Chapter 39

Chapter 39: < Protect – Episode 38 – Returner Group [1] >

Ahn Soo Ho gathered the Brazilian president, Minister of Public Order, Minister of Justice, and the Secretary of Defense.

“I’ll control the police!”

They were unable to hide their shocked faces, but they couldn’t interrupt Ahn Soo Ho, who had the leaders of the world backing him up. If it was just the States, it would have been different, but England, France, China, and Russia were in on it as well. They couldn’t do anything but hold up both hands to their threat of isolating Brazil.

Ahn Soo Ho mobilized Brazil’s military police and even the police special forces, BOPE. If people would ask which of the organizations in Brazil people could trust, it was them. Ahn Soo Ho team joined by disguising themselves as the police special forces. Even if they were pardoned, foreigners causing a commotion in their country would have ruined the negotiation if it ever got to the media, but Ahn Soo Ho decided to go with the forced attack.

“The ones who resist will be considered as enemies.”

Their order made the eyes of BOPE glisten.

They didn’t talk back to the order to control Rio’s federation police station because even though they were a part of the police, there was a lot of conflicts. It was not just a simple power battle but a link of corruption. The ones with their pride, Soo Ho on their side scorned the normal police for being scattered by bribes. But that didn’t mean that BOPE was 100%, a clean organization.

A region of Rio turned into chaos due to the police and soldiers who enclosed the federation police station. The area near the federation police station was in the center of the city and in between a wealthy village, so the nearby shops had many tourists bustling by, and they were fascinated by the sudden action scene likes those in the movies.

Ahn Soo Ho wore the special forces uniform and put on a mask.

It was possible to fabricate pictures and videos, but the bare eyes of countless people couldn’t be tricked. Colonel Ademar of BOPE had a personal relationship with Ahn Soo Ho. This wasn’t his first time in Brazil. He didn’t visit frequently, but he had visited Sao Paolo and Rio at least thirty times for work.

“This is my first time attacking a federation police station, Soo Ho.”

“Are you taking the police’s side because you’re one of them?”

Ademar shooked his head.

“There are tons of police officers who should be eliminated.”

Corruption within Brazil’s police has always been existent. The Rio street gangs were vicious, and they were a whole lot crazier than mafias, Islam terrorists, and yakuza. In the Brazilian slums, it wasn’t weird to carry around heavy machinery weapons down the streets.

Could the police dodge bullets? There was no way.

In a gun battle, if a gang died, the police died with them. The victory depended on the weapon and skill of a person, but one side couldn’t be unilaterally superior. So it was hard to find a brave police officer who patrolled the slums with justice and a sense of duty. The police have family and death was scary for everyone. So neither the gangs or the police want a full-on war.

Corruption grew like mushrooms within that loose tension. It was all good as long as people were okay. They kept a safe distance, they were walking close to each other in a single so they could defend each other for any incoming attacks. Colonel Ademar was actually an honest police officer. He was at a high enough status to not have to accept bribes so he stuck to his principles, but if he wasn’t, he would have taken money that was soaked in blood and semen.

A bulletproof SUV of the special forces went through the front gate with all of their members and their sirens silent. As soon as the siege began, the regular employees and the demilitarization agents started their introductions. They didn’t want to get involved in something so harsh, so they escaped the building.

– Enter the lobby…Go!

– The first floor is clear! Search the second floor!

– Check the armory!

The suspect had already taken over the police station jail next to Rio’s federation police station. They should be commended for thinking of such a clever idea. Since that would have been impossible without the police’s help, the Brazilian federation agents planned to catch the chief.

Even though this attack operation was carried out by Ahn Soo Ho, the Brazilian politicians opened a police corruption investigation to make this into their achievement. During the madness of the Sao Paolo kidnapping incident, politicians pledge to pull out society’s corruption from the roots would always be well accepted by the public.

“They’re piecing it together however they want.”

Whether they use this incident to hold the Rio Carnival earlier or hold the World Cup Olympics again wasn’t any of his business. A police SWAT team stopped us in front of the halls connecting to the jail. As federation agents, police, and military fought over jurisdiction, the scene turned into a riot.

In any case, Ahn Soo Ho gave the tactics team the signal to start their formation. They were ready to not only sweep the jail but the White House as well. The final winner of the riot was BOPE. Ahn Soo Ho showed the order signed by the president and made the other organizations shut their mouths.

“You have a cruel side to you, Amal.”

“Your crazy political games are coming to surface. Are you going to turn yourself in?

“No. You know my rule.”

“Picking between a clean death or a painful life, right? I don’t know what’s crueler, Soo Ho.”

After Ahn Soo Ho got through the States’ security system and humiliated the White House, he was invited by various presidents, prime ministers, royals, as well as dictators. They all wanted one thing. They want their security systems to be checked too.

If the presidents and prime ministers were wondering if they could profit from national security, the royals were worried about the possibility of being assassinated. Ahn Soo Ho was currently the national security advisor of pretty much all developed countries. He was at a higher rank than most vice-ministers.

Ahn Soo Ho walked the halls toward the jail by himself. He normally would have to pass security devices around the bars, however, this time the waiting room inside was only being defended by chairs and tables that were piled up. Were they asking for a fight? As he approached the obstacle, he saw a rifle.

“Andre! Can we talk?”

Andre Cruchek. He was the only one from Aragon’s South American headquarters who would hide in the Brazilian police station in such a sneaky manner.

“Soo Ho.”


He didn’t come out alone. They had a gagged woman as a hostage, and he even put a gun to her head. Not even a bullet was worth this bastard.

“Let’s just go the easy route. Surrender.”

“Surrendering isn’t hard, but I don’t plan on being punished by the law either.”

“You can talk about that with the next person you meet. If you give the names of people that took the bribe, they’ll probably go easy on you.”

“Soo Ho, you know how things work around here. Me opening my mouth will make things messy.”


“If we hide out for a few months, people will forget.”

He was telling him to let him go. Ahn Soo Ho shooked his head.

“Andre, Andre. I’m going easy on you already. Don’t make me mad.”

“Are you doing this because of Deep Breath? That was just business, Soo Ho. There were no personal feelings involved.”

Ahn Soo Ho took off his suffocating mask and helmet.

“Yeah, you’re right. We’re just mercenaries who are after money, and this business is cold-hearted. But no matter how much of a scum you are, there’s a line you mustn’t cross. Hey! You probably don’t know since you just hide out and give orders! You brown-nosing son of a b*tch!”

As the vibe changed, Andre became nervous and pushed the hostage toward him.

“Do you know what I hate hearing the most?”

The sight of a big man like him hiding behind a woman wasn’t a pretty sight.

“Everything is settled with business, you son of a b*tch! Yeah, I accepted it too. But so what? What are you going to do, you son of a b*tch?”

Ahn Soo Ho’s sudden outburst made Andre taken aback.

“Business? Business?”

“Soo Ho! Soo Ho!”

Andre called his name over and over again in an attempt to calm Ahn Soo Ho down. But Ahn Soo Ho had no intention of stopping. In the world of mercenaries, gender, age, nationality, and past acquaintances didn’t matter. The employment contracts were sacred in this field more than any other. Therefore, the word “business” wasn’t a word that should be used so easily.

“I’ll give you five seconds, Andre.”

“Soo Ho!”


“Listen to me!”


“That’s not it!”

Instead of saying “three”, Ahn Soo Ho pulled out his gun and pulled the trigger. Bang! The loud bullet left the gun and flew past the hostage’s neck and went through the right side of Andre’s neck.

Ta-tang, ta-tang-

That was the signal. Logan’s tactics team got the hostage and killed the remaining suspects in a matter of seconds. 15 seconds? Or 20 seconds? The incredible speed kept the mighty BOPE from being able to close their mouths. Ahn Soo Ho walked through the mess, grabbed Andre by his throat, and looked down upon him.


He spat out blood every time he breathed just like Seo Jung Wook did a few days ago.

“Protect your asshole while you’re in hell, you bastard. 608 will be waiting.”


Andre stopped breathing.

“Soo Ho!”

Colonel Ademar brought his subordinates, medical team, and other federation agents and police officers with him. Seeing how red his face was, he had to be furious right now. Ahn Soo Ho held up both of his hands.

“I had no choice, Amal. He kept pissing me off.”

“You shot the hostage. The hostage! Why did you shoot the hostage?”

“Hey! It went past her!”

The ungagged female hostage only has a slight cut on the side of her neck. It would heal in a few days. Ademar, who took turns looking on the woman on the gurney and Ahn Soo Ho, grabbed his forehead.

“Don’t you know who you just shot?”


“Miss Brazil!”


“You shot Miss Brazil!”

Huh? Why is Miss Brazil suddenly involved?

“Didn’t you know why the SWAT team hesitated to go in?”

“Wasn’t that a jurisdiction issue?”

“It was because Miss Brazil was captured as hostage today!”

That was an information that should have been disclosed to Ahn Soo Ho. Did they think he was a mind reader? Ahn Soo Ho shrugged his shoulders. He didn’t know Miss Korea, let alone Miss Brazil. Miss Brazil, who was getting carried out on a gurney, stopped in front of Ahn Soo Ho.


Ahn Soo Ho tried to pass it with a laugh when a hard slap hit him across his face. The people who were dealing with the mess were startled to hear a very loud slapping sound.

“Yeah. Since you almost died, I’ll take it.”

When he let his guard down, a second hit came flying in.

As soon as he caught her hand, he regretted it. Should he have let her hit him one more time? If Miss Brazil told the media about the mission, everyone involved would get into trouble. But in contrast to Ahn Soo Ho’s worry, her following act was not a slap but a kiss.


The passionate kiss made the hearts of even the bystanders flutter. It stood a good chance against the first sweet kiss he had when he was little. It was the country of passion after all.

“See? This is Brazil!”

It was true.

Brazil was a weird yet beautiful country.

“What a great place this is!”

If the paramedics hadn’t pulled her away, their kissing wouldn’t have ended. As he wiped his lips with his hand, he felt strange gazes on him. Many people including the police, medical team, and other hostages looked at him with jealousy.

Ahn Soo Ho looked as if he felt wronged.


“I’m the victim here, you sons of b*tches.”

< Protect – Episode 38 – Returner Group [1] > The end.

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