Chapter 34

Chapter 34: < Protect – Episode 33 – Jina Davis [2] >

The International Cooperation Agency acted quickly under an elaborate plan in Sao Paulo. And they hid outside of the city before the Brazilian police caught on. Brazil, which became more serious than just the gap between the rich and the poor, suffered from incidents that Koreans wouldn’t be able to dream of.

It wasn’t just theft and gangs but things that even the police had to be careful of. Brazil’s economy was in the top 8, but most of that belonged to the top 1%.

The fact that the boundaries of slums were clear means that the economic caste system was firm. In a country where corruption was part of most people’s daily life, it seemed like hell where only bad things happened, but there were normal people who still dreamed of the next life.

Jina Davis was dispatched to investigate violence against under-aged children as a member of the UN. Sao Paulo’s international cooperation agency wasn’t just a simple company. That was because, in order to attract foreign capital, an overall report of the working environment was needed, and the hottest topics were wage equality and labor environment inquiries, among women’s rights groups.

The decision Jina made after seeing Sao Paulo was firm.

“Prostitution is as serious as it is in Rio.”

Rio de Janeiro was a popular tourist destination in Brazil that was up there with Sydney, Australia, and Napoli, Italy. But in contrast to Rio’s beauty, it was recognized as one of the biggest sex tourism destinations in South America. Rio’s explosive carnivals and sex business combined with corruption made Rio the perfect tourism package.

The States was also very big in the porn industry, but they at least didn’t exploit under-aged children. A grown adult indulging in sex was their personal preference, but physically suppressing under-aged children was a clear crime. The problem was that this kind of things was common in Brazil.

“An absence of public security and universal ethics.”

Their standard of right and wrong was very different from the States.

She didn’t think of the States as some incredible and advanced country. The States was also widespread with sexual discrimination and assault. However, most Americans were able to get angry at unjust circumstances by applying universal ethics. Real justice wasn’t that far off.

UN’s child welfare investigators didn’t only check and deal with child labor and exploitation in Brazil but in all of Central and South America. At the same time, the Amnesty International released a statement criticizing the quiet undemocratic procedures. And the next day, the Sao Paulo International Cooperation Agency got mysteriously kidnapped.

“It wasn’t a coincidence.”

That was what Jina believed.

The Davis’ were a prestigious family even before her uncle was elected president. She had met many well-known people since she was little, and she saw the world from a point of view that couldn’t see the average people. In other words, she wasn’t pure. Jina had no desire to be an immature rich girl chanting about love and peace.

“You want to meet the one responsible, Miss?”

The man in a mask spoke in a natural American accent. She almost sneered when he called her “Miss”. He was definitely an American or he at least lived in the States for a long time.

“I want to know how far along the settlement has gone.”

“It’s progressing well thanks to your active cooperation, so don’t worry. You’ll hear good news soon.”

“I heard the same thing a few days ago.”

There were people who were more experienced and reputable than her among the individuals who got abducted., but the fear paralyzed her reasoning. Jina had received training in preparation for a situation where she would be kidnapped.

“Can I make a proposal?”

“A proposal? What is it?”

The man in the mask crossed his arms as if what Jina said amused him.

“We’ll pay for our own bodies.”


He made an exclamation.

All of the abducted individuals were all high-ranking officials, all of them had a lot of money. The problem was that if they process the payments, they would be tracked down. No matter what precautions they took, if the States really wanted to, they could trace them down. The vibe was good until the exclamation, but the man in the mask shook his head and Jina explained further.

“Use the black market and choose what it is that you want.”

“The president’s niece is going to commit an illegal act?”

“I just want to live.”

Her life was not guaranteed just because she knew a leader as powerful as the American president. What Jina said last got the man’s interest.

“Okay. Then who are you going to use as the middleman?”

He was interested, but his sneering didn’t disappear. He spoke as if he was looking down on her because he didn’t think a girl like her could do anything with a place as big as the black market.

“Can I borrow a paper and pen?”

The man in the mask passed her a paper and pen. As she wrote word by word on the piece of paper, she remembered what her parents told her.

‘Remember this number for when you’re in real danger!’

Her mother and father stressed it over and over again.

“This is my middleman’s number.”

“Oh, wow. You have a middleman to clean after your mess, huh? What a convenient world.”

He pressed the number as he made sarcastic remarks. A voice could be heard on the other line.


What language was that? When Jina tilted her head at the voice that came from the speakerphone, the man in the mask was taken aback.

“Hello? Moshi Moshi? Dinghoa? Why aren’t you talking? Shit. Who are you? You son of a…”

The man in the mask stared at Jina Davis with serious eyes.

“Wh… what’s your middleman’s name?”

“Why? Is that important?”

“What is it?”

She flinched and opened her mouth to his rage.

“Soo Ho. Ahn Soo Ho.”

“Damn it!”

As soon as the man in the mask punched the desk, brave Jina and to spare herself.

The phone suddenly rang. Jina and the man in the mask both flinched, but he remembered someone telling him that no one could trace that number, so he picked up the phone.

“You? You’re 608, right?”

“Yes, Sir!”

“Were you the kidnapper? These Deep Breath bastards! How far did they fall? I was wondering why I couldn’t reach you. You were busy being scumbags in South America, huh?”

“That’s not it, Sir!”

“Shut up! Let me talk to Mr. Tong.”

“The chief and I work separately.”

“Where is he then?”

He tried to rebel by keeping his mouth shut.

“Oh! You’re going to stay quiet, huh? Our 608 is all grown up! Do you need a beating?”

“Ahem! He’s in Campos.”

“Okay. See you soon.”

The call ended, but the man in the mask stared at Jina with resentment while still holding onto the phone.


She didn’t know what that look meant.


Ahn Soo Ho, who finished off his business in Santa Cruz, he took his new identity card and guide, passed Ecuador and Peru, before he arrived in Bolivia, Santa Cruz. The ID of the call that came in was Shallot Davis. He thought about it and realized it wasn’t Shallot himself.

“Jina Davis.”

It’s obvious.

He didn’t know how she got them to fall for it, but as long as the code was retrieved, the location could be easily obtained. This was why spiritual energy was scary. The secret dial number that Ahn Soo Ho only provides for special clients was a combination of communication frequency and spiritual energy, and therefore an impressive collaboration of science and magic. The problem was that the international group, Deep Breath transformed into kidnappers.

Ahn Soo Ho picked up the phone.

“It’s me. Look into the CIA. All the undercover and black-ops agents.”

“That’s a scary thing to say. Why the company?”

“I think Deep Breath is involved in Sao Paolo.”

“The Oral Group?”


One of Deep Breath’s nicknames is Oral Sex Group.

“Sao Paulo is a big problem, but what about Red Sea Trading Company? Soo Ho, it looks like Vitali is intending to take all the hidden secret funds for himself.”

“Wouldn’t he go that far?”

If one didn’t want to drink radioactive tea, it was instinctive for politicians to compromise and share their profits. No matter how favored Vitali Andropov might be, the congressmen were capable of bringing him down for treason.

“He withdrew five million dollars in one quarter alone. Where do you think all that money went?”

“Where did it go?”


“The pharmaceutical company?”

Ahn Soo Ho tilted his head.

The Russian ambassador was investing in an international pharmaceutical company? It was something public officials of the States could never dream of, but considering Russia’s circumstances, it wasn’t an impossible scenario. Would anyone believe that the Russian government flung around 300 million dollars a year in bribes? Brazil was horrible, but Russia was worse.

The real thug country was Russia, not the States. Why else would the Spanish prosecutors have pointed out the Russian president as the mastermind behind a foreign criminal organization that was active in their country? The unbelievable and unrealistic incidents took place in Siberia.

“Seeing how Moscow is disturbed, they must be handing the power to the next generation.”

“Is Vitali on the winning side or the losing side?”

“That’s iffy. Maybe that’s why he’s going for the secret funds.”

“Those with only evil left within are dangerous… Should we keep our distance from Moscow?”

“I thought you were going to visit the president.”

“Oh yeah!”

That was true. It was only said in passing, but he did promise to visit Moscow. Ahn Soo Ho hung up and called another number.

“Shallot. This is Soo Ho. I’ve heard the news. How unfortunate.”

“Soo Ho! I was going to call you, but there was opposition. I know it’s late, but can you help me?”

Shallot Davis told him that Allen Davis didn’t make any promise to his sister. It was uncertain if the American president was devoted to his duties or if he didn’t care whether or not his niece would die. Allen Davis’ first impression wasn’t good, but he was becoming worse and worse over time. From his point of view, there was no difference between Muslims and Christians.

“Did you tell Jina about me?”

“Yes, of course. I told her to call you if anything happened. Did you get a call from her?”

“I did.”

“Oh my goodness! Thank you, Lord! Is she hurt? Is she okay?”

“Shallot! Shallot! Calm down and listen to me. Jina will be okay. You trust me, right?”

Ahn Soo Ho calmed her down from overreacting.

“I’m sorry, Soo Ho.”

“Deliver a message to Scott for me.”

The truth was, Allan Davis didn’t become president because he was great. The Davis’ family’s son-in-law, Scott Allen put him in that position. Scott Davis was a kingmaker. The politicians in Washington D.C. whispered among themselves calling him the ghost president.

“Dokdo is Korea’s land, and it’s not the Japanese Sea but the East Sea. Oh! The comfort women negotiations are invalid.”

“Pardon? Is that what you want me to deliver?”

“He’ll understand.”

He had to spend a long time comforting Shallot, but once Ahn Soo Ho ended the call, he looked satisfied.

“It’ll be quite the headache, Yankee.”

After hearing Ahn Soo Ho’s message, Scott tried hard to figure out the meaning, but what he said was complete nonsense, so there was no way there was any hidden meaning behind it. If there was a reason, it was because he was unlikable. In any case, changes would be made to the diplomatic guidelines for Korea and Japan’s relations. It was not possible to expose the truth about the Cabinet of Japan trying to screw Daesan Group over with Korea National Association, so this was the next best way to relieve the anger.


“Who should I screw over next?”

< Protect – Episode 33 – Jina Davis [2] > The end.

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