious.”

“Mr. President. You could lose your entire political base. Are you aware of that?”

“I’m aware.”

It was the Korean National Association that led Lee Joong Hyun to his presidency, and they also played a pivotal role in the vested interests that made the party in power support the conservatives. In other words, they were a group that was like a symbol of Korean union for the rich.

“The advisors won’t allow that.”

“That’s why I didn’t bring them.”

There wasn’t a single advisor or guard present. Once a person became the president, at least one guard would follow the president to the washroom due to security protocols or whatever they call it. Since the president visited Ahn Soo Ho at Star Tower for something that wasn’t even a secret meeting, Ahn Soo Ho might attract some attention. No, he would.

“What’s your reason?”

“Vice-President Kim Kang Woon of Daesan Consulting.”

There was still a lot of attention on Vice-President Kim Kang Woon of Daesan Consulting, who died mysteriously. As soon as Hosoo Entertainment moved into Star Tower, their connection to Daesan Group stuck out, and there were even suspicions of it being a trick to bury Kim Kang Woon’s suspicious death as entertainment news.

Ahn Soo Ho narrowed his eyes.

“You know the culprit, don’t you, Mr. President?”

“I’m the president of this country. No matter how much criticism the NIS gets, they’re one step ahead of the game in Korea.”

“If this is about Daesan, it might be better to make a deal with the chairman.”

“I know. That’s another way. But I want your skills as an arbitrator, Mr. Ahn.”

Lee Joong Hyun meant what he said.

He became suspicious of how charming Ahn Soo Ho seemed as time went on. How come a great man like this wasn’t known in Korea’s high society? That was when he saw a file on Ahn Soo Ho from the NIS. He found out the horrible reason why such a promising student at the Naval Academy dropped out.

“He’s similar to me!”

He rose from a humble family! An ordinary president! As many propagandas announced, Lee Joong Hyun wasn’t from a well-off family. He started off as a poor student that went to Seoul National University’s law school, passed the bar exam, became a military judicial officer, a prosecutor, a human rights lawyer, and a congressman before he became the president. The problem was that it wasn’t Lee Joong Hyun who planned all of that.

Even though he made a lot of effort as well, Korea National Association was the one who created Lee Joong Hyun’s success story. For 40 years at that. If Ahn Soo Ho had cooperated with them, he could have become another Lee Joong Hyun in 20 years.

“The national association thought they could preoccupy and win over future leaders, and in the end, they succeeded.”

The establishment, which formed their own league with the power they possessed, didn’t expect another strong person to appear. So they found the so-called promising inferiors and managed them. The plan was very simple. Since they raised the ones who surrendered and cut off the ones who turned them down, Ahn Soo Ho turned them down, and Lee Joong Hyun surrendered.

“I respect your decision, Mr. Ahn.”

“I just acted on foolish bravery. If I had to do it again…”

“No. I think you’d still turn them down.”

Lee Joong Hyun’s eyes didn’t hide the fact that he knew more about Ahn Soo Ho. Ahn Soo Ho decided to step back and watch. Lee Joong Hyun was the type to keep holding on even if he turned him down.

“I don’t think this is a decision I can make within today.”

“I understand. I’m just glad we talked today.”

As Ahn Soo Ho saw off the president, he suddenly remembered something, looked at his watch, and clapped his hands.

“Oh, yes! That was 52 minutes. I’m sure you’ve heard.”

Lee Joong Hyun who tilted his head at what Ahn Soo Ho said reacted to what followed with a fading smile.

“It’s 10 million won per minute, so that’s 250 million won, Mr. President. And I don’t accept card.”

The Blue House guards went to a nearby bank and withdrew cash from Lee Joong Hyun’s bank account, but more importantly, the fact that the president visited him, took over the internet news in real time.

  • What’s the connection between Hosoo Entertainment and the Blue House?
  • Why did Lee Joong Hyun visit a start-up company?
  • What did Hosoo Entertainment’s delisting due to the market?
  • President Lee Joong Hyun sent a love call to Daesan Group!
  • The president of Hosoo Entertainment is Chairman Kim Dae San’s love child!
  • The rich heir manages a private jet and helicopters!

One would think Ahn Soo Ho’s identity would be revealed at this point, but seeing how the media didn’t mention his name or upload any pictures, it was quite fascinating. However, the fan sites that cheered on celebrities of FNB and Shinhwa uploaded shabby pictures labeled as a badass third generation heir.

  • His height is that of a celebrity but his face? Not so much. #HosooEntertainment #BadassHeir #PrivateJet
    • I don’t think he’s wearing makeup. Makeup makes men good-looking!
      • Why would a president wear makeup?
    • Are heirs trying to enter the entertainment industry now?
      • Shinra Group has already entered.
        • By Shinra, do you mean JNC and Personal Media?
          • Dongmyung Studio and Green Forest Fashion Brand are Shinra Groups too!
          • They also have six successful cable channels!
      • Daesan can destroy Shinra in one day if they really wanted to!
        • Are you looking down on Shinra?
          • If you talk about Shinra beating Goguryeo and Baekje, I’ll kill you!
        • I hate old man jokes!
          • It’s not a old man joke.
  • He was the one who turned Mi Na down at the spicy rice cake shop in Shindang-dong! #SpicyRiceCakes #YesterdayDoom
    • Is he that Fail Man?
      • Mi Na’s broke!
    • I’m not surprised. Imagine how many beautiful women this heir has dated before.
      • Are you looking down on Mi Na?
        • Our Mi Na!
      • I heard he went around with two white chicks.
        • 3P?
          • I heard there was an Asian in there!
            • 4P?
              • That’s legendary!
      • People are so two-faced! They all talk shit about rich people, but they want to live like that! Hypocrites!
      • If I was born into a rich household, I’d be living like them too!
      • So are they going ahead with the reformation of the rich or not?
      • Seeing how Lee Joong Hyun went to them first, he must have surrendered to Kim Dae San.
        • What does Hosoo Enteratainment have to do with Daesan Group?
          • You dumbass! The president of Hosoo Entertainment is Kim Dae San’s love child!
            • That’s just a rumor, dumbass!

Regardless of the chaos in Korea, Ahn Soo Ho finished his talk with the president and landed in Japan.

“Soo Ho!”


It might sound like a curse word, but it was a name. Shiba Yaos waited for him at Haneda Airport. As a young member of the House of Representatives, he was an idol in the political world. He received a lot of attention from young women, and he was good-looking and eloquent.

“Long time no see, Soo Ho.”

“What do you mean? It hasn’t even been a month yet.”

Since they met on Daemado 3 weeks ago, it hadn’t even been a month yet.

“Seeing how things turned out, the chief cabinet secretary position must be out of the question, Shiba.”



“Yeah. I wanted to thank you.”

“What for?”

“Because it’s all thanks to you.”

Ahn Soo Ho tilted his head at Shiba Yaos’ appreciation, and then nodded, while Shiba continued to talk with a bright smile on his face.

“The Sao Paulo scandal weakened the Davis administration. So the American president is desperate for our help.”

The political scandal made the Davis administration scatter in all four directions. The political experts predicted that it would take between six months to a year to resolve it, and the weakened government had a strong influence over the alliances as well. The main beneficiary country was Japan. The Ministry of Trade and Industry and economists of the Davis administration took a step back from attacking Japan about imported goods. In that sense, Japan achieved their goal.

“Since we sent a positive message regarding revising the peaceful constitution, the cabinet is in a superior position.”

Japan was more fascinated by nepotism than Korea.

In addition to the ridiculous stereotypes and restrictions that existed regarding status, bad habits and old customs dominated Japanese society. If people would look through Japanese comedies, anyone would be able to see a vague longing for a hierarchical society. Modesty and excessive consideration could have been the resignation of a tree that couldn’t be climbed.

Ahn Soo Ho, who left Haneda Airport with Shiba, unpacked his bags in a hotel that looked down upon Tokyo. Even though Daesan Group’s hotel chain was recognized for being international, it wasn’t established in Tokyo, Japan. It exists in Osaka, Okinawa, and Sapporo, but not Tokyo.

Shiba took Ahn Soo Ho to a fancy restaurant.

Even though it was unsightly for two dark men to sit at a restaurant enjoying a course meal, he was still a guest. He had questions to ask, so he went along with it. Just like Koreans, Japanese people often consider Western food as fine cuisine.

“When will the cabinet be reshuffled?”


“Does that include the public safety intelligence agency?”

“I’m not sure. That’s probably up to the prime minister.”

Japan’s intelligence service was divided into two, with Naicho being in charge of international matters, and with the public safety intelligence agency being in charge of national matters. Japan’s intelligence agencies might not be as famous as the CIA or MI6, but they were still very strong. They were ten times better than the NIS.

“Then Nakayama will keep raking it in.”

“Probably. As long as no big problems arise.”

Director Nakayama Soichiro of Public Safety Investigation was an intelligence agent, originally from the Japanese self-defense forces. Ahn Soo Ho had met him before, but it wasn’t very pleasant.

“Tell him to come to me if he wants to resolve the Empire Konzern issue.”

“What does that mean, Soo Ho?”

“It’s how it sounds.”

“Hm. If the public safety commission finds out, they could throw a fit.”

“Involving greedy old men would only make the problem more complicated.”

Ostracizing the national public safety commission and discussing the yakuza issue was understandably difficult from Shiba Yaos’ stance.

“You don’t think it’s a coincidence that the States is going at Empire Konzern , do you, Shiba?”

“Are you saying there’s an underlying intention?”

“I almost overlooked it too. You see, someone devised an incredible script.”

Among the ones who were in charge of that backup scenario was definitely a Japanese.

“The USB Navarros gave me contained some very interesting content, Shiba. I’m sure you knew. Every politician of this nation probably knows.”

There was an organization like the Korea National Association in Japan, and they thought of the emperor as a god-like being. The Emperor of Japan’s humanity declaration advocated that blasphemy stressed by U.S. informants had to be retracted.

“Revival of the Cherry Blossoms.”

Sakura didn’t lose.

< Protect – Episode 44 – Dresden [1] > The end.

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